Written by Norfolk_Couple

5 Nov 2004

It has always been a fantasy of my husband’s to watch me being fucked by another man, and although I didn’t let him know it the thought of it also turned me on. Last Saturday morning we both woke really horny, and started to chat about what we would do that evening, when my husband offer to arrange a surprise. When I asked what he had in mind he said I would have to wait and see, I could tell by the look in his eyes that he had something horny in mind.

I had been out all day shopping and when I got home I was let in on the surprise. He opened the swinging heaven website and showed me the advert he had placed, basically asking if anyone fancied fucking me that night. He said we had had a few emails and messages as a result and left me to read them.

I browsed through them all and was getting very horny, then I read the reply from D, who my husband had chatted to earlier. My husband had shown him some pictures of me dressed in a leather basque and mini skirt with my thigh high boots on. This made D extremely excited and he described how turned on he was and what he wanted to do to me, needless to say reading this started to make me moist. I love it when a man gets turned on seeing me dressed up and when they describe what they want to do to me.

I then rang this bloke up as agreed and told him that I wanted him to come over. He got really excited and we flirted and chatted for a bit, and he subtly mentioned that he loved stockings and suspenders. I gave him directions and went to get ready.

I led my husband upstairs and he went and ran me a bath as I tried to decide what to wear. My husband decided on my black leather mini skirt with a strappy, see through, tight low cut pink top and sheer black stockings and suspenders and my fetish sandals.

I the got into the bath and my husband gently washed me from top to toe. I was so horny by now that when he reached between my legs I forced his fingers inside me and with a few hard thrusts he had me cuming for the first time that night.

I got out of the bath and dressed for the night ahead and with a touch up of my lippy I was ready. I could tell my husband approved by the bulge in his trousers. Then he grabbed me and lay me on the bed, revealing my naked, freshly shaved pussy. He quickly lowered and rammed 2 fingers deep inside me and started to lick my clit whilst quickly thrusting his fingers in and out of me. As I was about to cum for the second time he stopped, leaving me all turned on and in need.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the front door. I go to open the door as my husband is still upstairs. I opened it wide and smiled at D. The look on his eyes said it all, his eyes popped and his jaw dropped and I could see an immediate stirring in his trousers. I beckoned him in and led him to the lounge, he immediately pulled me in to kiss him before he sat in the chair with me standing before him. He started to caress my stocking clad legs up and down, telling me all the time how turned on he was seeing me dressed like this and telling me how he wanted to lick and suck my pussy. With that he led me to the dining room table and bent me over the table placing one of my feet up on a chair, he dropped to his knees to lick my wet pussy. His persistent licking, sucking and fingering of my pussy whilst he was telling me what it did to him seeing me dressed like this soon had me writhing and bucking on his face and enjoying my second orgasm of the night.

We stopped and got a drink and I noticed my husband was still not downstairs, and somehow that turned me on even more. As we left the kitchen D stripped off and pushed me onto the dining room table, laying me on my back and kissing me. D continued where he had left off and started to lick and suck my pussy whilst rubbing his cock up and down my stocking clad legs and again I was soon coming again and this time my juices gushed out all over D’s face. I pulled D round to where my head was so I could suck his cock as I did so he started to suck my hard nipples and rub my wet pussy. It was only then that I noticed my husband was sat in the lounge watching us. I asked my husband to come and take a picture of us and he willingly did, then as D had gone back between my legs he came and kissed me hard and started to kiss and caress my breasts. He started to encourage D to make me come and they started to talk about me that I got so horny and I came again, this time my juices gushed out all over the table.

I then got on my knees in front of D and started to suck his cock, deep throating him and then licking the end of his cock and within a minute he was moaning and thrusting and then he shot his load into my mouth.

We moved back to the lounge and I lay down on the rug spread eagled and made D go back to licking and sucking my pussy as my husband watched. It wasn’t long until I could feel my pussy tighten and I came again for the fourth time that night and again D got turned on as my juices squirted over his face.

With that my husband came down on the floor and turned me onto all fours which is my favourite position and he started to caress my tits and kiss me as D started to lick my pussy from behind and again I was soon coming and I was now begging for a nice hard cock.

With this D slid his cock into me from behind. As D started to fuck me from behind my husband started to rub my now swollen clit, the intense feeling this sent over my body was indescribable and my pussy clenched D’s cock so hard he could not believe it and again I soon orgasmed and squirted my juices.

After that both the men sat down I crawled over to D and I took his soft cock into my mouth, within seconds I was able to get it hard. I started to suck his cock and I took his balls into my mouth one at a time then I started to lick and suck the head of his cock and again within seconds he was cuming in my willing mouth. I swallowed, smiled and moved over to my husband.

I freed his cock from his trousers and started to suck and lick his cock. I could tell D was watching my every move as I started to make my husband groan. Then my husband got me to sit on his lap with my back to him as we started to fuck I could tell that both my husband and D were enjoying the view they had. However, I need a good hard fucking and demand that my husband take m on the floor right then, which he willingly did. Again I was on my hands and knees being fucked hard and fast like I love, especially when I am horny. It wasn’t long until my husband had me cuming all over again. As I gathered my breath I could see D had enjoyed watching so I went back over to his aching and twitching cock and sucked him hard again. It wasn’t long until he was moaning and groaning and shooting his third load into my mouth. I smiled up at him as he said “never have I had anyone quite like you, you are so horny”.

After that D got dressed and left, needless to say me and my husband continued for several hours. It was a very good experience and one I will be repeating again VERY soon.