Written by jaccaboo

1 May 2005

whilst out on a camping trip last year in the lake district I met a couple who camped next to me,he was called mark and her elaine they were in there 60's and very lively as it happened to turn out.They invited me out for a drink with them after meeting on the first day it was a hot day so she was wearing very light he was in shorts during our session at the pub elaine let it slip out they swung for several years being not getting any younger and wanted to experience fun before they left this mortal coil of ours,

I agreed and that was they signal for her to ask if I wanted some fun that night in there tent as they were leaving the next day,so we got some cans of beer and made way to there ternt which was quite luxurious very roomy she started by stripping off and letting the huge mamaries drop before me which i eagerly started to suckle on mark asked if he could handle my knob and balls which I agreed to he was quite a master at it as well elaine had by now laid down by now with her legs wide open inviting me to do what ever I wanted with her.

Mark was wanking me to get me harder which was working then when we went forward he helped put my cock into her juicy fanny which was very wet something I did'nt expect,I started with a slow fuck but she was telling me to fuck her harder,she told me in the pub that she liked rough sex as well so I started to pound into her very fast she was cumming in bucket loads at first I thought she had pissed herself but no she was ejeculating it was a great turn on to have that done to me,mark meanwhile had got down between us licking her fanny and my knob as it was bliss i told him i was about to unload he said to shoot elaine and he would clean her out which I did and got off he jumped in quickly and started to lap up her soaking fanny it was getting late so we all retired to the bedroom we stated to fuck each other all over again only this time mark asked c ould he go up me ,sure I said wife out rapidly he was very gentle not much pain and he was soon off riding away with me pushing back into him with each strokehe did'nt last very long and was soon cumming up me as soon as he did elaine got behind me and started to lick the spunk out of me as it came out,we then fell asleep,when we woke in the morning I helped them get there gear together,I told them were I lived in leicester and my mobile number so I'm hoping to hear from them again someday or any older couples who want to have fun.