Written by steve methyr

3 Jul 2006

I had known Jane since she started work in my department when she was 18. She was a pretty but plain girl and rather shy and would always become rather embarrassed by the mention of anything sexual in the chit-chat between members of staff.

12 years ago when I was aged 42 and Jane was 26 we attended a three-day course in a hotel just of the M6 in the north midlands. At the time Jane was about to marry her long time boyfriend who worked in one of the other departments and had talked of very little else for weeks, although for the last few day preceding the course she had become very quiet.

After the first day’s lectures and the long drive to the venue I decided that a swim in the hotel pool would be just the thing to help me relax before dinner. When I arrived at the pool I was some what surprised to see it relatively empty with only three other people in there one male and two females. Then I noticed that one of the two women in the pool was Jane. She was in a rather skimpy white bikini and I could hardly keep my eyes from admiring the swell of her firm young breasts and was wondering what the lower curves of her body, currently distorted by the refraction of the water, must look like.

After about 10 minutes the other there couple left the pool and made their way towards the sauna, and I immediately got the impression that they may have had more in mind that just a quiet sauna. After a further three of fours minutes of my mind working overtime imagining what may be happening in the sauna I decided that I’d probably benefit from a sauna myself. I told Jane I was off for a sauna and that I’d see her later at dinner, and to my surprise she said she’d like to try a sauna also. In an attempt to keep the obvious bulge of my half erect cock hidden from her view I stepped aside and allowed her to climb up the metal ladder leading out of the pool first. This did nothing help me control my partly erect cock because as she raise her body out of the water, with me standing directly behind her, the bikini pants slid down slightly over her buttocks revealing the neat cleft between her bum checks. Then as she stepped off the ladder onto the edge of the pool she reached behind and pulled the pants back into place. In doing this with one leg on the pool side and the other on the top rung of the ladder I was presented with a perfect view of the gusset being pulled tightly over the bun like curve of her pussy lips allowing a few stray black pubic hairs to show between her legs. By the time I raised my body out of the pool there was no hope of me hiding the massive bulge cause by my 8-inch throbbing cock, and I just walked towards the sauna with it pointing the way.

As Jane opened the door to the sauna she hesitated slightly before entering and as I moved past her I saw why. The other couple appeared oblivious to our presence as they kissed passionately and explored each other’s bodies with their hands. By now my engorged cock was at bursting point and I decided it would be fun to watch the show develop in the hope that I may be able to join in. I was rather shocked when Jane actually followed me in and sat along side me and reached her hand over to gently caress my bulging cock through my pants. Suddenly this young shy young girl that I’d worked with for 8 years without even the hint of sexual chemistry between use took on a whole new dimension as I leaned over to kiss her neck and attempted to slide my hand into the front of her pants. She held my hand away and whispered “not now later, let’s just watch”. I was almost tempted to ignore her and force my hand into her pants when the man opposite me started taking the woman’s bathing suit off and beckoned me to join him.

His head was now firmly buried between her legs with his tongue lapping between her pussy lips that were clean-shaven and glistening with the wetness of his saliva mixed with her pussy juices. As I approached the woman I licked the middle finger of my left hand and slipped my hand under her buttocks to insert my finger in the tight arse, making her gasp slightly. I then leaned down and took the hard nipple of her right breast into my mouth. After a few seconds she pushed me up from her breast, released my cock from the constraints of my pants and eased my foreskin back to reveal a large blob of glistening pre-cum that she licked off. Then smiled up at me before taking the whole length of my cock into her mouth while working her tongue around my shaft.

At this point I looked across at Jane and found her gently rubbing her pubic mound through her bikini pants and working the material down into the cleft of her pussy lips. I beckoned her over but she shook her head and quietly said “later”. By now the man had his cock fully buried in the woman pussy and was fucking her deep and fast. The only thing muting her moans of ecstasy was my 8 inches wedged in her mouth as I cupped both my hand behind her neck and frantically began fucking her mouth. Within seconds began to shoot my cum down her throat and quickly withdrew and shot the rest over her face and breasts, as she convulsed in the throws of her orgasm. The other man withdrew from her pussy and shot his load over her pussy lips and lower stomach. At the same time I heard Jane murmuring quietly and turned to see her hand thrusting against her still covered pussy lips as her body convulsed in spasms of orgasm.

As the woman gently both loads of sperm from her stomach and breasts over her body and then tasted it by licking her hands the other man turned to me and said “ I think I had better introduce you to my wife Kay”. I leaned forward and kissed her, tasting the saltiness of the cum in her mouth and then proceeded to make myself decent before leaving the sauna. I walked from the sauna with Jane and arranged to meet her for dinner and she promised to let me into a little secret over our meal.