Written by Richard

23 Aug 2017

This all started just over 5 years ago, my daughter started in a new year with a brand new teacher just out of Uni, my wife has been working at the school for quite a few years now and I’m built up a good relationship with nearly all the teachers (some more than others).

My daughter’s new teacher, let’s call her Beccy, was only 22 when she started, 5’5 tall, medium build, shoulder length blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a great smile, she also had a fabulous pair of tits. She had a very broad west country accent that I find rather sexy.

Over the first year, I built up a good relationship with Beccy, we’d chat when I went to pick my daughter up or drop her off. I’d see her in the local supermarket in the evenings and weekends. During the first summer holiday that she was at the school, I saw her in the local shopping centre, she was coming out of the Ann Summers shop, she saw me and quickly tried to hide her bag and contents. I made a joke of it, she blushed and said it was for her boyfriend. She then said ‘shopping alone?’, I replied that my wife took the kids to her parents every school holidays as they live in the Lake District and it’s too far for them to travel (we live in Surrey) as they are getting on. ‘You don’t go with her then?’ she asked, I explained that because I run my own furniture making business so I couldn’t miss all that time and work.

The next year in school, was pretty similar, but something had changed a bit. Beccy would intentionally wave or speak when I passed the classroom, now my daughter was in another year. On one occasion, my wife came home and asked if I could do Beccy a favour and help her move some furniture as she had split with her boyfriend and needed to move to a new flat. I was only to happy to help - she wasn’t the first teacher I’d done a favour for.

I drove the van around to the house and helped move her furniture, there wasn’t much to do as her ex was keeping most of it, which was lucky as her flat was on the top (4th) floor with no lift. We drove to the flat and unloaded. We had taken it all in, when she said ‘the least I can do is make you a cuppa’. As we stood there chatting, I couldn’t help noticing her figure through the t-shirt and jeans that she had on, she wasn’t slim but then she wasn’t fat. Through her t-shirt was her bra was clearly visible and I could see that it just about held her ample tits in, but didn’t cover her nipples - I did notice that they were getting harder through the material. I suddenly realised that I was staring and said ‘sorry, I was trying to read what’s on your t-shirt’, she stretched her t-shirt and stuck out her tits so I could get a better look at the words. I took my time reading it and laughed, saying ‘sorry, I was a bit distracted’, ‘what by’ she asked. I laughed and said ‘your nipples’. She laughed and said in her accent ‘dirty bugger’.

I finished my tea and said goodbye, as I turned to leave, she gave me a hug and said ‘thanks for the help’, then gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was only on the cheek, but she seemed to stretch it out longer than normal.

‘If you need anything else, just call’ I said. ‘I’ll hold you to that’ she replied.

About a week later, my wife said ‘Beccy asked if you could call her, she wants some furniture made’

I called her, we chatted for a few minutes then she said ‘can you come round Saturday, so we can talk about what I need’. We agreed to meet about 10.

Saturday morning is when my wife takes the kids swimming, they’re normally gone for a 4 - 5 hours as she takes them to the cinema after, so I’m left alone most of the day.

I pulled up outside Beccy’s flat just before 10, rung the intercom - no answer. Waited a few minutes, then rung again - no answer. Went back to the van and called her mobile. After a few rings she answered, ‘sorry, come on up, the door’s open’

I reached the flat, the door was open, I pushed it open and called, she called out ‘come in and make yourself a tea, I’m in the shower’

A few minutes later, she appeared wearing a very thin white robe which showed everything off as it seemed that she had stepped straight out the shower and put it on without drying herself.

The material was clinging everywhere.

‘Sorry,’ she said ‘I was out last night and got up late, I forgot you were coming over’

‘No need to apologise’ I said, I couldn’t help staring, which she had noticed.

‘Anyway’ she said ‘what can you do for me?’

I said absentmindedly ‘whatever you bloody want me to do’

She laughed and said ‘dirty bugger’. I noticed her nipples were hard again, and because of the clinging, wet material, they showed through even more.

She looked at me and said ‘something wrong?’

I just said ‘fucking hell Bec, you may as well have not got dressed with that robe’

She laughed and said ‘sorry, is it distracting you?’

My cock was stirring. But I was thinking ‘I’m married, I’m married’

I got my book out and sat at the table ‘right, what furniture do you want?’

Beccy sat to my right at the end of the table, crossed her legs which made her robe part all the way up to the tie and showed off her entire leg ‘I need a new bed, for a start’ and some drawers and a wardrobe.

‘Would you like it fitted?’ I asked. ‘Of course,’ she said

‘I need to measure then’ I said, she stood and said ‘follow me’

A few seconds later, I was standing in her bedroom measuring where she wanted the wardrobe. Beccy decided to sit on the bed, again she crossed her legs and again caused the robe to part right up to the tie, then while we were chatting, she uncrossed her legs, I could see right up to her shaved pussy. I couldn’t help staring.

She said ‘sorry, is that distracting?’ I laughed and said ‘yer, a bit’

I moved over to beside the bed, the other side from her and said ‘can you hold this for me’ (I meant the tape, as I wanted to measure the gap the bed and drawers were going in). She leant over and took the end of the tape, as she leant over her robe parted and I could see her fantastic tits.

Again I stared. She laughed.

My cock was by now almost hard, which she had noticed. I tried to hide it, by sitting on the bed to make notes. ‘Anything else you want?’ I asked

‘I need something filling’ she said, I almost choked. ‘Sorry?’ I said.

She laughed then said, ‘I mean there’s a hole that I need plugging. It’s in the kitchen. Did you think I meant my pussy?’

The first thought that went through my head was, she is really trying it on here. Then I said ‘Er! Yes’.

Beccy stood up, opened her robe and said ‘no point in me wearing this then’ then slipped under the duvet. Then said ‘come on, what you waiting for?’

I stripped and was in bed in about 10 seconds.

Her naked body felt better than I had imagined, her skin was so soft, her tits felt firm and her nipples were as hard as rock and very dark.

We kissed for some time, then she said ‘go down on me’, so I did as I was told. I slowly slid down her body, until I reached her shaved pussy. Her legs parted and my tongue slid in between her moist lips. She was already really wet. My tongue found her clit and I began to slowly lick it. Beccy moaned. With every lick and every suck, her moans deepened. After several minutes she was orgasming.

Once she finished and had recovered her breath, she laughed and said ‘now you can fill that hole I want filling?’

She pushed me onto my back, slid over and straddled my hips, slowly lowering herself down onto my rigid cock. Slowly she slid down onto it, pushing it all the way into her pussy. When I was in as deep as I could, she started to rock back and forth, she kept this motion going for what seemed like hours, then said ‘fuck, I’m cummin again’. And she did.

Once she finished her orgasm, she kept the rocking motion going. After what seemed like hours (actually, only about 10 minutes), she said ‘fuck, cummin, again.’

I was close and as she orgasmed I shot my first load of seed deep into her, I pumped what seemed like the largest load I ever had into her.

Once she had stopped orgasming, she collapsed onto me and said ‘Fuck,’ she said ‘I’m not on the pill’. I was still semi-rigid and inside her, I was about to pull out when she said ‘don’t move, I want to feel your cum still inside me’

Luckily, this incident didn’t result in her falling pregnant.

I made her furniture and delivered it, when I did she was wearing the same robe as before, so I knew she expected a repeat. Which did happen - but with her on the pill.

Now every school holiday, when my wife goes away, Beccy and I have our own time together.