Written by laurie driver

3 Feb 2006

Having just read "A day out in a car" reminded me of a time many years ago. I was a lorry driver, married and with a good sex live with the wife. I was driving back to Southampton via Bridport, just outside of town there was a small lay by with public toilets. I sat in the cab just watching people come and go and started to feel horny. I went into the toilets and sat in one of the cubicles and then heard someone next door. I was wanking, and noticed the guy in the next cuicle was playing with himself. He had the biggest cock i'd ever seen, the hole in the wall was big enough for him to get his cock through, I started to suck him off, he then took his cock out and came round to my cubicle.

I have never been so nervous in my life, he asked me if I had ever been fucked up the arse, I said "no", well you are going to now he said. He bent me over and put some vasiline on my hole and then slide his cock slowly into my arse. It felt fantastic, i never thought I could take that much, but I did, he started calling me a dirty poof and queer and I was loving it. He shot his load right up me, and the fucked off. I still had the biggest hard on I have ever had.

I was still in the end cubicle with a spunk filled arse, there was a hole into the ladies toilet and I was aware of a women in there. I looked through and she was fingering herself and showing me her dripping wet cunt, she then asked me to put my cock through the hole and gave me the best blowjob i've ever had, she swollowed every last bit.

A few months later I went back there with my wife to see if there was any action, but nothing.