Written by Freebard

9 Aug 2005

As we know breakfast is the quick meal that gives you fuel for the day. Often repetitive, always satisfying. So it was in the girls household. Small blonde Fay would wake up as to the sound of the radio news jingle with her arm across long legged brunette Julie's chest and start lazily playing with her nipples until they became erect.Julie would wake and move her hand slowly down to Fay's shaven bush and slip two fingers in and out rhythmically. Then, as Fay's moans grew louder she would move down under the duvet and start tongueing her swollen clit with fast strokes while keeping the two fingers moving in and out and rubbing her own clit. Meanwhile they could hear Auburn haired, big boobed Fran's grunts next door. Fran's alarm went off at the same time and she would lie on her side, tweak her nipples in turn, gather her duvet corner up into a ball and hump it, faster and faster in the technique she'd perfected from being four years old.

Fay moaned louder and louder. Julie had her mouth full and Fran's grunts got longer and lower, as they all, doing what they'd done hundreds of times before, came powerfully by the time the three minute news bulletin had finished.

Mechanical, predictable, but very satisfying, breakfast time.

Downstairs in their shiny, chrome kitchen they would smile slowly at each other, knowing they had had the best possible start for the day ahead.

Lunch time is very different for all of them, but has to be taken on the move. More of a snack.

Fay's shoulder length blonde hair swings as she walks down the high street, catching occasional glimpses of her mini skirted, black knee high booted reflection in shop windows. She wishes she has bigger boobs, but her pert 34 B chest means she can wear anything and look neat and trim. She heads into the lingerie shop, picks up a black bra and heads for the changing rooms. She's only got an hour and she wants some uplift. She lifts her vest top over her head, slips off her bra and tries on the new one. She rings the bell for the assistant and is surprised how young the fitter is when she walks through the dressing room curtains. She'd expected a mumsy woman with a tape measure round her neck. Instead a girl who couldn't have been any more than 18, with long black hair and bee stung lips smiled and asked how she could help. Fay said she wasn't sure if the fit of the bra she was trying on was right. The girl reached forward and adjusted the straps and then stood back. Fay felt her nipples harden as the girl's fingers brushed her skin. She swallowed. "I think that's okay, though it is sitting a bit low on your back" the girl said. Fay cleared her throat; "Tell you what, you're about the same height and build as me..would you mind awfully trying it on so I could see how it looks on you and get a better idea of how it looks on me, if you see what I mean?". "Err.." she saw the fitter hesistate, uncertainty on her face. "Oh, no it's alright.." "...no, no, that's fine" said the girl and pulled her white vest over the top of her head to reveal a see through black bra against tanned, toned skin. Fay swallowed again and unhooked the bra, somehow resisting the urge to rub her aching nipples which pointed straight outwards. The girl looked into Fay's eyes as she unhooked her own bra and her boobs, similar size to Fay's but with darker skin, bounced free. Her huge, pink nipples were unmistakenly pointing out too. Fay couldn't help staring. The girl kept her gaze steady and took the black bra and fastened it behind her. "Hmmm.." said Fay involuntarily. Then before she could stop herself she said "May I?" and put her hands inside the bra cups as if lifting the bra up. She could feel the hard nubs of the fitter's nipples against the back of her hand and slightly moved her hands up and down. The girl let out a low moan but didn't back away. Fay kept gently rubbing her hands up and down inside the bra cups. Then leaned forward and gently eased her tongue between the girl's lips. Her tongue met it and they kissed deeply. Emboldened by her response, Fay took her right hand out of the bra and eased it down the girl's skirt waistband, felt lacey knickers and slipped her fingers inside. Hot, wet. The girl was moaning louder now and Fay's expert fingers found her clit and rubbed rhythmically. She could see their reflections in the mirror, the girl swaying slightly as she worked on her from the front.

She gently removed her hands and found the zip on the girl's skirt and eased it down. The girl stood still, her eyes closed, and stepped out of the skirt. Fay kept looking in the mirror. The girl was naked apart from the bra and a black lace thong. Fay knelt down and splayed a hand over each smooth buttock. She nudged the thong aside with her tongue and took the girl's pink clit in her mouth and sucked gently. The girl thrust her hips towards Fay's mouth and began moving up and down. Fay was unbelievably turned on by the sight in the mirror and nearly came herself as the girl moaned, then let out a shudder that went through her whole body and slowly ground her pussy in Fay's face.

Fay looked at her watch. She couldn't believe it. Lunchtime was over and she'd only had a snack...

Part Two and more meals for the girls soon...