Written by sandra unfaithfull wife

17 Jun 2006

I my name is Sandra and I just found out that my husband has posted stories about me here without even asking me if I would mind. Well for the record I am going to tell you the truth about him he is a small dick-ed inadequate wimp. He is right when he tells you that I was taken by our next door neighbour one night and it really changed from then on as I became a sex want,nt slut . I had never considered that I was the remote sexy from my inner desires until mike unlocked the door that night which made me what I am today. I always wear mini skirts and once caught a glimpse of mike watch me bending over while I was hanging out the washing. He has told me since that he used to wank himself off while he was watching and had made up his mind that he was going to have me

Well have me he did that fateful night when he got Jim my husband drunk and will know this if you have already seen his story (faithful wife well almost). Mike as even admitted that when at times I had nipped to the shops he had came in our house and picked up my soiled knickers and sucked them clean while wanking over me. I was unaware of this at the time but once he told me after that night my pussy would cream at the thought of his face buried in my dirty knickers. I could not get enough of him and he fucked me three or four times a week while Jim was at work and I really did adore that lovely big cock inside me. But I was not satisfied with just that , now I wanted more and more I got from many different situations.

One of these times I was at my friends house it was a hot sunny day when I guy she new came to the door by the name of terry, he had come to pick up some club money. Terry was about 30 years old and I was still only 19, and was vey well built. As he walked down the garden path I said to my friend Jan wow he got great legs to which se replied that’s not all that he has that’s great. Errrmm I said big is he ? with that she quickly ran out the door to catch terry and had the nerve to fix me a date for the following morning at her house. When Jim picked me up I said to him on the way home in the car that I wanted dropped off again the next morning at Jan’s house. I only went to Jan’s once a week but he never suspected that that anything was unto wards and duly dropped me off. Terry was coming round at ten o’clock so I had a couple of hours to wait and I was nervously excited. But ten oclock came and went and it had nor appeared so I thought oh well maybe he did not fancy me after all. But at 12 o’clock he eventually turned up come on then darling would you like to go for a ride that fine I said so off we went. I thought he would have a car but he came in a van, would you like to go a ride in the country he asked yes I replied that’s fine

As we drove we chatted about this and that and asked if I was married to which I replied I was, well he said if you were mine I would not let you out of my sight. You are a very beautiful woman he must be crazy leaving you on your own. Well he has to work at which point terry had his hand on my knee. Any good in bed is he which I thought was a little blunt considering I did not know this man but I replied no not really. As we drove his hand had moved from knee and it was caressing me inner thigh getting nearer to the hem of my mini skirt and my pussy had a slight tingling. We drove along for about anther two miles them we turned up a dirt track road his hand was now further up my skirt just about a couple on inches from my pussy. We got to a clearing were he stopped the van and he put his arm around my shoulder. Terry started to stroke my hair telling me how beautiful I looked and nibbled my ear god does that do things to me.

I could not believe how quick this was having an affect on my pussy it was soaking my panties wet trough. Terry continued kissing my neck and nibbling my ears I was so built up with lust my head was spinning. Here I was again with a man that I had just met intending to let him fuck me and Jim would be cheated on yet again. I think you are gorgeous terry whispered in my ear and I think I could love you for ever. Ho Terry take me please. Please, please take me, take me now I want you inside me. Lets go and get in the back of the van he said, it will be more comfortable for us in there. We got out of the van and he opened the rear doors and there was a double mattress. But I was really taken aback as there was a man around the same age as terry stark naked and playing with his cock. No terry what’s going on its alright darling he’s my brother, but you did not tell me he was here. No I know but when I told him about you he wanted to come along so I said ok.

Come on Sandra lets face it you really are desperate for me to fuck you aren’t you, yes I replied, right terry said you can suck his cock while I fuck you , ho ok then. So with that I climbed into the van and Terry locked the door behind us. I lay down on the mattress expecting to be jumped upon straight away but Terry,s brother just sat there wanking. Terry lay down beside me caressing my hair and softly kissing my lips while his hand stroked the inside of my thigh. He stoked up and down but had still not touch my knickers or my pussy which were by this time soaking wet. I always come a lot I am a gusher which covers the guys cocks in love juice and my heart was racing. Terry please take me now, right Sandra take of your dress which I just un-zipped down the back and it was off. I was not wearing a bra I kicked of my high heels and was naked apart from my soaked panties. Slowly he started to lick my belly travelling down my thighs to either side of my tiny wet panties. I was getting frustrated by now by now come on terry stick you big cock in me and fuck.

What would your husband say if he could see you here now stark naked and talking l like that I don’t know and what’s more I don’t fucking care. I just want you big fat cock up me hungry minge my head felt as though it was going to burst. Terry took down my skimpy wet panties and lay beneath me sit on this you horny little cow and slid all the way in in one push, was that wet. He began to thrust in and out of my smelly wet minge and I shook from head to toe with a massive orgasm we drained right trough my body. Then he said right bruv give it to right up her shit hole, I had almost forgotten he was there , he was quite. He was sticking his fingers in my minge while terry carried on fucking me. I could feel his finger lubricating my are hole as his finger slid up me with ease as I have had plenty of cock up my arse from mike my neighbour.

How many fingers can you take he asked, all of them an more I replied which is when he inserted his hand all the way up past his wrist. This had me groaning out loud in shear pleasure as a another massive orgasm ripped through my body. I did not want this to stop the feeling of Terry’s cock in my minge and is brothers arm in my arse was driving me totally wild. It was then that Terry increased the rhythm of is pounding in my smelly minge as screamed obscenities, you pair of dirty fucking bastards fuck , fuck me. Terry was ready to come as his coked stiffened, fill me full of spunk I cried as suddenly let go fill me adulteress cunt and I could feel it fill my pussy. Then I tuned to his brother fill my arse for me, but I not ready he replied well piss in in then I shouted. So he stood back and filled my arse with his sweet smelling piss and I said to terry I want your piss to, what in your arse, no I replied fill my mouth I want to drink it down. He slowly let his piss go slowly so I could drink down every drop of his glorious tasting Champaign.

I lay exhausted on the mattress which was now smelling of my come their spunk and their piss and I was in heaven. When Jim picked me up back at Jan’s place he remarked whets that smell , I think it must be out side I said. When we got home I said jim how about we go to bed wink, wink which is were he fucked me with his little four inch prick but I orgasm-ed again knowing that he was sucking all their juices from me. He his so stupid he does not even know what anybody else’s piss taste’s like which is one reason I keep letting the wimp fuck me