Written by Mike

9 Mar 2018

Having been to see Mike on several occasions for the Swedish massage and knowing that I could trust him implicitly I had little hesitation in booking a sensual massage with him when he told me that it was a new service that he was providing.

Mike visited me at my home on this occasion and arrived punctually with his table ,oils, towels and music and even candles. He set up his equipment whilst I removed my clothes with the exception of my panties... I lay face down on the bed and after he had warmed the oil be began to work on the back of my body... starting at my feet and ankles. He worked his way up my legs separating them slight to massage the inside of my thighs... I wondered if this would be when he would start the sensual part of the massage, but no... apart from one slide of an oily finger over my pussy lips he carried on with a massage of my bum...it was very arousing although he had touched no part of my genitals after the one gentle stroke. I felt my pussy become damp.

He worked his way up my back taking in every part in his strong hands, up to my neck and shoulders which he massaged with gentle strength and then up to my head... I was truly relaxed and very aroused and when he asked me to turn over I was more than happy to do so. Lying on my back now Mike began once more at my feet, working his way up via my calves and thighs, when he reached my panties he deftly removed them. He must have been able to see that, by now, I was aroused and my clitoris standing out looking for attention.

He massaged my stomach up over my waist to my breasts...he massaged each individually paying great attention to my nipples. I was getting very eager for him to touch my pussy but there was no rush for Mike. Working his way back down my oiled body he reached for and touched my pussy... firstly stroking gently over my pussy lips..spreading my wetness..and then paying great attention to my clitoris he began the sensual massage.

Slipping a finger from one hand inside my hot wet pussy to massage my g spot he continued to massage my clitoris.... WOW... I have to admit that this really worked for me, as my orgasm was building he sensed this and left my pussy to go back to massaging my breasts and nipples.

He returned his hands to my pussy and slipping two fingers inside and stretching it open he worked on my clitoris again.... gradually I began to build to an orgasm again... feeling myself pushing upward towards his hands I thought that this would be the moment..but no Mike moved back to my breasts leaving my body on the edge of an orgasm..... after a moment working on my breast he moved back to my pussy and using both hands gently but firmly worked on giving me the orgasm... one, two, three fingers from one hand working inside my pussy the other hand rubbing and teasing my clitoris and pussy lips.... the orgasm that Mike gave to me was just incredible... I reached for his hard cock and gently stroked it wanting to feel its hardness gently throbbing ….. I turned my body to him and wrapped my legs round his body pulling his hardness into me in one thrust he was buried deep inside me..

I felt him start to move slowly thrusting deep into my wet pussy…I locked my legs round his body as I didn’t want to lose the exquisite feelings he was giving me…I came again this time clamping on his cock and Mike gasped, I could feel him getting harder and I whispered “cum inside me please!” and then it hit…..I felt his cock spasm and hot jets of cum hit the walls of my pussy and I can again…feeling the mass of cum mixed with my own pussy juice leaking out and coating our bodies