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The risk of not taking an Uber

"A choice the evening before leads to repercussions"

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It all started this morning. From the moment I woke up. 

I mean, what has got into you? My first thoughts were of the stupid argument last night about whether we should walk or call an Uber, but I just can’t believe your attitude! So today you are only going to watch. 

I told you so, this morning at breakfast. I know you’ve been thinking about your punishment all day. And I suppose you did manage to send me one saucy upskirt whilst you were in the meeting room at work, even though your colleagues were there too. That was thrilling. 

But then tonight I caught you masturbating in the shower when you got home. You haven’t even asked me if you could, or invited me to watch you. I grab you and drag you, slippery, soapy and wet, out of the shower, forcing you down on all fours. I put my foot on your shoulder, holding you firmly with my body weight. You are wet already from the shower so with a little help from the soap I push our new vibrating plug into your arsehole. You open easily to accept it and I can tell you’re hoping for more pleasure to come. I know the weight, the stretch and the feeling of fullness makes you horny, so I forbid you to touch yourself. To make sure, I watch as you finish your shower, towel dry and put on pretty panties, a sexy ¼ cup balconette bra, a tee shirt and jeans to come down to eat. 

Over supper Janey my partner and I chat. The food is good, the wine delicious. You are quieter than normal, not eating much and fidgeting about. I guess the buttplug, vibrating insistently, going from a tingle up to a potent throb and back down over and over again,is distracting you from the meal  Stimulating other appetites, maybe. 

When we’ve finished eating Janey gets up from the table. She walks round behind you. She takes a handful or your long copper coloured hair and pulls your head backwards. She knows you’ve been bad. She knows what’s to come. Unexpectedly she kisses you full on the mouth, long and strong, making your lips buzz and tingle. Her hand slips down over your tee-shirt. You offer her your tits In the little ¼ cup bra, a sacrifice to a dark pagan god. 

Her fingers find your excited hardening nipple through the fabric. She caresses it, stroking so lightly you can hardly tell. Then suddenly tugging, pulling and pinching hard, stretching and hurting the flesh. A jolt of pleasure shoots across your belly and throbs between your legs. Your muscles clench the buttplug. 

She laughs quietly, releases her hold on your hair and offers you her hand. Without a word you take it and she leads you upstairs. Slowly she undresses you, her touch feminine, so different from a man’s. She doesn’t touch your breasts, your cunt, your smooth round arse, although you’d like her to. Finally you are naked except for a tiny pair of knickers with pretty little bows at each side. You kneel on the bed, your eyes flashing blue-green and your mouth a little open. We feast our eyes on your red hair, your smooth skin, your body, so full of promise, so beautiful, so sexy!  Then we begin. 

I tie your wrists together behind your back. Lifting them up I pull the rope tight and fasten it to the foot of the bed. Your shoulders are pulled back and your tits push out. It’s uncomfortable, your shoulders strain and your breasts are vulnerable and exposed. Very gently I stroke your nipples. I take another rope. It is beautiful, creamy white, silky and smooth. I loop it around each of your breasts in turn, tying them tightly and making them swell. and then attach the other end to the bed-head in front of you. It’s taut and your tits are pulled forward. They ache. You can’t relieve the strain because of the way your hands are tied behind you. Keeping still is the only way. 

You feel butterflies in your belly. It’s a mix of excitement and fear. Your heart beats faster, the blood roars in your ears and your cunt starts to throb in time to each beat. I can do anything I like to you. I can hurt you,  I can make you lose your mind from slowly-building pleasure. I can watch as you twitch and gasp and plead. I can lead you to convert pain into primitive, feral ecstasy, offering orgasm after orgasm to an ancient deity. I can do this to you. And you have chosen - you trust me to fulfil your needs, to care for you and keep you safe whilst we walk this razor’s edge. I feel the responsibility, the faith in me and I am honoured and excited.  I stroke your poor, strained shoulders. You sway as you try to balance on the springy mattress. Gently, carefully, I pull on the rope behind you, slowly making it tighter and pulling your shoulders back further. You arch your back, try to move to relieve the strain on them. Your breasts are tugged by your movement. It hurts and you gasp and sob. My dick twitches in pleasure at the sound. 

I lean towards you and gently kiss your beautiful neck. I wait, my hand resting on the rope. Gradually the pain, the helplessness, turns into something deeper, sweeter. You can feel heat building between your legs. Your cunt feels  heavy. You hold your breath. Your tits are pulled up and out as you lean back. I can tell that you want me to touch your nipples. I can see the tension and the need. It excites me to make you wait.

My left hand slides over the outside of your panties. You flinch. My fingers run along the edge of the material, they slip between your legs. Your mind is torn between the feeling of my fingers on your clit and the need to stay very still. My right hand pulls slowly on the rope, my left caresses you, round and round through the tiny shred of silk, the only thing left that protects you. I feel your wetness through the fabric. Very gently I pull the material aside and slide a warm finger deep into you. You open your legs further and your hips sink down onto my hand. The ropes tighten around your breasts.

