Written by snowman

14 Mar 2013

I suppose that it serves me right, trying to impress and being caught out !

Over the years I have on occasion spent some time dressed in my wifes clothes, of course she is unaware, usually when she is out for the day. We still have a very good relationship sexually and generally. Its just that sometimes I quite like to pop some of her clothes on, usually have a wank and then back to normal.

We moved recently, and we spend a lot of time out of the UK, so being fairly good with computers; I thought an IP camera for security would be good. It took days to get it sorted, but eventually I did, and as our neighbours who are a bit older than us, also spent time away I thought I would show them. Actually it was the wife Dawn, who I showed she was more computer savvy.

She was impressed, and asked if I could sort one for her.

Several weeks went by, I did get hold of an internet camera for them and I called round one day to fix it up.

All went well, it worked and she was pleased. After a coffee out of the blue, she mentioned that of course you could record what was transmitted from the cameras; and that she had experimented, would I like to see. I said fine and she loaded up some video on her laptop.

My god it was me, in our hallway and not only that I was wearing junes skirt and jumper and you could easily see stocking tops, she is a size 10, I am not, it looked ludicrous everything so tight and ill fitting.

The video lasted about 2 minutes, it seemed like an hour. Dawn and her husband John just grinned.

I spluttered something I cant recall what.

Dawn just matter of factly said she thought that I could do better and that she would insist that I did.

She asked if June was in, as it happened she had gone to see a friend for the day; so the next second we were in our bedroom, and Dawn was going carefully through all of Junes clothes, her dresses , skirts, her underwear drawers, it was both weird and erotic at the same time, seeing her handle Junes panties,suspender belts etc.

Dawn finally said that as June was a 10, nothing was really any use and we were to go back to her house. I wasnt keen but Dawn made it clear that there I really didnt haveany choice.

John her husband was happily watching TV, as we trooped upstairs into her spare room.

There over the next half hour, Dawn got together a selection of her older clothes.

A tan skirt suit,elastic waist of course, sleeveless jumper top, dark tan stockings, a bra that was lets say substantial with full cups, a large pair of white nylon knickers, and an old girdle the type that just pulls up, it had six thick metal suspender straps.

She simply said to pop those on and come downstairs. She left he room, my mind was racing. I took some time but then thought no, no way.

I went downstairs and when leaving said to her and I suppose John, forget it, not a chance, dowhat you want. She didnt respond just smiled. I did make it back to our house. Had a coffee and thought about things.

About an hour later, the laptop told me an email had arrived, you can guess, it was a still image of me in the hall, with a link to facebook, but not linked yet.

What could I do, I felt totally vulnerable, my wife, daughters and friends couldnt know.

So within 5 minutes I was back at dawns house, crestfallen.

She just said pop down when you are ready. I trudged upstairs, and slowly dressed myself in dawns hand me downs. She had even left out some open mules that just about fitted my feet. The girdle was incredibly tight, the stockings were short and the suspender straps fully stretched, everything seemed at bursting point.

Dawn however seemed satisfied, as she returned and to my concern, collected up my clothes.

It was the that she pointed out the camera that I had set up for her, which she clearlyhad moved into the bedroom !!!