Written by Marinero

17 Nov 2006

True Story: I live in Spain and I am lucky ehough, when my travels allow to be occaisionally fucking a completely submissive and very dirty slut (Gemma) who enjoys bondage, moderate whipping, humiliation,strong nipple clamps, large dildo insertions to her orifices, prolonged and expert cock sucking. She fanatasises of being gangbanged, left tied up and abused and used whenever her husbands friends care to.

I give her challenging tasks to perform as her homework when she has time between her other boyfriends. She has written the following:

I’d like to describe my first experience with a serious dom. – not too long ago.

I was firstly invited to an interview at a local hotel. The dress and behaviour requirements were set out very clearly – short skirt, flimsy blouse, normal underwear and heels. I was to address the master as Sir and treat him with respect. When I sat in his presence I was to leave my knees about 8 inches apart, to signify my availability.

I arrived for my interview early but in a state of apprehension – did I really want to get myself into this???

The master was already there as I waited at the hotel bar for my coffee and he signalled me to join him at his table. We introduced ourselves and he very soon put me at ease – he was charming, intelligent and obviously very experienced. We talked about trivia for a while, then he suddenly complimented me on my dress and chastised me verbally for sitting with my knees together and being too familiar with him. This obviously threw me – I felt flustered as I apologised, promising to try to remember better in the future. He accepted my apology with good grace and instructed me on where to be and at what time for my first actual training session with him. He also gave me a safe word to use and instructed me in it’s use.

This happened a week later – a week filled with thoughts of calling the meeting off, fear of what may happen to me, what he may want to do to me……… Again I followed the dress requirements faithfully, this time reminding myself to treat the master with the respect due from a submissive. Again I was early to the arranged meeting and waited only a matter of minutes for the master to arrive and escort me into the house.

The house is a typical old Spanish finca, isolated with bars on the windows, and with a separate casita at the end of the garden. Once inside he led me to one wall, told me to face the wall, with my legs slightly apart, my hands down at my sides and my head bent. This, he called the obedience position. I was told to wait like this until he was ready for me – it was very difficult not to fidget as I heard him moving things around and placing objects on the table. After what seemed like 15 minutes, he told me to turn around and approach him – he was sitting on the armchair, and in front of him, on the table, were allsorts of implements – dildos, straps, cuffs and many items unfamiliar to me. I did as he said, keeping my head bent and not meeting his eyes . He stood and approached me, saying I had done well to realise I was to avert my eyes unless otherwise instructed. He motioned me to turn around and bend over then lifted m skirt and pulled my panties down slightly, exposing my buttocks. Then he turned me back to face him and pulled down the front of my panties. He told me to hold my skirt up while he examined my pussy, he seemed to like it, saying it was lovely. The master then instructed me to strip, leaving only my sandals on, which I did willingly. All this time I felt great apprehension, excitement and fear – what would happen next – so far there had been no pain, little humiliation – But I knew there was more, far more to come – just didn’t know what!!

Watch out for the following episodes, I will also post a story of our initial meeting should this receive sufficient interest.