Written by P

10 Nov 2005

I've been intrugued at the thought of spending a little time with an older gent since reading some adverts and stories on this website.

I placed an advert, and left it a few days. Basically I asked for older guys in the London area that were over 50, quite well endowed and horny, and could accomodate.

After a few days I received a reply from a 50something guy who lived near Russell Square in London. We chatted quite a bit on email about likes and dislikes, and he assured me I could just go round one afternoon after lectures and relax with him. I get of on the danger of meeting strangers, so apart from a mobile phone number, I had no more details.

I rang Paul when I got to Russell Square, and he sternly directed me to his 3rd storey flat. We had concluded I was naturally 'bottom' and he was an experienced 'top'. He had asked me to wear white boxers, and we agreed that we would not engage in small talk but that I would perform a little strip/dance for him on arriving.

I am mid-20s but with a body that is more like that of a 18 year old boy that has developed late. I have long slender legs and the sort of bum that sticks out - Paul called it a 'bubble-butt' - it has two dimples above it in the small of my back.

I am shaved very short pubes, and a cock slightly over 7", not hugely thick but medium girth I would say.

What followed was the most amazing thing ever. It was dark in Paul's flat, I was blindfolded and had some tights pulled over my head. Paul worked my butt with his tognue and fingers for over an hour. He had my cock bent downwards whilst I layed over an old padded armchair with my hands tied behind my back. I have never felt so excited or nervous, I was truly panting for at least 40mins.

Paul placed his cock at the entrance to my cute little bum...I will tell you what happened next in my next post, but I was with Paul for a further 2 hours and we didn't just watch television! !