Written by Anon

2 Nov 2003

Charlotte knew the moment she saw the new sales manager that she would have to have him. Jack was tall with broad shoulders and had soft grey eyes which twinkled sexily when he smiled. He looked like a model and he certainly hadn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the team in the office. Mine! Thought Charlotte and for the rest of the morning couldn’t help smiling to herself as she fantasised about fucking Jack. At lunchtime she had to go to the toilet to help relieve her sexual tension. Fortunately Charlotte kept a small lipstick sized vibrator in her handbag for emergencies such as these and soon she was safely ensconced in the cubical trying not to moan as she slowly pleasured her clitoris with pulsating waves of satisfaction. She hoped like hell no-one else came in the toilet as she felt sure that it would be blindingly obvious what she was up to.

Charlotte deftly brought herself to orgasm and had to bite her fingers to stop herself from screaming the place down. She was so wet she had to remove her stockings where her juices had run down her thighs. She looked in the mirror and grinned at her flushed reflection. Now that’s a post-orgasmic glow if ever I saw one, she thought.

As she walked out of the toilet she bumped straight into Jack who was looking rather lost. She collected her thoughts quickly and said,

‘Sorry Jack! Wasn’t looking where I was going!’ She laughed and flicked her hair with her hand flirtily.

‘No problems. Don’t worry about it.’ He put his hand out in a handshake gesture. ‘I’m sorry I don’t know your name.’ Charlotte took his hand lightly and shook it smiling to herself as she thought about where her fingers had just been.

‘My name’s Charlotte. I work in marketing. Are you alright?' She suddenly noticed he was looking flustered.

‘No. Not really.’ He looked relieved and continued. ‘God this is so embarrassing. I can’t find the stationery cupboard. Someone said it was on this floor but I can’t find it anywhere.’ Charlotte smiled at him and replied sweetly,

‘You’re pretty close Jack, it’s the next door down, but you’ll need a key.’

‘Oh, where do I …..’ He tailed off as Charlotte retrieved the key from the delicate long silver chain from down her crisp white blouse. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. Charlotte handed him the key which was warm from her breasts.

‘I’ll show you where everything is kept and what you have to fill out.’

They went next door into the large stationery cupboard. The airless cupboard had no windows and had dim lighting but today Charlotte didn’t notice it like she usually did. She watched Jack pick and choose what stationery he wanted and wrote it down in the book. When he had finished he signed for it and handed the pen back to Charlotte. ‘Thanks.’ He said and kissed her on her cheek. Charlotte’s knees nearly buckled but she managed to correct herself.

‘Thank you!’ She said laughingly at Jack. He smiled and kissed her again this time on her lips. She hungrily sought his lips and before she knew it they were on their knees kissing wildly. She practically ripped his jacket and shirt off and she was soon stripped naked to the waist. Jack cupped her breasts in his hands and kissed them. He sucked her nipples which were diamond hard and she deftly unzipped his trousers which were straining in the crotch area. Jack took her head in his hands and guided it down to his cock. Charlotte took his cock into her mouth and as she sucked she could feel the come building up in increasing throbs until he finally came. Jack pushed Charlotte over on to her back ripped her panties off and began to lick her pussy which was gushing with intensity. Jack nuzzled her clitoris and she could feel her orgasm building up inside her. Suddenly Jack plunged his cock into her and she came with him pounding her hard on the floor. Charlotte rolled her hips against Jacks thrusting him in deeper and deeper each time.

‘Take me from behind.’ Charlotte gasped almost whispering. She was weak with orgasmic pleasure and Jack was able to push her over on her front easily. He took her from behind holding her breasts with hand and fingering her with the other. Sliding his hands to her hips he fucked her hard and fast until suddenly he twisted Charlotte on to her back again. He grabbed her legs and pinned them behind her head fucking her hard until they both came together. They lay gasping on the floor shaking with spent pleasure. Jack looked at Charlotte and said,

‘I think I’m going to enjoy working here.’

‘Me too.’ Laughed Charlotte, ‘now fuck me again new boy!’

‘With pleasure.’