Written by Mike and Pam

10 Oct 2003

My wife Pam, loves to be dominated by men and enjoys nothing more than fucking and sucking as many cocks as she can, including those of the guys she works with, which I allow, providing she always shares every detail with me.

Last year, Pam went to the office party, which was in fact a lunch at a Sheffield hotel. It was a relatively small affair arranged just for the sales team with ten people attending, eight men and just two women.

I knew that Pam had been fucked by one of the salesmen she works with a couple of times before and I was quite exited by the thought of this possibly happening again as I watched her get dressed in the morning.

I suggested that she wear stockings and very high heels and chose a dress that buttoned up the front. She wore no panties and a sexy black lace bra. She looked incredible and I could not resist sliding my fingers into her as she kissed me goodbye on the doorstep before leaving in the waiting taxi.

On arrival at the party there was a free bar which had been arranged by the company and after a few drinks, Shaun, the guy she had already screwed, was running his hand up her legs and whispering in her ear how tremendously sexy she looked, that he was dying for a fuck and didn't think he could wait until the meal was over. Pam exited by his proposal, told him that as long as he could think of somewhere private to go she was ready to fuck him anytime.

Shaun decided that they could screw in his car, which was parked in the hotel's multi-storey car park. Although it was daylight, Pam agreed as she thought it might be relatively private. They told the rest of the group that they had to quickly move some things between their cars and went outside. On the way up the car park steps, Shaun just couldn’t keep his hands off her, he was feeling her backside and telling her how hard he was going to fuck her which really made her horny.

When they got to the car he had other ideas about being discreet, he pushed her quickly in between the back wall and the front of his car, then simply bent her forward over the bonnet, pulled up her dress and shoved his cock hard into her pussy. By now Pam was soaking wet just because of the situation and this was heightened when he roughly pulled her dress open, scooped out her tits and laid them on the cold metal. As it was lunchtime, the car park was starting to become fairly busy and as the cars slowly came past Shaun would lift her from the bonnet so that the occupants had a good view of her body and what they were doing. She said that every time he did this and she saw the people staring at her she imagined they were thinking that she must be a real slut to let a man do that to her.

Shaun has good staying power, so their quick screw turned into a long fuck with her climaxing a number of times before he finally came in her. As he was pumping her he was telling her all the things he wanted her to do, all of which she agreed to, including a threesome that afternoon with one of the other salesmen. Shaun had apparently been boasting to the others that he was fucking her, that he treated her like a slut and that she would do anything he told her to. He had been taken up on this by one of his colleagues, Stuart, who disbelieved his claim and challenged him to prove it. Shaun told him that she would fuck anybody he wanted her to and that the ultimate proof would be for Pam to screw Stuart.

After Shaun had finishe with her, he made her take off her bra which he put into his pocket as a trophy, causing her to spend the rest of the lunch nude under her dress except for her stockings and suspenders. He also told her not to wipe herself, as he wanted his cum to dribble from her pussy and down the tops of her legs. As they walked back to the lunch, Shaun told Pam that she was to sit opposite Stuart and to do what she was told during the meal.

When they were back with the others, he took Stuart to one side and started a surreptitious conversation before they all went in to eat. Once at the table, other than the occasional touching of her thigh nothing happened, that is until Stuart dropped his fork and disappeared under the table to retrieve it. Shaun told Pam to lift up her dress, spread her legs to show Stuart the cum leaking out of her pussy. This would be the signal for him that the threesome was definitely on. As Stuart vanished, Pam slowly opened her legs and obediently pulled her dress up to her waist, giving him a clear view of her glistening pussy and the droplets of cum leaking onto her chair. She felt his hands run up the inside of her thighs and push themselves into her slit. Even in that very short time he had managed to get two fingers up her. She was now becoming very horny and desperate to have some cock.

As the meal progressed and the wine started to flow, Shaun moved Pam next to Stuart. Of course, as soon as she sat down he started to feel her legs and put his hand up her dress. He also started to unbutton some of her dress until not only her cleavage but most of her tits were on display. At the same time he was fingering her pussy and kept fingering her until she almost climaxed, whilst he started to tell her what a good time they were going to have later. In fact, her behavior was now beginning to be noticed around the table.

A combination of the wine, Pam's reactions and the situation meant Stuart was not as discreet as Shaun. Soon two of the other sales guys, Barry and Martin, who were sitting closest had noticed that something was going on, especially when, as he was going to the toilet, they heard Stuart as he told Pam to leave her dress open and her pussy and stockings on view.

The two men rapidly followed him to the gents and once in there, Barry and Martin demanded to know what was happening and why they were being left out of the action.

By now Stuart knew that Pam was up for it and told them about Shaun's earlier comments that she would fuck anybody she was told to and that they could join in. When they returned to the table both men leaned over and whispered in Pam’s ear, telling her straight that they would also be fucking her that day.

