Written by Jacqui

5 Jan 2007

It’s a long one but then aren’t the long ones the best type!!

My name is Jacqui, mid thirties, about 5’4, firm 36c breasts and in reasonably good shape. Paul and I have posted tales of our exploits on a number of occasions previously and after New Year’s Eve thought it about time we did the same again. We have a good, healthy and varied sex life and have expanded our horizons beyond the normality of the bedroom and a single partner over the last year or so. You only have to read previous tales “The Club” in late August 2006 to see what I mean!

Anyway, New Year was coming upon us and we had decided to host an extended party at the house rather than just the few “good” friends we normally see. In all we had six couples and a single female friend coming to the house to celebrate the New Year, some of whom we knew liked to play away and others we had an inkling but could not be sure. About half of them had indicated they would stay over and one couple were Sam and Jay who had so kindly entertained us in their hotel room in Leeds about 18 months ago when we had had our first swinging experience. We had seen them about six times since and had great fun and games together but had not seen them for about 4/5 mths so I was eager to catch up on lost time.

I had prepared formal invitations for the night on the home PC which Paul had then had professionally printed up at the office. The theme had been debated long and hard as it is always difficult to predict how people might react but it had finally been agreed that it was to be “Pimps and their Bitches”. The reverse side of the invitations gave an idea of the required attire for entrance to the House to be granted. It had been funny the reactions it had caused but everyone appeared to be game. I had spent hours in the lead up to Xmas shopping for the right outfit as host and was pleased with the result. I had also sorted a white suit and some fake bling bling jewellery for Paul.

Sam and Jay arrived late Sunday morning and I went off with Sam to get our nails and a full waxing done, a xmas treat to each other! leaving the boys to play pool, watch films in the cinema room and ensure there were plenty of drinks for later. We returned mid afternoon to find them mid porno movie, well we should not expected anymore really. At about 7pm we all went up to get ready. I had my out fit all laid out in the dressing room ready for me. After a quick frantic fuck with Paul in the walk-in shower, he sat on the end of the bed watching as I dressed slowly and provocatively for him. First the seamed fishnet hold-ups, then the micro latex thong followed by short flared red latex skirt which just covered my bum. On top I had gone for a black Agent Provocateur corset which I knew Paul loved as it pushed my enhanced 34c breasts right up creating a fantastic cleavage and just covered my nipples. To finish the outfit off I had a leather studded choker, a see through full length flowing house coat which hid nothing of what was underneath. Finally a pair of 5inch heeled black patent thigh boots. I felt and looked the perfect Bitch and knew Paul approved by the erect state of his manhood and the way he grabbed me as I went to leave our room, forcing me onto all fours in front of him and taking him deep in my mouth. I sucked for a minute or two before leaving him eager for more as there were still a few bits to do before guests arrived.

Sam and Jay were already downstairs and getting stuck in to the bubbly. Jay was in a white shirt, half opened at the front and opened pair of tight black trousers that showed off what I know is a good sized package. I suspected he was in a state of semi arousal from the sight of Sam his wife. She looked as hot as I could ever remember high heels, seamed hold ups and a shortish black dress which just covered her at the front and plunged to the base of her spine at the back. The dress was partially see through depending on the light and it was obvious she could not be wearing any underwear…good girl! We complimented each other and I managed to get a sly grope of her as I passed which confirmed by thoughts, there was definitely nothing covering her modesty.

Over the next half hour or so guests arrived all in similar attire with the girls wearing little but leaving something to the imagination and the guys looking like something from a gangster movie, open shirts and medallions. Guys ambled off to the cinema / games room to play pool and the girls congregated in the kitchen sorting out the last bits of food and chatting as we do. The more we all drank the more some lost their inhibitions talking about how they had decided and then gone shopping for outfits to wear and what a good idea to have a theme (even if they had been a bit unsure when they got the invitation). After eating and drinking copious amounts of booze, the guys playing silly drinking games and forfeits, we all retired to the cinema room to dance, play pool, chat and harmlessly flirt with each other. I spent much of it smooching and flirting with Andy who was only mid 20’s (we had met him and his hot wife Jo on holiday last year and I had often caught him spying on me around the pool). We all celebrated in the New Year and over the next hour some of the guests made their way home leaving, Sam and Jay, Andy and Jo, Rachel and James all of whom were staying over partying in the cinema room.

