Written by James

18 Apr 2006

Continued from 'The Wedding' 12/04/06

We had drifted off to sleep with my new bride between me and our Registrar – and I when I woke the two women were gently hugging and kissing – Nina’s hand was stroking Sarah’s bum and I could see Sarah hand fondling one of Nina’s breasts. I quietly went to the bathroom, and when I got back Sarah had turned head to toe so that they could suck and lick each other’s pussies. There was no place for me in this gentle lovemaking, but it was very nice to sit, watch and stroke my hard cock as they played together. After a while, typical bloke, my thoughts turned to breakfast, and I went through to the sitting room and ordered room service for us. The girls were happy playing, and I left them to enjoy each other, knowing that my turn would come. The waiter who brought the breakfast was one of the guys that had looked after our wedding party the day before, a really nice Frenchman, very good looking and very obviously gay. We chatted and he asked how married life ‘suited me’ – with a smile – and I said it had been pretty good so far – he said ‘she is very pretty, your wife’, and I had to agree. I thanked him for his comments, and then put a finger to my lips to indicate that he should be quiet. I beckoned him over to the door to the bedroom, and he smiled broadly when he saw yesterday’s bride and another woman naked together in a 69, busily eating each other out. Then it dawned on him who the other woman was and he nearly fell over – I thought he was going to burst out laughing, but he hurriedly left the room with a big grin on his face.

Ten minutes later there was a tap at the door, and I thought it would be Pascal back for the room service trolley, but instead it was Andy, the other waiter who had served us at our wedding lunch. He had obviously been told what was happening, and was dying to be allowed to look. Andy was a tall, good-looking, fit guy, with blond curly hair and blue eyes – and definitely not gay at all. I beckoned him over to where he could see the women, and he stood transfixed as the to naked bodies writhed on the bed together. We watched for a few minutes, and my cock was stiff as hell, so I guessed Andy’s was too. Nina saw me standing in the doorway, and didn’t seem to see Andy, but she called me across and said, ‘please, I need a cock in me’, and made a little comment to Sarah ‘is that ok – I really need a fuck’. Sarah replied ‘of course, go ahead, I’ll have plenty later on’. I dropped my bathrobe and climbed onto the bed, not really caring that Andy was watching. Nina made a grab for my hard length, and just opened her legs, pulling my cock towards her pussy. ‘Just fuck me anyhow you want to – is like this ok or do you want me on top?’ she asked. ‘Probably better if you’re on top’ I replied, ‘you can make it feel right for you that way’. I lay back on the bed, next to my new wife, turning my head to give her a kiss. My rigid pole was sticking up like a lighthouse, and Nina deftly straddled me and slipped her wet pussy over it in one swift movement. She started to ride me, and I was still kissing Sarah, ‘good morning Mrs B’ I said, and she smiled at my use of her married name. Nina was well away now, working herself on my cock and rubbing her clit quite hard, her juices running down my length. I smiled at Sarah and whispered ‘we’re being watched – that nice waiter from yesterday has brought our breakfast and he’s watching from the sitting room’. It took her a moment or two to take it in, but then she quickly jumped from the bed and went straight to the door. Andy was embarrassed at being caught, and worse still, being caught wanking - but she dragged him into the bedroom with his hard cock still sticking out of his flies. Sarah, still naked, pulled him towards the bed then dropped to her knees and took his cock between her lips. Andy was startled but in heaven, and I was confused by having to watch my new wife sucking another man’s cock and also having to keep a rhythm going as Nina bobbed up and down on my cock. Andy looked at me, and I smiled and nodded to him, which was all he needed. He started to fuck Sarah’s face, and she was really enjoying it, her breasts swaying as he pushed his length into her mouth. Sarah then put a hand around his shaft and, keeping her mouth around the fat end of his cock, she wanked Andy firmly and quite fast – no way could he hold back and he groaned as he came in her mouth. She swallowed some but a bit spilt down her chin, and wiping her face with the back of her hand like a slut, she dragged Andy to the bed. ‘Now, quick, fuck me’ she ordered ‘get it in me before it goes soft’. My new wife positioned herself on the edge of the bed, her face just by my hips, where Nina was still riding me and now having almost continuous orgasms. Sarah’s upturned bum was just the right height for Andy as he stood by the bed, and he quickly slipped his rigid tool into her soaking pussy. So much for marital fidelity –this bride had been married less than a day and been fucked by two men and a woman with a strap-on – but then at least one of the men was her new husband!