It was at this point that Pam started to become a little concerned that things may be getting out of hand and she rang me from her mobile to ask me what she should do, Hearing her situation I became very aroused, imagining her being fucked by all of them and I found myself telling her that she must fuck them all and to tell me everything that happened when I collected her from work later in the evening. I then asked her to put Shaun on the phone, telling him that she was a cock hungry whore and that they had my full permission to fuck her brains out and use her in any way they wanted to. As I put down the receiver, I could not believe what I had just said, but imagined with excitement the consequences of the situation I had just created.

Shaun grinned as he handed back Pam's mobile, “Looks like its party time”, he said. As he reached under the table and eased Pam’s legs apart, giving the guys at either side easy access to her wet pussy. On Shaun’s nod the two of them were quick to take advantage and wasted no time in probing her with their fingers. The remainder of the lunch was spent with them making all kinds of kinky suggestions and an awful lot of groping.

After the meal they decided not to leave straight away but to have a few more drinks at the bar. Pam was made to stand there with only one button of her dress fastened. The slightest movement would expose parts of her tits, her stocking tops and even her pussy. Of course, it was further opened by them running their hands up her legs and pulling the top forward to see her tits.

Each one of them then told her exactly what they were going to do to her. Their ideas becoming more and more extreme as they became further aroused, each tried to out do each other. Eventually they were talking about fucking her ass and making her flash at strangers, all of which she agreed to do.

When they got back to the car they told Pam to undo her dress completely and stand in the open while they unlocked the car and decided who was sitting where. She was left standing next to the car with her body on view to anyone who might be passing. They all climbed into the car and she sat in the middle of the back seat with one leg draped across the passenger seat and the other between the two front seats. She was soon lying with her legs stretched open and the front passenger sticking his fingers up her pussy. She had a guy either side of her, and as she sucked one's cock the other was playing with her tits. All of this was taking place as they drove through the Sheffield city centre streets.

Although they were very keen to get her home they decided that they would wait to get a reaction from three people before they went back. Pam confessed that this really turned her on as Barry, who was the sober driver and also becoming the kinkiest of them all, said “We don't go back until she has flashed at least three people”. Talk like this always gets her going. They continued driving around, flashing at anybody who cared to look and at a lot more than three people. They were fingering her and sucking on her tits. One of them had also started to pull on her nipples, pinching them between his fingers and pulling them quite hard. Things carried on like this and at one point a whole bus load of people saw her when they stopped at some traffic lights. One guy in particular looked straight into her eyes whilst they waited for the lights to change, which seemed an eternity. She, of course, looked straight back at him, she was so wet that she had three fingers up her pussy and somebody was beginning to explore her ass with his thumb.

Once they were back at the Stuart’s place, instead of putting the car in the drive, they parked it on the road. All the guys got out and went into the house, taking Pam's dress with them. She was left in just her stockings, suspenders and heels. They told her to lock the car and to walk up to the house. When she got there the door was closed and she had to ring the bell and wait for one of them to answer it.

When they got her inside they immediately led her straight to the bedroom, their hands groping her everywhere as they flung her on the bed. Pam spread her legs and held her tits up, ready for them to do what they wanted. Four sets of hands then started to explore every inch of her body. She had fingers up her pussy, a mouth sucking on each nipple and a tongue licking around her ass. This was soon replaced by a finger which buried itself in her rapidly expanding hole.

She was soon turned on all fours and Shaun stuck his cock into her pussy while Martin presented her mouth with his cock. All four of them took turns to fuck her and as one shot his cum in her face another was getting hard again. Pam's face and hair were covered in spunk and she had it leaking out of her hole.

All the time they were fucking different parts of her body they were verbally abusing her and she was goading them on, telling them she needed as much cock and spunk as they could give her.

By the time they returned her back to me outside the office,

almost two hours late, she had been fucked by all of them at least twice. All of them had come in her pussy, on her face or in her mouth. She had been showered in cum and had been made to put her dress on without cleaning herself. In places, it was still sticking to her body. Stuart took great pleasure in telling me that his balls were aching, as he had pumped so much spunk into my wife.

Although Pam still had dried spunk in her hair and smelt of fucking, I made her agree that we should all go to the pub for a final drink. As we stood at the bar, I noticed a drop of spunk had dripped onto the toe of her black shoe. I pointed it out to all of them and then told her to remove the shoe and lick it off, which she did obediently.

Within an hour they had all recovered and although Pam was too sore for any more fucking, I led her to the gents toilet, where I lowered her to her knees and was able to watch her finish the evening off by receiving a mouthful of cum from each of them.

She was the toast of the group and I was bombarded with questions about how they could get their wives to do some of the things Pam does. This is typical of the reaction I find with her new lovers, who all realise that I am the controller of the situation and not submissive to it. They also realise that Pam's greatest enjoyment is pleasing me.

Although they never managed to fuck her again as a group, all of them have had her again a number of times since, even once on company’s boardroom table.