At about 1am I went off to get another bottle of champagne from the utility and was coming back down the hallway when I was grabbed from behind and pulled into Paul’s study. It was Andy who had obviously been waiting for me. He shut the door and pushed me back against it pining my arms above my head and proceeding to kiss me passionately. I responded thrusting my tongue down his throat and grinding my pussy into his thigh. After a while we broke apart and he said how hot I had looked all night and that he had wanted me so much especially after all the flirting earlier. I led him across the room, pulled his trousers to his ankles and sat him on Paul’s chair releasing a fat 7 inch cock and lovely shaven balls. Andy pulled at my choker and forced my mouth around his member taking it deep to the back of my throat. I sucked and let him fuck my mouth for about 5mins fondling his balls and firm chest until he went rigid and hot salty spunk filled my throat and dribbled out the side of my mouth. I swallowed all I could and then licked him clean. Andy picked me up, did his trousers up and thanked me. “What about me?” I replied “you selfish bastard!”. You’ll get what you want later, “guests will be missing us” he replied. I tied myself up and we walked back to the cinema room, my pussy feeling very wet and frustrated.

The remaining guests were playing killer pool when we returned and were laughing and giggling. “What have you 2 been up to?” asked Paul. “Nothing I replied, just getting drinks!”. They all laughed. “Where’s the drinks then?” asked James, shit I has left the bottle in the study. They all laughed again. “If that’s nothing then can I have a bit of nothing to?” asked Jay and they all laughed together including Andy. Something must have been going on and turning round to see the movie screen there I was in full glory on my hands and knee’s in the study eating Andy for all my worth. “You B***tards” I replied, “Its amazing what cameras and a PC can do” said Paul. It transpired Paul (who is a this type of stuff) and Sam had set things up that afternoon and then Andy, James and Jay had been playing pool all night with the winner (Andy) taking all. That was the spark that we needed, “Right if that’s how you want to play it then we all play the same rules” I said. We will play killer pool with a twist, if you miss you remove an item of clothing or take a dare.

Off we went, the alcohol ensuring we missed more than we were potting and clothes being discarded left right and centre. I faired OK loosing my long coat and skirt but Sam and Jo had little on in the first place. Sam was down to only her dress (and no underwear to start with) and Jo had only a micro thong which covered nothing and a quarter cup bra. Sam lost again and took a dare from Paul. She was instructed to lie back on the pool table and choose someone to eat her pussy. With no hesitation she pushed the balls to the side and lay with her bum on the edge and her legs wide apart. Before she could even choose someone Jo buried her head into her bald pussy, opening up her clit with her fingers and flicking it with her tongue before thrusting into her wet hole. Jo licked and licked for a minute as we all watched. Feel free to join us gasped Jo raising her head for a second before delving back down to eat some more. Rachel climbed up on the table and sat down on Sam’s face giving her no option but to start eating her which she did with gusto.

Paul disappeared and the remaining guys, Andy, Jay and James led me over to the large sofas by the movie screen. All were down to boxers apart from Jay who had a tight leather thong on (Sam’s idea apparently). They ripped down my latex thong, and released my firm tits from the top of the corset. James and Jay sat me down and Andy started to make up for earlier. He licked my clit and pussy hard with his tongue tasting my wetness and then thrust two fingers deep into me making me gasp with pleasure. The others offered me their erect cocks and I took one in each hand and wanked them slowly. Jay grabbed my head and said I know you can do better than that trusting himself between my wet red lips. I spent the next couple of minutes swapping between the two cocks giving each 10/15 seconds before swapping. Andy had three fingers firing in and out of me bringing me closer and closer to an enormous orgasm which came seconds later with juices all over his young face.

Paul had returned with a box and was watching the three girls in action on the pool table. I knew exactly what was in the box and he put it down between the settees at the cinema end of the rood. In it was a selection of toys, vibrators, dildos, a double dildo, strap-on, anal plugs and a large assortment of condoms gels and lubes. “Feel free to dip in and enjoy yourselves” he said and went over to the pool table. He led the three girls over to the settee leaving Jo with me and the three guys and taking Sam and Rachel for himself to the other settee.

James and Jay moved so the Jo could sit next to me and we immediately started kissing and exploring each others bodies with our hands. Jo was still only mid 20’s and has a wonderfully young, innocent and firm body. James suggested we put on a show for them and with that we stood and danced like strippers in front of the three of them. Andy handed me the black double dildo, a bottle of lube and suggested it might come in handy. The dildo gives each girl about 7/8 inches and has a smaller finger which can be used to penetrate the anus. I like anal stimulation and anal sex when I have been turned on but had no idea what Jo’s preferences are. We both got on all fours and Jay and James emptied lube all over the crack of our arses and down to our wet pussies below. James then played with Jo’s arse hole easing a finger in to open her up before then feeding the dildo slowly into her inch by inch until she had taken her half. Jay eased me back on to my half until there was barely anything to be seen and our arses were touching. Within minutes we were rocking back and forth in harmony with Jay and James egging us on to go faster and faster. Andy had left to see what Paul was up to and the guys were soon knelt at either end of us fucking our mouths and pawing at out breasts. Jay came first shooting his cum all over Jo’s face having mistimed his “money shot”. James made no mistake and grabbed the choker round my neck and the back of my head as he shot his load deep down my throat. Jo and I must have orgasmed at least twice during the episode and were now eager for proper cock not just toys. The boys needed a few minutes to recover so Jo and I sat wide legged on the settee and fucked ourselves slowly with a couple of pink vibrators watching our respective husbands with the other girls.

