Written by playinglady69

28 Aug 2006

Thunder rolls as the hot rain pelts the overheated asphalt. Steam rises from the street as I become over heated. Nothing is as big a turn on as an amazing summer storm. I've felt the storm coming all day. Each weather update getting me wetter and wetter without me even stepping outside. I know I'll have to break this tension somehow. I know I'll do something outrageous just to calm myself down. Night has finally fallen as the storm starts. I go down to a local walking path knowing that there won't be many others risking this weather outside. I walk to the park. Within moments I am drenched. My demin shorts molded to my ass, my white cotton t-shirt plastered on my heaving breasts, my erect nipples showing clearly through the nearly transparent top. Each bolt of lightning sends energy surging through my veins. Each clap of thunder sending vibrations to my clit. As I walk I can see that I was right, noone else is out on a night like tonight. I walk around the lake for about twenty minutes. Each step an exercise in control as my shorts rub against my naked pussy. The rough cotton on my nipples is driving me to distraction. I can't take it anymore. Up ahead is a bench overlooking the lake. I stride off the path to it. I sit down and enjoy natures light display in the sky, my legs slights spread almost as if to absorb the power through my cunt. I start rubbing my nipples, pinching them slightly and rolling them between my fingers. My head falls back letting the rain wash down over my face. One hands reaches down and I start rubbing my pussy through the drenched fabric. My breathe deepens. I feel like I'm drowning, but its from sensation not the rain. Soon this is not enough. I open the snap and slide down the zipper on my shorts. First I tease myself. Rubbing the top of my pussy right where my lips part, just above my clit. Each flick of my wrist straining my shorts pulling them against my ass. I know I'll play with myself, fingering myself to orgasm here in the middle of the park in the storm, but I want to draw out the experience.... I never know when I'll get a chance to do this again. The thunder is so loud I can't hear anything, not my heartbeat, not my low moans and evidently not the steps of someone drawing near. "Do you need some help?" I hear a masculine voice ask from behind me somewhere. I turn around suddenly, trying to cover up that I was playing with myself. "No, I'm fine. Thank you." I say as I turn. Then I see him. He's a bit over six feet tall, black hair, and in the brightness from the lightning I see these penetrating green eyes smile knowingly at me. I smile a purely come take me smile. "Are you sure about that?" he asks. "If you're not done...I wouldn't mind licking all the wetness away." he says still smiling so I know he saw what I was doing. I don't know him. I should make him move on, but my pussy is begging for some relief, more than my fingers can provide. "You know with this rain that could take a while." He starts to walk around to the front of the bench "Oh, I don't mind. Actually I like to be thorough." He sits down drawing me against his hard chest as his lips brush against mine. A soft touching, then the kiss becomes a possesion of my mouth by his. His tongue swoops into mine, tasting me and inviting, no insisting, I taste him. I start to moan low in my throat. Then his hands reenact what mine had been doing earlier. First rolling my nipples, then one hand sliding down behind my zipper. But he doesn't tease like I did. I immediately feel two fingers slide into my craving cunt. I moan again this time louder. "Do you like that? It would be easier without these in the way." and having said that I feel both his hands on my shorts tugging them all the way off. He throws them up on the bench as he kneels in front of me. He pulls me so my ass is hanging off the edge of the bench.Then swoops down and takes a cotton covered nipple in his mouth. His teeth work on it, tugging, tiny nips then harder bites. I'm writhing on the bench searching for the next sensation. I feel him move in closer so that now it is his denim I feel roughly against my flesh. I push forward feeling his cock twitch through the cloth. "I thought you said you like to lick all that wetness" I whisper in his ear. "So I did." He's as good as his word. I feel his hot breathe for just a moment then his tongue is caressing me. Long licks from bottom to top again and again, never quite penetrating as I moan in frustration. "Something wrong, my dear?" he asks with a smirk. "Yes." is all I am able to gasp out. "What do you want?" he asks. "You know." I say with another groan. "No, you'll have to tell me." I take a moment to regain my breath then look into his eyes. " I want your tongue in me, I want you to suck and lick my clit, I want you to make me cum!" He chuckles then fulfills my request. After minutes of his teasing this feels so good. It doesn't take long for an orgasm to wash over me. I open my eyes to look at him thats when I see that he had pulled down his shorts and was stroking himself slowly. I stare at his thick hard cock and unconsciously lick my lips. "Do you want a taste of this?" he asks standing and brushing my mouth with his cock. I don't bother to reply letting my actions speak for themselves. My tongue darts out to taste the drops of precum on the tip taking time to savor his flavor. Then I drop my head so I can take his balls into my mouth to suck gently on, rubbing my tongue against them. I do this for a few moments enjoying the sound of his moans in the rain. Then I lift up and take his cock in my mouth sliding my tongue all around it before sucking it fully into my mouth. I make short bobbing motions taking a bit more of his lenghth into my mouth with each downward stroke. His hands thread through my hair, pulling and pushing me slightly. I just enjoy the feel of that hot cock sliding in and out of me his moans getting louder and more frequent. I feel as he starts to tense up and pull away quickly. "What?!?" he gasps. "I don't want that." I reply. "I want you to fuck me. I want to feel that cock thrusting deep inside of me. I want to cum all over your throbbing cock." He chuckles again "well I always aim to please a lady.... so...." He kneels in front of me again, this time no clothes for barriers. He slides his dick against my pussy lips, rubbing it harder against my clit. "You sure you want this?" he asks. I just reach down place his cock against my pussy and push forward. As he enters me..."Yeah, this is what I need" I answer with a sigh. I can still feel the thunder in my bones, but it is nothing compared to this cock thrusting in and out of me. Each stroke takes me higher. Each withdrawl pulls me back just abit. He fucks just the way I like. Hard. Powerful. Confidently. As I get closer to orgasm he reaches down and starts flicking my clit, rubbing it, and rolling it between his fingers. The way he watches me I'm not sure if he enjoys the feel of my pussy more or the reactions so clearly evident on the face and in my body movements. I go higher and higher staring into his eyes. I can hear him encouraging me..."yeah baby, cum for me. I want to feel you cum all over my cock.... just let go baby. cum for me Now!" As he I do. The fireworks in my head more magnificent than the show nature is putting on. As I return to my senses I feel him still pumping in and out, his movements getting jerky and restless. Then one hard thrust forward. He rears back and cums all over me. My tits and face and even a bit on my cunt lips. Each drop singes my skins leaving me shuddering as tiny orgasm aftershock tear through me. He pulls up his shorts and sits beside me. He turns, offers me his hand and says "Hi, I'm George. Nice to meet you." This just sends me off into fits of giggles. Finally I say " nice to meet you to. Cum here often?" more giggles from me. "Not before, but now I think I will." he responds. I smile. "maybe I'll see next storm." I tell him as I get dressed. "I'll be here. And, I might bring a friend" he says as he starts to walk away. Damn! I can't wait for the next storm to come rolling through here.