Written by ben

11 Feb 2004

Back in 1962 I was still at school and only had a job in the holidays or at the weekend. I used to work Sunday mornings and caught the bus both ways.

After finishing my 4 hour shift I caught the bus out of the town centre and sat on the top deck. I could see in front of me a man with a dirty book. In those days they were much tamer than they are today and only tits were allowed to be shown.

Nevertheless I liked the idea of watching him where he could not see what I was doing. We both got off at the same bus stop and there was a toilet built into the side of some terraced houses on the other side of the road. This was a very dirty and smelly place and I'm sure there had never been any toilet paper in it.

Apart from the one toilet there were 3 stalls. The old man went in and I decided to follow. He stood at the stalls with his dick out and I did the same. He took no notice of me and it seemed so natural for me to say "that's an interesting book you've got". He took it out and handed it to me, telling me to take a look.

My only thought was that I would get to look at some nice tits, just like my own dirty books hidden under the floor boards at home. Then he started to wank me and I was like a poker. Not unusual for me at that age but I really was rock hard. Next thing I knew he started to suck me. I had no idea that such things went on. It seemed a very dirty thing to do. Surely, he would get all my wet piss in his mouth and how could anybody enjoy that. Still, he was keen to suck and suck. I was nervous that somebody would walk in, but they didn't. Then I burst, I shot my load into his mouth.

That was it for me, I felt dirty and bad. I certainly did not want to hang around and talk. I was off like a shot. I went home through the ginnel and straight upstairs. I wanked and wanked and wanked. Three times in quick succession. I had massive guilt and a massive erection.

I determined that under no circumstances would I ever do that again, but next Sunday came and I went to work again. I wondered if he would be on the same bus. He was, and he knew I would be watching him.

When I got off he was already walking towards the toilet and I was not going to. But, I did. I went in and pulled my dick out for him. He gobbled on it straight away. Then he said he wanted me to go to his house. He said he would like to take me to bed and dress me up in knickers and stuff. Needless to say he sucked me off again and the thrill was still there.

I had a lot of wanks thinking about how much I would like him to dress me up and it got me into putting my mother's knickers on, and my aunties when I was in her house along. But I did not go back to that toilet again.

It did, however, get me interested in toilet fun. It was not long before I was in a town centre toilet and a man put his head under the wall between the cubicles. Wow, what a shock that was the first time it happened. He took me back to his house and I got the first and only arse fuck of my life. It was all too tight and a failure really. As the years have passed, I'm late 50's now I often think I'd like to have my dick sucked again and a thin stiff dick up me but it hasn't happened.

Like most of us I got married and kept my secrets. The location is north west near Blackburn/Darwen if it arouses any interest