Paul had got Sam and Rachel to 69 for him and handed them toys so they could bury them in each others pussies as they ate each others clits. Andy had joined him after leaving us and was watching also, both guys keen to move in on the action. They must have waited about 5 mins before easing the two of them apart. The guys had sat down on the settee and Sam and Rachel stood before them before getting on all fours and sucking the guys off. Paul is a crafty sod when I’m like that and his arms can reach far. He had opened up Rachel’s reddened pussy lips so anyone behind could see right up in to her and how wet she was. He toyed with her and then started finger fucking her 1, 2 then 3 and finally 4 stretching her wide apart. He picked up a dildo from beside him on the settee and buried it in to her in one go; Rachel squealed as he did then started rocking back and forth on it as he fucked her hard. Rachel came within a minute and rose from all fours before putting a condom on to Paul and lowering herself straight on to his stiff member. She rode him slowly and watched as Andy shot his second load of the night all over Sams face and tits. Andy rose from the settee allowing Rachel to turn Paul and lie him on his back. Sam took the opportunity to then ease her swollen pussy onto Paul’s face for him to eat and Rachel licked Andy’s cum off her tits. Andy took an anal plug from the box and covered it and Rachel’s ass with lube before easing it in to her slowly. She gasped as he inched the toy in and then switched it on allowing pulsing sensations to run right through her. He fucked her arse faster and faster with the toy and she responded by speeding up her rhythm on Paul’s cock.

The short rest and the action across the room had restored James and Jay to an erect state and Jo and I were desperate for more. James sat back on the settee and offered himself to us. I slipped a condom on to him and buried myself on to him, my thigh length boots straddling him and wrapping themselves around his waste. His hands pawed my exposed breasts and he sucked hard on my erect nipples making them even more erect and reddened. Jo got on all fours behind me so that she could lick and suck his balls as he fucked me slowly taking time to lick his shaft as it went in and out of my wet hole. She rimmed my tight anus and then fucked it gently with a finger. Jay was now taking her from behind and fucking her fast and hard and you could hear the slapping of his balls banging against her. Andy came across and asked Jo to join him on the other settee and Jay duely obliged by withdrawing from her wetness. I beckoned to him to come to me so that I could suck him off as James fucked me.

He came to us but just pushed me forward so I was fully on top of James. His hands slapped my bum making it red and then I felt coldness as he poured copious amounts of lube on to me and massaged it in. One finger, entered me, then two and finally three as I relaxed and let him fuck my arse gently with them. He withdrew and I felt his thick 7 inches pushing at my back door, relaxing again he entered me getting the bulbous head of his cock into me and the fed the rest in inch by inch. I groaned with pain as the last few inches went in and sat motionless for about a minute adjusting to him. Starting slowly and not without a few hiccups, the guys eventually got into a synchronised rhythm and built up speed. The pain and pleasure from them brought me to a large noisy orgasm followed by James going rigid as he shot his load in to the condom he was wearing. Jay took the opportunity to fuck me as fast and hard as he could and after about a minute thrust in so deep I thought he was splitting me in half. His balls exploded and I realised there was no condom on him as his hot cum shot deep in to my anus. He withdrew leaving a stream of sticky cum dribbling from me and covering his cock. The three of us sat back on the settee exhausted and watched the others.

Rachel and Jo were deep in 69, their pussies being fucked furiously with dildos as they ate each other’s clits as if it was the last meal they would ever have. Sam was being spit roasted with Andy lying back, his cock nearly fully engorged by Sam’s mouth as she sucked him towards orgasm. Paul was buried deep in her arse (as he usually does this when he is with Sam) and was fucking her slowly. His hand was underneath and was thrusting a vibrator in and out of her pussy for all it was worth. Sam was trying to groan but couldn’t from the size of Andy’s cock filling her mouth. We watched for a few minutes until Andy shot his load and Sam swallowed the whole lot in one go. She pulled away and thrust back on to Paul demanding he fuck her like the Bitch she was meant to be. He responded and quickened his pace getting faster and faster as she screamed at him for more. He emptied himself in to her and they slumped in a heap on the floor.

The sight before us all was a heap of naked used bodies which had definitely lived up to the nights party theme, Pimps and their Bitches. We all just sat there before tidying ourselves up partly and put part of our clothes back on. Paul suggested it was time for bed and rose grabbing Jo by the hand. “This Bitch will do for me tonight” and off he went to our room. James made a move for Sam and Jay for Rachel and the four of them disappeared up the stairs. Andy and I looked at each other, “Well looks like its you and me then” I said. “You can make up for earlier, now come and give your Bitch a proper seeing to”. He did!!!