Written by John

30 Nov 2006

Jane has been telling me of her exploits when out of the country with three male work-colleagues. The deal was that she could do what she wanted as long as she told me everything. She is doing so, with bells (or should that be knobs?) on.

In her narrative she has just rolled apart from Heidi after her first ever girl-on-girl action. The five men in the room have been waiting, playing with themselves, and enjoying the show. Now it was their turn.

She was quickly being attended to by the driver, who lost no time in taking her in the missionary position, his seven inches slipping in easily as she was juicy from the spunk deposited in her whist she was on top of Heidi in the 69 position and was taken from behind by one of the men. He shafted her gently for a minute, playing with her lovely large tits, then rolled them both over until Jane was on top. Jane drew her knees up and raised her body on her arms in order to give the driver a woman-on-top fuck and her speciality tit-thrash around his face. He sucked, chewed and slobbered over her tits and protuberant nipples. She noticed that Heidi was now receiving the benefit of the accountant’s massive cock while she was sucking the circumcised cock of a Dutchman. Heidi’s husband moved into position in front of Jane’s face and was quickly being sucked and wanked by her.

She was losing herself in all this activity when she felt something cold on her anus, a lubricant, swiftly followed by a finger being inserted. This was withdrawn after a few seconds, to be replaced by the tip of a prick trying to force its way into her arse-hole. She adjusted her position to assist, and with the help of the lubricant the penis slipped in, deeper and deeper into her rectum with each thrust. (At this point I felt a pang of jealousy. Jane had never let me do this to her, and never really wanted me to slip a finger in there. But I was too turned on by her story to complain.) Although the prick she was sucking prevented her turning her face to see, this had to be her boss with his modest six inches taking advantage of her exposure. After the initial surprise and discomfort, she quickly found it very exciting, and with three pricks inside her body she came again. The pricks kept pounding through her orgasm, then the boss, who was in the tightest hole, came into her colon. His cock slipped out and she was once again free to move her cunt about on the driver’s tool which soon had him coming into her. And then the Dutchman, who had been wanking himself into her mouth because she needed two hands to steady herself when she was being taken up the arse, and then attending to the drivers needs, started to come, He let go of his cock and thrust it deeper into her mouth, gushing his spunk onto her tonsils, and she swallowed every drop.

She lay there oozing semen while everyone recovered. They had a drink, the girls took a shower together soaping each other everywhere it was possible to get soap, then the men had the girls again, after which it was time for the Dutch to go. The driver could take no more and in any case had to be able to drive the next day. Jane spent the rest of the night in bed with the boss and the accountant, but could remember no particular details; just standard fuck and suck sessions through the night..

The next morning there was time for a screw from each of the men, then back to her room, pack and leave for home. Jane used the journey to catch up on some sleep

I was astounded by all that she had told me. Other than some swinging with both of us present in the room she had never even played away from home before, and yet with just a word from me she was happy to play the slut with as many men as she could manage. And yet…. I had the strangest sensations; a mixture of jealousy and sexual excitement, thinking of her showing herself to and being the plaything of all these men, and even a woman, and me totally unable to prevent any of it. It was all so sexy

We talked about that. She swears to me that it has only enhanced what she feels for me, and I certainly still want her. Then she told me that she’s already invited the three men to our house next Saturday afternoon for a “meal”, emphasising that I would be there She will wear the white dress that the boss bought her in Amsterdam, but will not bother with any underwear. She’s also suggested that the two of us take a trip to Amsterdam before too long, so that she can make use of her free membership of the sex club. She has Heidi’s number to get them along as well – she knows that I will like Heidi. But she’s also asked if I mind her going it alone again, from time to time, on the same terms – that she tells me all. I agreed to that.

But by now my prick was aching from an erection that had been there for some time, and I could wait no longer. I went to move onto her, but she stopped me, turned face down on the bed and raised herself onto her hands and knees. She reached over to the bedside cabinet, opened a drawer and took out the tube of KY Gel. Handing it to me, she said “Do me in the arse-hole this time, please, darling.”

I don’t know what I’ve started, but I’m glad that I have!