Written by hubby

28 Jun 2006

Both me and the wife had been invited to dinner at one of her work collegues. We got there at about 8 and to be honest i was looking forward to it about as much as having my arse stitched up, but nonetheless i had agreed to go so i smiled at our host as she opened the door and in we went. There was only three places set at the table which i thought was odd because i was told there would be about 6 of us. Our host Jane then explained that the others couldnt make it so we where on our own, the meal went well and we sat down after for some drinks. My wife not being the best drinker succomed quite early and after about two bottles of wine between us she fell asleep. Jane was waring slightly better and seemed to be letting her self go a bit. We chatted and the talk got around to partners and she started with the old routine of i will never meet the right man, sensing an oppertunity i steered the talk around to sex, preferences etc, i noticed she was getting a little figigty and she seemed to be enjoying the conversation.As she sat there she opened her legs slightly and i caught a glimpse of her stockinged thighs, she caught me looking and opened them a bit more to reveal a rather wet looking brazilian style pussy. I could feel my hard on bulging in my pants and she could see it. to my surprise she reached over and rubbed my cock through my pants she stood up and beckoned for me to follow her i looked over at my wife who seemed to be unconcious and from experience it would be a couple of hours at least before she would awake, so i followed her up to her room by the time we got there she had completly removed her skirt revealing her stunning legs and her heavenly pussy as she removed her top i seem for the first time her glorious breasts and i finally decided that i had reached heaven. She pushed me down onto the bed and removed my clothes she then took my cock in her mouth and began to give it a good sucking she was well practised in the art of blow job and i did all i could do to stop myself blowing my load in her mouth she began to lick and suck my balls whilst she toyed with her own clit she the slipped herself around and moved us into the classic 69 i was in heaven and her pussy was the wettest i have ever tasted as i tongued her clit she started to come in gushes over my face and looking up over her lovely arse i seen her arch her back and dump another load of come over my tongue my cock was like granite and i could feel it being sucked but i could still see her head. She climbed off me to reveal my wife sucking me off. they then took turns until i blew my load over there tits and faces they then proceded to lick the cum off each other. They then climbed on the bed together and started to 69 each other my cock quickly became hard and i moved into position behind jane and slipped my cock into her pussy as my licked and sucked my balls and fingered her clit i hammered away until i was ready to blow again i moved my cock just to the entrance of janes hole and fired it in and all over it i then watched my wife lick her pussy clean. I then had to do as i was ordered the same to my wife my cock ached as i drove into her and we eventually colapsed on the bed together at about 3 in the morning 5 hours of top notch screwing. When i woke in the morning they where both missing, I found them in the shower together. I watched and wanked my self into a frensy, before going we had one last fuck then on the way home the wife asked me if i enjoyed my little gift. "what" i said apparently her and jane decided to set me up during lunch one day but i will tell you about that next time