Written by Kate (Hot Lips)

16 Sep 2005

Carla and Barry were old friends of my husband, who had lived in England for five years and had just returned to N. Ireland to live. They had invited my husband and two of my girl-friends to a house warming party on Friday night,at their new house, about ten miles outside Belfast I had spent most of the day getting ready and I had bought a new dress and some sexy underwear.

Carla's new house had belonged to one of the Victorian linen Barons and she had told me that it had eight bedrooms. And a large, indoor swimming pool.

My husband had been working in Dublin and at 7.30,PM he phoned and told me that he was going to have to work the weekend and wouldn,t be home until Sunday.

I was very upset, as I had really been looking forward to going to the party, but as Carla's house was twenty miles away, I had no way of getting there. My two friends, Sonia and Karen, arrived and I told them the bad news.

I phoned Carla and told her that we would have to give the party a miss, but she said that one of her friends, called Karl was coming and she would ask him to give us a lift.

Karl arrived at 8.30PM. and we were on our way. Karl looked about thirty, quite tall about six feet and was very good looking. We chatted and he told me that he thought that I looked very sexy.

It took about an hour to get to Barry and Carla's house and we were met by Carla at the door. We thanked Karl and he went off to talk to three other men. Carla showed us round the house, which was huge. The bedrooms had all been redecorated and some of them had King size beds in them. The master bedroom led through to the new, heated swimming pool which was 50 feet long and was in a large conservitory type building with glass walls "You can try that out later, if you like" she said, pointing at the pool. Sonia said that we hadn't brought our swimming costumes. Carla went to a locker and produced a pack of white lycra swim thongs. She said, "You can wear these, if you like".

The party was taking off and a lot of people were arriving. We made our way to the big lounge and helped ourselves to drinks. Music was playing and people were dancing. Carla went off to mingle.

Carla's husband, Barry met us and he was drunk, as usual. He told us about how rich he was and how many cars he had and then collapsed into a chair and went to sleep.

Carla had laid on a buffet, so we helped ourselves to some food and more drinks. Karl joined us and we sat down at a table and talked. He said that he was impressed with the house and I asked if he had seen the swimming pool. He said that he hadn't, so I took him to see it. Karl put his hand in the water and said,"It's nice and warm". I told him that Carla said that we could have a swim, later and showed him one of the swim thongs which I would be wearing. He said,"I'd like to see you in that" Karl moved towards me and held me. He kissed me and I pulled him to me. I could feel his hard on, pressing against me and I ground my crotch against it as we kissed. Sonia, suddenly walked in with a tray of drinks, so I broke away from Karl and went back to the party.

Karl came back to the lounge and sat with his friends. He came over to me and asked me to dance and said that he hadn't meant to embarris me by kissing me and that he now knew that I was married. Sonia and Karen danced with Karl's two friends a lot and I could see that things were getting hot between them.

Carla returned with a man called Tim and told us to follow her to the pool. Once in the pool building, Carla locked the door and flicked a switch, which shut the blinds. She showed the men a locker and said "You'll find swimming trunks in there. We changed, behind a screen and tried on the thongs. Covering my boobs, I walked to the pool and got into the water. The other girls followed.

I swam a couple of lengths of the pool, while Sonia and Karen messed about with their new found boyfriends. They were kissing and the men were groping their boobs a lot. Carla and Tim were at the shallow end and she had her legs around his waist and her thong wrapped around her wrist. She was thrusting her hips at him And riding up and down on his cock.

Karl swam up to me and we started kissing. He kissed my breasts and I rubbed his hard cock, throigh his trunks. I said ,"I want to go somewhere more private" We got out of the pool and dried each other. I put on a dry thong and we made our way into the master bedroom. We lay on the bed and I started to gently wank him off. I took his cock between my lips and licked it's head.

Karl licked and kissed my nipples and I Pushed his head down towards my pussy. He pulled my thong to the side and fingered my shaved cunt and licked my clit. I pushed him onto his back and peeled off the thong. I knelt, over him and lowered myself onto his cock until it was in to the hilt. I rode him like a whore.

Karen and Mark came in and got on the bed too. Mark pushed his cock into her from behind and started to fuck her. I didn't care that they could see Karl's cock going in and out of my cunt. It turned me on even more and when Sonia and Rab came in, I rode Karl's cock harder. Sonia started to give Rab a blow job on the floor and he soon came in her mouth. She swallowed and pushed her cunt into rab's face.

The smell of Rab's cum on her breath was too much and I orgasmed on Karl's cock. I urged him to cum inside me and felt his cock go poker hard and spit load after load of spunk up my cunt. I stayed on top of Karl and watched Mark cum inside Karen's cunt. Rab had recovered by this time and he bucked Sonia on the floor, while we watched. Sonia made him shoot his cum inside her.

Carla appeared at the door of the bedroomand said,"Sorry to barge in, but lets get showered and get back to the party. We can carry on when the other guests leave.

So we returned to the food and drinks and chatted to people as if nothing had happened. I stayed all night at carla's and enjoyed Karl's cock inside me, four more times during the night.

Karl drove three very tired and exausted girls back to Belfast, the next morning.