Written by Happy_Honbria

1 Jul 2012

So I have very much enjoyed looking around the site, reading the stories, looking at pics and watching videos. I've also been extremely lucky and a lot of people have been in touch with words of welcome and encouragement after my initial ad - thank you to all who sent messages and I'm sorry I only got back to a few of you.

Anyway, I wanted to share my journey with you, which started with deciding to buy a vibrator...! I've never thought of myself as a prude, but I've mostly found myself in long term relationships and although I always had a higher libido than my partners, I wasn't unsatisfied sexually. Since my last bf I've had a few 'romantic encounters' and although they were exciting, not anything very memorable. So, I think to myself - internet dating is the answer! So I sign up to a couple of sites and begin writing my profile.... but I just don't have it in me to say I want a full on relationship, I'm ready to commit to anyone or I'm willing to compromise anything of my single life to accommodate the demands of someone else! So another genre of website attracted me, and here I am.

Whilst umming and arring on whether to subscribe, I had a little look on the shopping site. Imagine my amazement at the array of goods available! After much deliberation I decided to make a purchase, how different for me! Two days waiting and I walk in the door from a difficult day in the office... and its there! It was too big to fit through the letter box so the postman had left it in the communal hallway! I self-consciously grabbed it and rushed in to the flat, went straight to the bedroom and ripped it open. A cursory glance at the instructions on the box, a rummage in the drawer for the right size batteries, I was ready to open my gift for myself. Although on the website it had described it as 'ideal for beginners' I was a little apprehensive about the size. I inserted the batteries and gave the top an experimental twist. Oh my lord I thought to myself, I have no idea what this will feel like. After the two day wait and a stressful day I was ready to lose myself. So I stripped off and admired myself in the mirror, and lay down on the bed. After a cheeky play with my nipples (the sure fire way to prepare me) I began playing eiyh my new toy. It was incredible, the sensation of being full of pulsating rhythm, but being in complete control and not worrying about someone else's enjoyment.

This might seen quite tame for you lot but as I was really able to take my time and concentrate I could build up the pace and explore, letting the waves of pleasure wash over me and still search for more. For the first time ever I reached my G-spot and had the most sensual and satisfying orgasm. I turned off the vibrations and just lay there allowing myself to feel me pulsing and squeezing the shaft inside me and hear my heartbeat pumping in my chest. I could feel that my face was flushed, my lips all tingly and my breasts so sensitive. After a few indulgent moments I slid it out of me, causing another jolt of pleasure and feeling my warm juices running out of me.

How could I have waited so long to begin my journey?!