Written by Mandy & Stew

8 Aug 2003

.....It was a tuesday evening and Mandy made the call to Mike, telling him she had a problem with the car as expected he said he was swamped, but she begged and pleaded and agreed to take it round at 9 the next morning.......Mandy came off the phone with a big grin on her face......I asked her what did he say....Yes he can fit me in but I owe him Big time!!...What did you say back..... Mandy went a lttle red and said she had said to him....What would you like, which he replied......You in stockings and suspenders would be nice...I said what did you say.......She said...she laughed and said he wouldnt be able to cope...and said she would be round at 9am. It was 8.30am Weds morning we had both taken the day off. I took her up a cup of tea to come face to face with fastening her stockings. She looked magnificent so Sexy...In black Nylon see through bra and Knickers and sheer black stockings with just below the knee high heel boots on. She put on long black wrap round skirt and matching low cut black blouse. With her figure and colouring she looked fantastic...Many Set off......2and half hours later she returned.

Red faced Glowing but with a huge smile. She handed me the dictaphone and camcorder and said she was going shopping and to call he when I was ready.

I got myself a drink and sat down, putting the video on first, I was surprised at the quality as you could see very well. It started with Mandy placing it carefully in the bag and then i could see and hear as she climbed out of the car and called at Mikes. (Mike worked from home and had a large garage with a clear plastic corrugagted roof on the side of his house.) Mike answered although i could not see him i could hear him. Mike told her he would open the garage doors and for her to drive the car straight in. As she drove into the garage the light from the roof and the artificial light made the camera vision really clear, just a little hazy from the mesh. Mandy climbed out and obviously flashed a little leg as i heard Mike say Bloody Hell its a bit early for that"...Mandy laughed and then went into twhat was wrong with the car, the thing was she was not lying as it had been playing up.. for the next 30 minutes Mike tinkered with the car, Mandy had placed her bag on a work ench across from where she sat on an old armchair, as she chatted to him i could see mike come into picture everynow and then and then disappear. But i could see Mandy clearly sat with her legs crossed looking very very sexy....As i sat ion my chair watching this video i was shaking with excitment, for Mike must be getting a lovely view of Mandys Cleavage as he walked by and everynow and then she would let the skirt slip showing a little bit of Boot come stocking and one time there was even a little stocking top on show.They chatted innocently and at one point when Mike had disappeared for some part, Mandy undo her top button and flashed the camera by opening and closing her legs. My cock was now to full attention.30 minutes later Mike said all done, Mandy was very thankful and asked him what she owed him. He said a Fiver....A fiver..Really...you are too kind. Mike said he knew but was a sucker for a pretty face. He said But you still owe me, Mandy said you keep saying that, Oh yes it was a bit of Stocking and Suspenders wasn't it. Mike said The Chance would be a fine thing, but I live in hope. Mandy then walked into clear camera vision and said Mike if thats what you want thats what you can have, with that she pulled at her skirt which just dropped to the floor. Mandy Looked absolutely outstanding, as i saw Mike come into vision stated the very same thoughts. Mandy then told him to sit in the chair which he done instantly, Mandy then preceeded to unbutton her blouse, she was stood sideways to the camera and Mike was face on . Off came her blouse and she turned to the camera and shook her tush at Mike she the went up to him and said will that be ok. With that he said No, I think a little more would be a lot better....... I always said you were a honry Bitch.....With that he said dance for me and clicked his tape player....as he sat back down, Mandy started gyrate, which to see was just fucking horny..... I could then see Mike on his mobile....... saying Tom get round here now and get hold of Ian...You wont believe what i've got for you......