Written by David

6 Jul 2005

He looks so young, well he is nineteen and we are in our fifties. His name is Mike and he lives two houses down from us.Jane, my wife, made friends with him when he helped her to the car with the shopping and she gave him a lift home.Over the next few weeks they had several conversations which she relayed to me.He was studying at the local uni' and didn't go out much in the evenings, He didn't seem to have many frienss and hadn' t had much to do with girls. Jane found this hard to believe because he was by no means unatractive. after a few weeks we put our proposal to him and he didn't seem phased by it.I am not able to fully satisfy all of Jane's sexual needs as, due to recent illness,I am no longer able to get an erection and even vagra hasn't helped. This leaves both of us frustrated sexually.We asked him to spend some time with us at our house one evening.While there he could do anything, within reason, to satisfy Jne's needs, anything she asked or anything he could suggest.The only proviso was that I would be in the room too, I wouldn't take part in any way but I would watch and not interfear.His only hesitation was his inexperience with women but we assured him that Jane would lead the way.

When he arrived Jane was dressed in a tight yellow top and a short white skirt.I must explain that although Jane is fifty six she still has a fantastic body. Having never given birth,everything is still in the right place and has not sagged.She has very firm 34" breasts and little excess fat anywhere, in fact any red blooded man would really fancy her. Jane and Mike sat on a two seater soffa together while we had a couple of drinks and listened to some soft music to set the atmosphere. Mike kept looking Jane up and down and I don't think he could believe his luck. In the course of conversation Mike said that he didn't have any condoms with him and Jane assured him that he wouldn't need them as he couldn't make her pregnant and she had only ever had sex with me, apart from which she liked bare back ridding.

After a while Jane stood up in front of Mike,and lifting her shirt over her head, dropped it to the floor, revealing that she had no bra on. I thought Mikes eyes would pop out.She lened forward, resting her hands on the back of the soffa and their lips met in a passionate kiss.I could see that both had their mouths open so I could imagine the tongue ballet within.Mike lifted his hands and carressed Jane's tits and teased her nipples, he may not have experience but he knows exactly what to do.Jane stood up again and this time dropped her skirt to the floor revealing alovely pair of small pink lace panties, with a damp patch beginning to show in front. Mike put his arms aropund her and pulled her towards him with his hands on her bum he sank his tongue into the indentation of her navel. "Your turn now", Jane said as she pulled him to his feet and sat herself down. Mike stripped off his shirt and although he was very slim he had a very athletic body. Before he could go further, Jane feached up to his belt buckle and undid it and then his zip. His jeans fell around his ankles and, much to our suprise, he was wearing no underwear. His cock sprang out as it was realeased and it was quite a sight.It was about seven inches in length and although it wasn't very thick it stood out like a rod of iron.As he stood there with his hands resting on his buttocks, tall and thrusting forward his hips, it stood at a perfect fortyfive degrees from his body.It was only inches away from Janes face and her face was a picture, it looked like all her birthday presents had come at once.Her smile almost split her face in two, it wasn't as thick as mine but a good two inches longer and she hadn't seen a hard on like that for years, even when I was able to perform.She took it gently in her hands and slid back his foreskin to reveal the purple shiny head. She then turned him around and moved in front of him and knelled in the middle of the room, with Mike in front of her and his fantastic weapon pointing twards her, it was almost a posture of worship.Once more she moved her head forward and this time sucked his knob into her mouth. A look of shear extacy came over Mike's face and he reached down to play with her tits, this time pulling her nipples. This went on for a couple of minutes untill Mike got worked up and held the back of her head while he thrust in and out of her mouth. Jane wasn't having any of this and managed to pull away. She stood up and told him to sit on the soffa and keep still. She stood with her back towards him and then put her hands between her legs and I knew she was pulling her pussy lips apart. She started to move backwards between his legs and lowered herself onto his rampant cock. He was enjoying every move. I moved my position so that I could see his rod of iron disapearing into her body.She was soon sitting on his knee with the full length inside her while he once more played with her tits.He couldn't sit still any longer and he began to thrust his hips rhythmicaly. Soon he was standing behind her and I watched as his cock disapeared and reappeared. Suddenly Jane was shouting, "You're fucking me,Fuck me harder and deeper".This had the desired effect and Mike's movements became more frantic and I could hear their bodies slapping together and the squelch of her wet pussy as it welcomed this new intruder.Janes tits were now swinging free as Mike held her hips and slammed inside her.Suddenly Jane screamed again, "Fuck me, fuck me. fuck me", and I knew that she was reaching the orgasm of her life. I could also tell that Mikes load was being shot deeper inside Jane than mine had ever been.After this the stood locked together for a little while and then Mike pulled out. His cock was dripping with both of their juices and I could see cum dribbling down Janes thighs. The smell of sex was in the air and I think both of them had reached a heavenly extacy. They both licked each other clean, of course and mike was soon sporting his hard on again, but that was enough for one night and I know that they both didn't want to spoil it with a possible anti climax.

I know it will happen again and Jane has promised me that she would never do it without me being there so I look forward to the future !!!