Written by rockbeer

22 Aug 2006

I recently went to see my doctor about some breathing difficulties I was having at night. He referred me to the sleep lab at our local hospital for a series of tests. This involved spending the night there, wired up to a bank of computers and monitors.

I turned up on the appointed evening to be greeted by a very pretty red-haired Irish nurse who introduced herself as Niamh. I've never been able to sleep well when sharing a room with strangers, so I was quite nervous to see that I wasn't the only person in for study that night. A couple of elderly and extremely overweight blokes were there too, and I could hardly bear to imagine the racket that would kick off later, once the three of us started snoring. However, Niamh dealt with the preliminaries efficiently and professionally, and it soon became clear that I wasn't going have to share with either of these men, as there were two study rooms in the lab: the other two got to share one, and to my relief Niamh put me on my own in the other. At the time I was just relieved at the prospect of getting a reasonable night's sleep - I had no inkling of the other benefits attached to having a room of my own.

When the time to sleep finally came, I got changed into my night wear, and then Niamh came in to wire me up to the machinery. She was extremely helpful and friendly, explaining what everything was for as she connected up the various sensors and clips. I remember thinking at the time how much things had changed since I was last in hospital, when I was tyrannized and force-fed by a middle-aged dragon who was obviously lacking love in her life.

When everything was finally ready, Niamh left me to sleep... but of course, being a strange environment with all those wires hanging off me, I just couldn't drop off. I read for a while, then listened to some music on my iPod, but it was no use. Sleep was light years away. You must have had that feeling, when you just know for sure that you could lie there for days and still wouldn't drop off. That's what it was like for me that night, until eventually, it must have been about 2 or 3 in the morning, I started to need a piss. The toilet was across the hall, and there was nothing for it but to gently unwire myself and creep out into the darkened hospital. There was nobody about, but I could see a light under Niamh's office door. And I could hear the chainsaw-sound of snoring from the room next to mine. Thank god I wasn't in there. So I did my business, crept back to my room, wired myself up again and clambered into bed. I shut my eyes, thinking I might finally get some sleep, but after a minute or two I sensed something had changed in the room. I opened my eyes again, and there was Niamh, perched very gently on the edge of the bed with a dim torch in her hand. I looked her in surprise.

"Can't you sleep?" ahe asked.

"No" I said, stating the blindingly obvious, and refraining from pointing out that I had in fact been just about to drop off when she had disturbed me. Just as well I held back, as the next thing she said knocked me for six.

"Is there anything I can do to help?"

Now I'm not always the quickest on the uptake in these situations, and usually come up with some stupid reply like "no thanks, I'm fine". But this time I must have realized what was going on, as I found myself replying

"I don't know. What did you have in mind?"

With that she set down the torch and, looking me straight in the eye, undid the top button of her uniform. It was one of those baggy blue things which didn't give much away, but by the time she'd undone the second button and pulled the material back a little to either side, I was starting to understand that it contained a very shapely pair of tits, nicely supported by a lacy push-up bra. Still looking me in the eye, she smiled and raised her eyebrows just a little, as if to say "shall I carry on?"

I don't remember speaking, but I must have given her the right message somehow because a second or two later, three, then four buttons were undone and her hard nipples were clearly illuminated by the stark light of the computer monitor, pushing tightly against the white cups of her bra.

Feeling my cock harden suddenly, I started to lean forward. This was quite difficult, constrained as I was by all the cables hanging out of me, but she held up a hand to stop me. Fine, I thought, settling back again. I was happy to enjoy the show however she wanted it to go. This was obviously the right decision because with her right hand she reached inside the left cup of her bra and gently lifted her breast out, pointing the nipple at me as she did so, then squeezing it hard between her thumb and first finger. We both inhaled sharply at the same moment, then she giggled lightly before sitting back and opening her legs wide to my gaze. Still holding her breast in her right hand, she put her left down inside her trousers, the same shapeless uniform blue cotton as the top, and squeezed her mound very hard and very obviously before easing the trousers down to her knees by pushing the back of her hand against the elasticated waistband. In the dim light I could see that she was wearing tight black bikini briefs under the trousers, and soon her hand was inside those little panties rubbing feverishly at her pussy. My eyes were locked on her moving hand, and for just one instant I could smell the warm, heady, musky perfume of her pussy.

By now my cock was straining for some of the action. I figured I'd been patient enough, but she couldn't really expect to put on a show like that without me responding, so I pulled back the covers and eased my erection out of my boxers. She licked her lips and smiled when she saw it, then without warning, and without breaking the rhythm of her clit-stroking, she leant forward, wrapped her lips around the engorged head of my cock, and began moving her head up and down to the same beat as her fingers were strumming between her legs. It was just about the sexiest thing ever, and within seconds I could myself starting to head irrevocably towards the point of no return. I started to pull away, but she just leaned in closer and intensified her rhythm. In the moments before I came, she took her hand off her breast and shoved it between her legs, sliding three fingers easily past her knickers and up into her juicy cunt, gasping as she did so. Then I was shooting my load all over her face, and she was coming hard at the same time. She must have swallowed all my sticky semen, because when she lifted her head her face was shining with just a smile, and there wasn't a drop left on my cock.

"I hope you get some sleep now" she said as she pulled up her little panties and trousers, rearranged her tits in her bra and started to do up her buttons.

Needless to say, I slept brilliantly.

They couldn't find anything wrong with me, but Niamh was on duty the day I went back to the hospital to collect my test results. She was again very professional, treating me just like any other patient, but when I got called in to see the consultant, as lab technician she stayed in the room with us.

"How did you find the sleep lab?" asked the doctor. "Was everything to your satisfaction?"

"Very much so" I replied.

"I notice you had some trouble sleeping early on in the night" he said, examining the charts and graphs printed out by the computer I'd been wired up to. "Then there seems to be a massive spike in his heart rate before he goes off to sleep. Do you know anything about that, nurse?"

Standing behind the doctor looking at me over his shoulder, Niamh looked startled for a moment but immediately regained her composure. "I noticed he couldn't sleep from the monitors" she said. Then she gave me a big smile and said "He was a bit nervous, but I think my bedside manner helped him relax in the end."

"So it would seem. Well, I don't see any problems here sir. The nurse will show you out now".

Sadly they could find nothing wrong, so there was no excuse to refer me for more tests. But I often wonder whether I'm the only lucky guy to have been looked after that well in the sleep lab.