Written by Shirley

4 Sep 2006

My husband Jim & myself were celebrating our 8th wedding aniversary three weeks ago. We had been to see a show at our local theatre & were rounding the night off with a couple of drinks in a hotel.

Jim had found a nice secluded spot tucked away in a corner of the bar area. This was so he could kiss me a few times & feel me up without anybody noticing or so we thought.

We have always been very attractive to each other & always sexually satisfied each other, without the need to think about taking other partners. In short we are devoted to each other, so what happened on this particular evening came as a great surprise to both of us.

We were on our 2nd drink when this tall rather handsome man of around 40 approached our table & out of the blue told us that he had been watching Jim kiss & fondle me & noticed that I was getting a little sexed up. He suddenly turned to Jim, telling him that he had a room in the hotel & he would like us to come up there as he found me very attractive & wanted to fuck me. He told us the room number, turned around & left for the lobby & we assumed go to his room.

We were dumbfounded & could hardly speak, but to be honest it had sent a thrill through my body as he was rather good looking with a great body. Jim was the first to speak & mentioned that perhaps we should report him to the hotel management. I convinced him that this was not a good idea.

Eventually after discussing it for awhile & pondering what to do about it, we both began to laughed about it & Jim pointed out that he thought the fella really thought we would go to his room & admitted it did actually turn Jim on a little at the thought of seeing me being fucked by another man. He had never had a thought like that before.

I was honest with Jim & told him that when he had said that he found me attractive & wanted to fuck me, it had actually aroused me slightly to think that another man wanted to possess me. At this Jim asked me how it had thrilled me & was it the thought of having another man's cock inside me. Jim never realised that no sooner as he had said this there was a sexual surge go through my body at that thought, so I told him I guess so. We talked back & forth for a good half-an-hour, concerning me having another man with Jim watching or even taking part. Our conversation had never ever been like this before & the more we spoke of it the more I became turned on at the idea of it & I could tell that Jim was also. In fact it was fairly obvious from the bulge in his trousers.

Eventually Jim asked me if I was prepared to take the plunge & go up to his room. I told him that he had wasted time as I had made up my mind about 10 minutes previously but was waitng for him to give the go ahead.

We finished our drinks, went to the lobby, rode the lift to the relevent floor & within few seconds were knocking at his room door. A voice told us to come in as the door was open.

He was laying stretched out on the bed stark naked with a drink in his hand. He told us that he knew we would come up to his room as he could tell that we were curious & also knew that this was going to be a first for us. He told us his name was Steve, pointed to a table & told us to pour ourselves a drink & apologized because he only had whiskey or Bacardi rum. Jim poured out 2 Bacardis & added some coke & ice to them.

Steve actually looked very inviting to me lying on the bed. He was a very attractive man with a beautifully kept body that he obviously kept in shape, but the best part about him was the large flaccid penis that was hanging between his legs. I wondererd how large it would get when he got a hard on. Deciding to take the bull by the horns I downed my drink, climbed on to the bed, took his penis in my hands, presented it to my mouth & started to make it come alive. After all I thought we had only come up to his room for one thing, so I may as well get it started. I think Jim was taken aback but understood my reasoning when we discussed it later.

Steve's cock came to lfe rapidily once my mouth was wrapped around it. Jim always told me that I gave a great blow job so I just used the same technique on Steve. Steve's hands started to undress me with an urgency that told me he wanted to feel my naked body & once he had me naked his hands started to gently feel me all over, which started to send waves of excitement through my body. I was geting sensations that I never had before, which I figured was because this was only the 2nd man that had ever felt the intimate parts of my body. I was really getting into it & felt an immediate need to have him inside me. My breathing was becomming heavier, my body was in a great state of sexual arousal, with my pussy becomming very wet & ready to take his penis.

I never use swear words, especially during love making, but suddenly I found myself taking my mouth from his penis & telling him to fuck me, not just once but several times. He duly obliged by gently rolling on top of me & delicately entered his penis into me and very slowly worked it all the way into me, sending feelings of rapture throughout my body. He didn't work it in & out like Jim normally did. He kept it bottomed out inside me & gently thrust against me. This was new to me & felt wonderful, I could feel his rippling chest muscles against my breasts. His hands went below my buttocks, so as to lift & arch my back to give that added penetration. His kisses were passionate & urgent but gentle, his tongue searching inside my mouth. I wrapped my legs as high as I could around his back so I could pull him further into me. He was making me have feelings that I had never had before & it was as though I wanted to have his whole self engulfed in my vagina.

My orgasm wasn't long in comming but it was long in lasting. I have had multiple orgasms before but this was beyond belief. Once I started it was continuous throughout the whole time he was in me.

Several times he would stop the thrusting that made me feel so good & after the 3rd or 4th time that he did this I realised he must have been on the point of comming but held back. He was contrlling his ejaculation very masterfully. Jim could never do this, once he felt it comming he would normally quicken up & fire deep inside me. Steve was diferent, he was in control & I knew that he wanted to stay inside me as long as he wanted & would only let loose into me when he wanted to. His control was phenominal, I do believe that he could have fucked me all night without comming & I think that the only reason that he eventually allowed himself to come was because Jim was there & he knew that Jim was probably in urgent need to fuck me having witnessed me being fucked by Steve. When Steve did come it was deep inside me & he seemed to fire continuously for several seconds.

We lay there for a few minutes while he gently fondled my breasts & his tongue continued to explore the inside of my mouth. I gently & lovingly fondled his penis & balls that had so wonderfully fucked me.

Eventually he moved away from me & told Jim it was now his turn So Jim complied & mounted my cum laden pussy & spent 20 minutes or so taking me & trying to give me what Steve had given me. He was good & brought me to another orgasm but not continouous like Steve had given me. It was a normal Jim fuck which sounds bad of me but to be fair Jim had fucked me all our married life & here I had just been fucked by only the second cock I had ever had & he was very different to Jim & had made me feel so very sexually good. I wanted a few more turns of him before we left his room.

There is no reson to give more detail about the rest of the night Other than to say Steve took me in several different ways, satisfying his lust in my body & satsifying my lust by being inside my body. Jim took me as many times as Steve did & all in all when Jim & I talked about it later we both agreed that our wedding anniversary had been one to remember.

We have arranged to spend more time with Steve & we think that now that we have branched out we may try to meet with other couples or singles. I am also going to try and get Steve to teach Jim his lovemaking techniques.