Written by Midlands Couple

20 Jul 2004

A few months ago i was out for the evening with my girlfriend who i have been with for some months now.

We had been for a really nice meal and we had had a fair bit to drink.We got talking about going to a swingers club which we had done a few times B4 but had never done.

Anyway we got into the taxi and headed off to the club we told the taxi driver that we wanted dropping off about 5 mins B4 the club and decided to walk the rest of the way.

My Girlfriend was dressed in a short black dress and high heeled shoes that the straps wrapped up her long 35" legs now she has a great body size 10 and a great figure to go with it but she is so lady like for 25.

We got to the club and we were showen around there were lots of young couples around and the odd horror story but we kept away from them.

We were in a room which had a big round leather bed in the middle there where 3 young couples on the bed all playing with each other my girlfriend stood watching then all of a sudden she was on the bed.....

for the next hour she was the ring leader for all that went on at one point myslf and three other guys sat watching the girls it was so dirty and erotic.

She was sucking these 2 guys while i was fucking her and there were 2 girls licking my cock as in went in and out of her pussy then i was fucking this other girl while my girlfriend was being licked out by 2 girls it was pure heaven.

I could not beleive the difference in her i have wanted to do this for so long but it was never put into motion.

we have now been several times and we have met some really great fun people that just love having dirty erotic and wild fun.