Written by Rob the Taxi

9 Dec 2006

I was working the hack rank and went to a big leisure centre in west herts, a woman got in and said where she wanted to go - I said thats a long ride can you pay for it, she said yes and gave me the money there and then, as is usual I had a chat, and she said she had been let down by this guy, I said sort of never mind, she said I was looking forward to a bloody good fuck tonight, I jokingly said well I will do my best - are you up for it then she said - too true I answered, well we pulled over into a long lay by and got in the back, she was some tasty bit, and I played with her gash and sucked her nipples till they were real poking forward- she had my cock in her hand and knew how to please, I was just ready to get my cock in her, when she said lets get home first, so we went, and she showed me the route, once there we went straight upstairs and in minutes we were naked in bed, she was up for everything to me that I always dreampt about, oral, anal and a slow deep fucking, I had her for an hour and a half before I went back to my cab, well in life that luck only comes once, but in the past 8 weeks she has twice booked me to take her home, and each time she gave me her "tip" a lot of the drivers won't do long out of towners as they earn more on locals, they do not know I look forward to this passenger, who has said she may bring her mate with her next time, but I would have to stay the night, well I am single and the cabs mine, so no problem, I am getting a hard on just thinking of it