Written by Jon and Jean

19 Mar 2006

We have just posted part two. You have to read parts 1 and 2 first to understand the story, part 1 was posted on Friday 17th March.

Anna came and sat with me and Jean went and sat with Eddie.

With that Anna shuffled the cards and placed them face down on the bed then asked Jean to pick up the first card.

Jean picke up the first card, it was a queen, Eddie grinned as he unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it of followed by her skirt.

Jean sat there in her white bra and a white waist slip. Eddie was next, then Anna, they didn't have to take any clothes off, then I picked up King, Anna took off my shirt, shoes and trousers, I then sat there in my white Y-fronts and socks.

Next was Jeans turn, this time she was okay, then Eddie picked up a Jack and Jean took his trousers off (she was really getting into this!), next it was Anna's turn, she picked up a Jack so I took her dress off, she was also wearing a white bra and a white waist slip, then it was my turn, I was okay.

Jean then picked up a King, Eddie laughed and rubbed his hands together, he took Jeans shoes off, then her slip and finally her bra, Jean sat there in her stockings and suspenders and her big white cotton pants.

We continued picking cards up, I was the first to end up naked, as the game progressed everyone's clothes slowly came off, eventually Anna picked an Ace and I had the privilege of kissing her for two minutes, it was embarrassing for me because I got an erection, I noticed that Eddie and Jean never commented.

The game continued until everone was naked, Eddie also picked up an Ace so he and Jean kissed, she was kissing him really passionately and it wasn't long before Eddie had an erection and I was right he was well blessed, when they finished kissing Jean spotted his erection, she laughed, briefly grabbed hold of it and said this is beautiful!

Anna said to us all shall we carry on playing?

Jean asked what should we play now?

Anna replied 'forfiets', its similar to the last game, if you pick up a Jack you kiss and touch your partner for one minute, if you pick up a Queen you kiss and touch for two minutes and three minutes for a King.

Jean said what about the Ace, Anna relied that this was called the ultimate card.

Jean asked what that meant.

Anna said if we all agree of course, picking an Ace up means you have full sex with your partner - that means you Jean with Eddie and me with Jon.

I'm okay with that Jean said (I nearly fell off the bed) but what does Eddie and Jon think, we both quickly agreed.

Jean then asked Anna if we would have sex in front of each other, Anna said that not if you don't want to, we can split up, you and Eddie in one room and Jon and I in the other.

Jean then surprised me again; she said instead of playing cards why don't we split up now and have sex, Anna replied that she was okay with that and she didn't think the men would object.

Jean then said she was on the pill so Eddie wouldn't have to use a condom, Anna said she was on the pill also, then Jean shocked me again, she said shall I spend the night with Eddie and Jon with Anna?

We all agreed so Eddie and Jean dressed, picked up some drink and went off to mine and Jeans room.

As soon as they had gone Anna told me that she and Eddie had planned it all earlier, she had to get Eddies agreement first and he was all for swapping