Written by Martin & Kath

27 Jan 2004

My wife phoned me at work on Friday and told me her Sister would be staying the weekend, I said OK. But to be honest I have never liked the woman (fantastic figure) but never liked her, always too prim and proper for my liking. She was already there when I arrived home from work on Friday, her name is Jenni, very well dressed, trouser suit, nice blonde hair, 28, great body, but like I said snobbish !!

She went to the fridge to get some milk and haunched on her heels, revealing a nice black lacy thong at the top of her trousers, very nice I thought, just what you need after a hard days work !! My wife Kath, came downstairs and said right Jenni the shower is free. I could hear the showing running so I said to my wife Kath, how long is she staying, she said until Sunday evening. I said right I am going upstairs to get changed and wait for the shower, pour me a whisky I will be down in couple of minutes. I went upstairs but Jenni was not in the shower, she must have heard me coming up the stairs and walked out the guest bedroom totally naked, I said sorry, Jenni and looked away, she turned round and said its ok, showing me her totally shaven pussy and said I am going to fuck you later after I fuck my sister !!! and walked off into the bathroom, showing me the sexist arse going !!! My mind worked overtime, do I tell Kath or play the posh bitch at her own game !!!

I heard Jenni come out of the shower, waited for silence, then left our bedroom for the shower, she suddenly appeared at her bedroom door and said, you Fuck your wife, you Fuck her Sister, see you downstairs. I went for the shower semi-erect and thought what the hell do I do !!!

When I went downstairs, Kath had a white blouse, short skirt and stockings on (I know Kath) and Jenni had a short skirt, stocking tops you could just about see and a black see-through blouse with black bra on, Kath said lets go the pub for a drink, I said ok, give me two minutes to get changed, then Jenni said no, lets stay in an have a drink !! we both quietly said OK.

We asked Jenni is she would mind us watching a porn movie, as we like to do that on an evening, she said no problem !!

I was trying to will Kath to put one that showed two women with one man (thankfully she did), Jenni then said that must be nice for the man !!! (never actually been there) I said yes it is !!

The action started and Kath sat on the floor with her back to me stroking the insides of my thighs, Jenni said Kath, do that to me NOW !!! Kath was a little bit shocked and got up on all fours and stroked her sisters inner thighs (I thought to myself at last I am going to give her posh Sister something) !!!

She pulled Kath's head up to her pussy and pulled away the now visible thong she was wearing, once again that shaven pussy came into view. Then Jenni said strip, Kath stood up and took her blouse and skirt off, Jenni said enough, now you bitch, strip me, Kath got her own back and ripped her black blouse off and gently pulled down her skirt showing me a good view of her half covered shaven pussy !! Jenni stood up and said bitch bend over that sofa on your knees NOW !!! Kath did as she was told, Jenni went to the fridge and brought out a bottle of wine and said to me, pour 3 glasses, I did as was told, Jenni said gimme that bottle, she took it and slid the bottle up her shaven pussy and then said Kath this is all yours, Kath said no, but Jenni wasn't taking no for an answer then, she rammed the bottle up Kath's pussy, really hurting her then moans turned to pleasure and more of the bottle went up, the Jenni said to me, strip you wanker and fuck her arse and I thought no this is going to hurt Kath, Jenni said do it, so I stripped, not totally hard, Jenni said give it her and let me make it hard, she then took me in her mouth, god what a feeling, after a few minutes, she said Fuck my sisters arse NOW, I will fuck her with the wine bottle, God did Kath scream when I entered her arse, then I began to enjoy it and really pumped away, Jenni then slid a finger into my arse and said cum you bastard, cum !! God this turned me on so much I was ready for cumming, then Jenni pulled the bottle out of Kaths pussy and said fill this, so I came into a wine bottle (bitch you have us again) ... Jenni went upstairs to the bathroom and I thought payback time - Big Style !!!! - Had a quick work with Kath and she said OK anything you want and I smiled !!! Jenni returned from the bathroom in just stockings and suspenders and said your turn now Martin. I just smiled and said OK, Jenni came up to and me and started to wank my cock, then she dropped to her knees and very slowly sucked and licked the shaft, she was good, then she slipped the head into her mouth and really went down on it (I'm only about 7 inch, but she got most of it in), then went faster and faster until she knew I had to cum, I was just about to shout my load into her mouth when she pulled out and shouted in this wine bottle now, I agreed and shoot into the wine bottle once again (and smiled to myself) !!!

I shouted to Kath now and she said OK !! Jenni wondered what was going on, but before she knew it, we had her on her back on the floor and Kath was sat above her head, holding her ankles above her shoulders and I shouted lets do it !!!

With that I shoved the wine bottle up her pussy and really worked, she screamed like hell, then when she was wet, she really enjoyed it, so I said cum bitch cum, she laughed, but then her body tightened and she came into the bottle, her arse was now wettish, so I rimmed the crack with my tongue (a first for me) and then in one go pushed my length right up her, the bitch screamed like hell and more, and then I pumped her harder and harder, she called me all the names under the sun but still I fucked hard, then really hard, my ball were banging pussy hard, then when I was just about to cum, I pulled out and shot my load into the wine bottle (now I thought is payback time), my wife Kath still had hold of Jenni's ankles round her shoulders, I plunged my dick into her pussy and said time for a drink Jenni, she said I am not thirsty yet, I shouted you are NOW and placed the opening of the wine bottle into her mouth and made her drink my cum and my wifes juices, after much rolling about, she smiled and said I never saw that one coming. I said well what about this one cumming again, she bent over, I eased it up her arse again and really fucked hard, she had a proper glass of wine in her hand this time and said cheers.

Nothing more was said that night, we played around for about another two hours, then retired, but I think she has now meet her match, my Wife is concerned though, because Jenni is now visiting her other Sister, Susan, who lives alone.

Hope you enjoyed this.