Written by Luckier

22 Oct 2007

Last night I thought I would check out a local pub renowned for picking up bi males or getting picked up. So thought I would give it a try, to see if I had what it takes to get pulled, and pleased to say that it seems I do, as I spent the night with a rather gorgeous-looking bloke who knew exactly what to do with me when he got me back to his place. The first thing before heading out was deciding what to wear that would attract guys to try and pull me, and unlike a woman, who can wear something flirty like a really short mini-skirt to show off their legs and a low cut top, without a bra so their breasts are clearly on show for all to see, I had to save the cheeky stuff for what I would wear as undies! I decided, the best thing would be my little skimpy black g-string, so once anyone had got inside my jeans or combats, whatever I had on - that would be my flirt card! And as it happened it worked a treat. I decided to look as casual as I could, and went down in a tight t-shirt and combats. If any one was going to be attracted to me, then they would have to be attracted by that! About 30 or 40 minutes had passed since I found myself a good place at the bar when the "gorgeous" guy I spent the night with came up for a drink and started chatting to me. And that is where he stayed -- with me- till closing time. I think I knew pretty early on what he had in mind, and what he would like to do with me, and that was to take me back to his and seduce me into bed. Little did he know that he wouldn't have much trouble. When the landlord of the pub called last orders, he asked me what I had been waiting for, did I fancy another drink or would I like to go back for coffee. I went back for coffee. His place was about a five minute walk form the pub, and once inside the front door, he started touching me and telling me he was very keen to see what I had for him under my combats. We went up the stairs from his entrance into his lounge where he still offered me coffee, and suggested I may like to take a shower and slip into the robe hanging in the bathroom. I did. But made sure I had my g-string on when I returned into the lounge by which time he was stripped down to his boxer shorts. Coffee was on the table, and he walked up to me, untied the robe and slipped it off me, giving my body a good inspection and mentioning what fun he was going to have getting into my g-string. I could hardly wait. He then walked behind me, and put his arms around my waist from behind, slowly letting his right hand slip down inside the front of my g-string, he was there, on my cock, gently teasing it and stroking it, his other hand moved around the g of my g-string, in between my bum cheeks, slightly parting them as he went. With his finger about to enter me, he did, and with his other hand, he started to stroke my cock, up and down. I was getting weaker from the sheer pleasure of it, so he lay me down on his sofa, and told me he was going to keep me hard for at least the next hour, by using his mouth and tongue on my cock while both his other hands worked on my bum. I was about to be deliciously sucked and finger fucked while he gave the best oral I think I have ever had. What was so nice about the finger fuck was how he used both hands and alternated slipping each one of them in and out of me one by one...