Written by Dan

7 Sep 2005

We have quite a large house. We brought it from an artist who was never going to make the grade but had indulged himself by building a studio in the garden. Since my wife and I have no artistic ambitions of our own, we did the obvious thing and let it out. It has a kitchen, shower room and toilet, a small bedroom and a lounge, so we had no difficulty in finding tenants. Over the passed few years we’ve had tenants of just about all descriptions. Career girls; lawyers, TV producers. Men, usually who had just got divorced and needed somewhere to bring their children on the weekends when they had the right of access – very sad cases these as it was apparent that the children, often no more than 5 or 6 years old; and sometimes younger, didn’t understand what was happening between their parents.

For the last couple of years, we had an Irish lady who had just been widowed and was setting out again on her own and then currently we have had a young man, around 30 – that’s young to a 65 year old! – who as far as we are concerned is ideal. Quiet, keeps the studio neat and clean and has very few complaints. At first appearance, he looks as if he is a very modern man; you know, tattoos all over his arms. However, it wasn’t until my wife has been away for several weeks, that I have began to get to know him better. Unfortunately, he must be one of the more uninteresting people I have met! Works as a printer, goes to pubs to hear local groups and has a girlfriend. I met her when he first moved in but until this past few weeks, I hadn’t seen much of her.

I saw Paul, the tenant, just before the August Bank holiday and casually asked him if he was planning to do anything. “No, my girlfriend wanted me to drive down to Weston Super Mare but it was going to be heavy traffic and she wanted her mother to come with us, so I said no.” – you begin to get some indication of how uninteresting this man is!

Anyhow, yesterday evening, I was ‘pottering’ round the garden when I saw the girlfriend going into the studio and thought to myself, ‘Lucky bastard’. But it was only about 15 minutes later when I saw her coming out again.

As she passed me, I said something like, “That was quick.” She almost snarled at me. “Paul has never done anything quick in his life.”

“Oh dear, is there anything wrong?” stupid question because it was obvious that the girl was very upset. I thought she was going to burst into tears but she controlled herself.

“Why don’t you come into the house, have a cup of tea or coffee or something stronger if you’d prefer it and tell me what the problem is?”

Quite understandably, she hesitated for a minute but then nodded an ‘OK’ and we went into the main house.

I admit, that it was only when we were in the house did I get my first real look at her. She wasn’t bad looking; nice face with quite long, light-brown hair. Not a bad figure, it looked as if her breasts were about 36C. Neat little waist and legs which, while a bit thicker than I like, weren’t bad at all. I guess she was in her late twenties.

“What would you like to drink?’

“Have you got any white wine?”

My wife drinks white wine and I had quite a nice Chablis open. I poured her a glass and she drank it down in about two swallows!

I topped-up her glass and sat down beside her.

“Why don’t you tell me what’s the matter?”

“Oh, you don’t want to hear about me and Paul.”

“Try me.”

OK, you asked for it but I guarantee you’ll be bored out of your mind.”

She took another swig from her glass.

“I’ve been going out with Paul for almost five years now. I admit, that I’d like to move in with him but I suspect that this was one of the reasons that he chose your place because it only has room for a single bed. Even worse, he only wants to make love every ten days or so. I’ve told him that doesn’t satisfy me but he only shrugs and says, ‘Well, it satisfies me.’ I know that I ought to find someone else but I suppose, I’m lazy and don’t make the effort.”

“So what was the problem this evening?”

“Oh, typical Paul. I’d been away for the weekend with my mother and this evening was the first time I’ve seen him since last Thursday. I thought we would have an evening of making love but he said he was on early shift in the morning and he didn’t want to be tired! I’m afraid that was just too much for me and I left”

“So, what are you going to do now?”

“God knows. I suppose I’ll just have to go home and play with myself.”

“We could always play together.”

Her face was a picture of astonishment and she burst out. “But you’re an old man.”

“I’m afraid that’s true but I still play quite well.” I smiled as I said this and she, slightly hesitantly, smiled back.

I leant towards her and gave her a very gentle kiss on the cheek. She turned her head towards me and gave me a kiss full on the mouth. I put an arm round her shoulder and, almost automatically, my other hand caressed her breast. I could almost feel her mentally hesitate, as if wondering if she really wanted to do this but then, mind made up, she kissed me and I felt her tongue poke into my mouth and her hand pressed mine tightly on her breast. It’s curious, isn’t it? that moment a woman makes it clear to you that she’s willing to let you fuck her. Certainly, her body language was as clear as if she’d shouted ‘fuck me’.

I pulled her tee shirt off and she undid her bra. Her breasts were better than I had expected. They dropped less than an inch and she had the most beautiful, very light, pink nipples. These proudly jutted out and I felt her take in a deep breath as I explored first one, then the other, with my tongue. She pressed my head against her and I sucked one of her breasts almost entirely into my mouth.

She was wearing trousers that I fumbled to release. She helped me and I pulled them, and her panties, down and off. I knelt and gently parted her legs. Her cunt was unshaven. Kissing the insides of her legs, I rapidly worked my way up towards it. As my tongue worked its way through her bush, it touched the slowly opening lips of her cunt. She parted her legs opened and raised them up beside her body. Her cunt opened to my tongue and her hand pulled my head firmly into her. It only took a few pokes and twists of my tongue for her to scream out and her cunt was running in juices.

I stood up and undid my trousers. I don’t need to tell you that I had a very hard erection. Now, I am not the best equipped man but when you are making love to a girl who hasn’t been fucked for at least two weeks and has only had it every fortnight or so, unless her boyfriend was huge, she isn’t really likely to notice. Now I wish I could tell you that she gave me a blowjob. The truth was that she was so excited that she just pulled me on to and into her. I’m afraid, I came almost at once but, luckily, I kept reasonably hard; which was just as well. She was explosive and kept me inside her for what seemed like hours – in fact; I think it was about five minutes. She had a spectacular climax. I thought I had experienced everything but this girl’s cunt was something else. It almost rhythmically gripped my cock and I felt it suck me further in. It was a wonderful feeling. Unbelievably I, who haven’t come more than once for, God knows, how many years found myself ejaculating in her again.

When we got our breath back, she told me that she had never had anything approaching an orgasm like that before and, as for Paul, he didn’t even think of going down on her. He just fucked her with little, if any, foreplay.

We had a shower together. This time she did go down on me but, while it was very pleasant, I admit that age caught up on me and I could deliver only the tiniest amount of sperm into her mouth.

We dressed. She had another glass of wine and left.

It had been a superb evening but my concern is that, either my wife or Paul, or worse still, both, are going to find out and what the fuck is going to happen then?

A last thought; I never asked her what her name was!