Written by A new man

19 May 2005

We have been together for 17 years, despite having three kids we have resisted the temptation to get married. Clare is 42 and has fantastic legs and a great shaped bottom. She has often complained that her breasts are too small, but I think there ok and she has lovely nipples. I am 41 and slightly overweight with a high sex drive. We have had a pretty good sex life and like many others have had both good and not so good times. During our time together we have both had a one off one-night stand with other partner. This has never caused us any problems and I often think about the guy Clare spent the night with and find it very arousing.

We have for the past few years been involved with the local cricket club as I love playing the game and Clare has always enjoyed the social side of things. About six months ago we were at a fund raising function and everyone was very drunk. Clare had drunk far too much and a consequence of this was her insistance on dancing with anyone she could drag onto the floor. She was dragging most of the younger members up and they were mostly making their escape when they could. I wasnt taking that much notice as I had seen this before, new all the lads and also other drunk cricketers wifes and girlfreinds were doing the same.

After a while I noticed that she was giving one lad named Dan more attention and (unlike the others) he seemed happy to dance and looked at ease with her drunked behaviour. I did become aware that Clare was getting closer to Dan in her mode of dance, but as so many people were drunk no one seemed to notice but me. Therefore I decided to keep an eye on her, in case she made a complete fool of herself and of course I didnt want to be shown up in front of our freinds. Towards the end of the night they had a smooch and Clare was now really flirting and rubing her groin against Dans. Eventually he noticed me watching them together and made an exit. When we got home Clare mentioned that she thought Dan a nice guy and very fit looking. This turned me on and I asked her if she fanced his cock inside her. She said dont be silly, but I repeated the question and she blushed and nodded her head slightly. This really turned me on and as we were both so drunk I had to wait till morning to fuck her, with this thought in my head.

A few days later I asked Clare if she remembered dancing with Dan at the club, she said she did. I asked if she remembered what she implied when we got home, again she said she did. This was getting on to a new level and I asked what she remembered about dancing with him. She replied that as they smooched his penis was hard and it rubbed against her belly, she also stated that he had felt her arse and rubbed her nipples with his thumbs. After hearing this I felt as horny as fuck and we had great sex. We were both suprised with our reaction to this.

The sunday after we were away playing cricket and had a few drinks in the opposition bar. I made a point of talking to Dan earlier as he looked sheepishly and slightly embarrissed in front of me. I put him at ease and said that Clare had enjoyed their dance together. After a couple of drinks I drove back to our clubhouse with my kit on the front seat and Dan and his kit on the back seat. I phoned Clare and picked her up on the way back. Clare jumped in the back with Dan and they were pretty close due to the kit bag. Dan looked very uneasy and Clare was blushing.

Before we drove off I turned round to Dan and said Clare enjoyed feeling your cock on her belly the other night. He looked horrified and said whats this weird shit let me out of the car. Clare said dont be so up front with him lets forget the hole thing. Dan became interested and asked if Clare knew what was going on. She nodded. Do you mean he (meaning me) doesnt mind another man fucking you. I looked at Clare and she shook her head. Dan stated that if she wanted it he would oblige but not with me watching. They went in the house I walked to the local for a couple of beers. I left them for 40 mins and walked back to our house. I looked at the house and thought fuck, someone is in there fucking my women and im out here not minding. I went inside and for some reason thought they may of finished or were at least in the bedroom upstairs. I could here them in the kitchen and went in. Dan was dressed but Clare was naked and cleaning her thighs with wet wipes. She was red faced and looked concerned. "the condom broke and Dans come inside me" Clare is not on the pill so she was attempting to salvage the situation. She turned to me and she had Dans sperm running out of her fanny and down her legs. Dan was looking as if he wanted to leave. i told Dan to go and have shower and as he walked up the stairs I told Clare to leave it as she could get a morning after pill and asked if I could fuck her and add to the sperm already inside. She nodded. To be continued