I was holding Nina’s breasts for her, to stop them swaying too much as she moved and as I squeezed her swollen nipples she came again, her face and chest now bright pink from the stream of climaxes she was having from my cock and from her rubbing her own clit. She collapsed on the bed beside me and laughed when she saw Sarah’s face screwed up in pleasure from being fucked. She lay back and relaxed for a moment, then ‘Please, do me missionary, will you, I want you to fill my pussy’, she asked. I positioned myself between her legs and Sarah was staring straight at the end of my cock, just in front of her face, as I pushed into Nina’s waiting cunt. My wife told me afterwards she had found it unbelievably sexy to watch Nina’s wet and puffy cunt lips wrap themselves around my cock as I entered her – she said they seemed to hold my cock in, and curl around it to keep it from escaping!

It may have been this sight, or just the steady fucking Sarah was receiving from Andy, but within seconds I heard my wife scream with pleasure as she came – and as she opened her mouth I saw more than a trace of white come still in her mouth – I realised she was keeping it and savouring the taste while the man who had given it to her was fucking her.

That tipped me over the edge, and I pumped a big load of come right up Nina’s cunt – spurt after spurt till it hurt my balls. Nina pulled me down on top of her, pressing my face to her breasts and squeezing her cunt muscles around my cock, milking me dry. ‘God I hope you make me pregnant’ she whispered in my ear, and I felt an extra squeeze grip my cock like a vice. I hadn’t even considered protection, and it was too late now!

I heard Andy start to moan again, and his pace quickened – Sarah was bouncing around from the force of his fucking and I could hear the slap of his body contact with her firm round bottom. Andy looked as if he was about to explode in her, but I saw him put his thumb into his mouth to wet it, and then push it against my wife’s smaller hole, something she loves. As he eased it into her pink rosebud entrance, she cried out and shook her head, her face flushed and she started to come, but Andy was right there and cried out as he blasted his come into her. This really got to Sarah, she came like I had never seen before, it lasted ages before she collapsed forward onto the bed. Nina immediately moved to hug Sarah and hold her close while she came down, stroking her face and gently kissing her eyes and face in a very loving way.

I smiled at Andy and thanked him for doing a great job – and he said that he had to leave before his absence was noticed. I told him to leave his phone number on the jotter by the phone – and while he got dressed, Sarah managed to recover enough to show him to the door, giving him a big kiss as a thank-you.

When Sarah returned to us, I was lying back with my head on the pillows, and Nina was already sucking my cock back to life. Sarah jumped on the bed beside me and said ‘thank you, darling, that was a lovely wedding present and he’s left us his mobile number, so perhaps?’ her voice trailed off in a questioning way – ‘Of course,’ I said, ‘if you want him again I’ll invite him and see what he says. I think he enjoyed himself though’. ‘Not as much as I did’, she replied, and she climbed over me straddling my face and lowered her messy pussy onto my mouth, just as Nina climbed astride my cock and brought her hands round to massage Sarah’s breasts – and as I licked and nibbled her clit I tasted another man’s come in my new wife’s pussy.

We met with Andy again a couple of weeks later, and Sarah had a wonderful night with two men looking after her every need, then he joined us with Nina, Henry and Natalie for a weekend in their country house – a wild time and great fun. Then the news came – Nina was pregnant from our wedding night. Well this was unexpected to say the least, and Sarah and I were a little worried when she said she would like to keep the baby - I was to be a father, but my new wife was not the mother. Sarah said she was very happy for Nina and so the weeks passed. Nina came to stay with us a few times, but had morning sickness and wasn’t feeling very sexy, though she did spend a lot of time with Sarah. When the sickness wore off she became rampant again, very sexy but not wanting to join us. The reason became clear - she had a regular boyfriend, which was a bit surprising in view of her pregnancy, and she was very secretive about him. By the time she was 6 months gone her bump was really beginning to show, and eventually we arranged dinner with her and her new man. We were already at the table in the restaurant when Nina joined us with Andy, what a surprise! And yes, he was happy about her baby.

Now, twelve months on, we’re very good friends and I have a lovely daughter Katie, and although Nina is more into babies than sex, she’s happy for Andy to join Sarah and me, so my wife still gets his big cock to play with. She’s developed a liking for dp, and Andy likes anal with her, so he and I try to keep her happy. Nina wants another baby, this time with Andy, and I hope the arrangement lasts.