I untie the little bows and remove your pants. Your cunt is swollen, your lips are full and fat and gleam with wetness. Your clit, like a miniature penis, is stiff and erect. The buttplug sits between your cheeks and I can hear the faintest humming from it. I lift your pants to my face. They smell divine and my cock bobs and jerks as I inhale your musky, exciting odour. I step into them, pulling them up until my balls rest in the wet gusset, still warm from your pussy. My stiff dick chafes against the material and the touch and tightness of the fabric arouses me further. I lie down on my back on the bed, sliding up between your parted thighs until my head is between your legs. 

Janey grips my cock through the fabric of your panties.  They are stretched and too small, my balls hardly cupped, the thong sliding deep between my cheeks. Slowly she tugs the material back and forth, making it rub against me, pulling tight.  A little drop of jism oozes from me, through the material.  Janey collects it on her finger and smears it on your tongue and lips.  You taste me for the first time.

Janey slides the elastic of your panties down and frees my stiff cock. I feel the thrilling familiar warmth as she draws it into her mouth, sliding it over her tongue, pressing it into her throat. I can smell you, horny and aroused, as you watch. Your cunt is wet, just inches from my open mouth. Janey strokes your poor sore breast and the feeling makes your pussy spasm with pleasure. A thread of juice leaks down onto my face. Your scent makes my dick ache with the pleasure to come. I pull your hips down, tasting you for the first time. I draw your clit into my mouth, sucking and sliding my tongue over it. Gradually I ease the buttplug out of you. The tip of my tongue, muscular, hot and wet, slides up inside your aching cunt. It withdraws, moving back, probing, pushing, insistent. Loosened by the buttplug, your arse opens and accepts the first centimetre. Stiff, fat, firm, wet with your juices and my saliva, my tongue forces up into your arsehole. Erotically, slowly, it slides out again. You push down on it, craving the dark, perverse sensation, giving yourself, not caring, willing me to penetrate you, slowly sliding inch after inch deeper and deeper into you.

As you rock to and fro the ache in your shoulders and the pull of the rope on your breasts merge with the feeling of my tongue slipping stiff and deep in and out of your arse, my lips, my nose sliding over you.  Your mind focusses only on pleasure and your whole body feels electric. 

Janey takes my cock out of her mouth. It’s wet now and she starts to wank it. Using her whole hand she grips the shaft, pulling up, pressing down, her thumb pushing and slipping up and down the little groove on the head. I feel the excitement build in my belly, along the backs of my thighs. I want her to wait, I want her to carry on. My cock bobs and jerks and my arsehole clenches with each skilled movement of her thumb. You watch, grinding against my face, with my saliva and your juices soaking me. My consciousness contracts until there’s nothing but sensation. All I can smell and taste is your cunt and your sweet, clean arse. All I can feel is her hand. 

She stops, takes my dick firmly in her left hand and tries to push the little finger of her right hand, with its perfectly manicured fingernail, down inside my dick. I writhe as a wave of sharp pain washes over me. My dick feels enormous, the hole stings as it stretches to try and let her finger in. She pushes harder, slippery with the thread of silvery jism leaking from me, twisting side to side and forcing her finger down. I push back, lifting my hips to make the feeling stronger, the pain intense; sharp and exciting, good. She relents for a moment then she pushes again. Red and hot, more pain spreads through me. 

You watch, holding your breath.  You’re excited.  You can hear me gasp, feel my panting breath on your cunt. My nipples are stiff and I writhe as Janey tries again, hurting me, making me cry out and plead for her to stop.  “Patti” she says ”stop him”. 

Obediently you smother me with your dripping pussy, your gorgeous arse and hips blocking out the light, covering my mouth and face. It doesn't take much longer. I tense, pushing my face into your cunt, forcing my tongue far into your arsehole, lifting my knees, overwhelmed by the intense feeling. Spasm after spasm, my cum forces past her finger, falls on my belly. 

She laughs and takes my cock in her mouth again, her tongue exploring the sore, stretched hole and sucking the last drops from me. You’re excited, Patti, aching for release.  If only you’d been good and not so disobedient. I slip out from underneath you and we leave you there tied to the bed. 

Janey strokes your hair, “Oh baby, are you frustrated?  How badly do you want to cum?“ Your juices are slick on your thighs. Janey’s fingers slide up inside you.  You cunt clenches, you remember the excitement of her kiss.  All the desire, all the need, all the waiting….  An electric sensation, a thrilling, tingling wash of bliss grows, radiating from nipples, belly, toes.  Janey’s fingers, so knowing, so experienced, so insistent, thrusting deep inside you, sliding back out, her thumb caressing that rubbery button each time, until everything else starts to fade. You give yourself to her. The only thing is the building wave of pleasure, the release you’ve been needing so badly, the sensation you’ve been craving for hours.

Then she stops.  You breathe again.  So close!  You groan and squirm, your cunt desperate.  She’s denied you the final, missing few seconds of her touch, making you teeter on the very edge.  You feel as if a single caress is all it would take. “Aw, honey, did you think I was going to let you cum?  Not tonight. Not for a while anyway”.

Through your frustration you can hear me on the phone to someone…

”Remember those pictures….. “Yes, I showed you yesterday…. 

“That’s right…. Well she’s ready….. 

“Oh yes, very wet, and very sexy too…. 

“Yes, Janey and I will be out, but we’ll leave the front door open…..

“Patti...yes that’s her name….. She’ll be upstairs, she’s a little tied up if you know what I mean, but she's expecting you.... 

“Listen, get Geoff and Owen along too……. “

Written by Anonymous

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