Written by Louise

29 Aug 2005

So...the girls all had breakfast and small blonde Fay's just eaten lunch with a teen bra fitter. What's auburn haired Fran with the 34 EE boobs planning on doing for hers? She's sat on a black leather swivel chair in a windowless, wood panelled office trying to sell coffee machines to uninterested customers on the phone while absent mindedly rubbing her nipples against the desk as she leans forward doodling on a pad.

She sighs and puts the phone down after another politely rebuffed call and turns round to see that the new bloke she's supposed to be training is watching her. She thought Tyler looked a bit like him who played Dennis in Eastenders and had told him so when he'd walked in that morning. He'd smiled shyly and said he'd been told that before. She realises what she must have been doing since she can feel her nipples still erect and tingling. They stand out against the thin material of her white blouse and she sees his gaze flick down towards them, then away. He smiles at her and asks; "So, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Err..no". Fran wonders how honest to be and decides he seems open enough; "I have two girlfriends..sort of".

"Oh?" Tyler can't help surprise showing in his raised eyebrows. "Well.." explains Fran "I answered an ad looking for open minded women to rent a room. It turned out that these women, Julie and Fay wanted another girl to join their flat share and..well... their bedroom share. They’re both gorgeous and I'd just split up with my boyfriend and wanted something different and so I thought I'd go for it. And I've never regretted it since. We're certainly never bored together...". She couldn't help smiling as a picture of the three of them naked and writhing on the living room rug together came into her mind. "My God, that's amazing!" said Tyler..."Wouldn't mind coming round to your house for dinner!". Fran glanced down and saw a noticeable bulge had appeared in Tyler's crotch. His eyes followed her gaze and he smiled that shy smile again. "So you're not into men any more?" He said, half hopefully. Fran smiled; “Not inside me...but I get very, very turned on when I can see that a man is turned on by me..”. “Oh, I am” said Tyler emphatically. “I’ve not been able to keep my eyes off your boobs all morning, and the way you were just rubbing yourself on the desk..it was all I could do not to go to the toilet and…”

"Play with yourself?" said Fran " Why don’t you do it now in front of me now?. The one thing I miss about being with a man is how they could show just how much they appreciated my tits". Slowly she started unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her huge boobs, spilling over a pink bra. She wheeled her chair over directly in front of Tyler's and nodded down at his crotch. Hesitantly at first, looking as if he couldn't believe what was happening, Tyler unzipped his jeans and an enormous erection strained out of his tight black underpants. He eased them down and took his cock in his hand and started moving his hand up and down the shaft. Fran could feel she was moist but only uncupped her boobs from the bra and started circling her huge nipples with her fingers, keeping her gaze fixed on Tyler's rapidly speeding up hand movements, while he stared transfixed at her boobs. He was panting and beads of sweat had broken out on his brow. When she could tell he was only seconds from coming she rapidly took her blouse and bra completely off and dropped to her knees in front of him, rubbing her hands across her chest. He understood what she meant and moved forward towards her, hand pumping furiously, until with a deep groan of satisfaction, he shot a warm, white stream onto her chest. She rubbed it across her boobs, enjoying the stickiness and and the sensation of her hands sliding across her now, very sensitive nipples. She had just reached down and buried one sticky hand inside her knickers and inched two fingers inside her moist pussy when both their phones rang at the same time and they both groaned.

Just time to wipe herself clean and get back to an afternoon's calls she thought. She was going to let her knickers stay soaking though. She knew that would get taken care of at tea time...

So Fran has had a lunchtime snack of sorts and managed to make a colleague very happy on his dinner hour. What about Julie? Will she manage to be the only flatmate to get a full lunch?

Julie's had to stay at home. She's a supply teacher and there's been no call for her to go in today. Sometimes on free days she gets alot done around the house. Other times though after giving both the girls a long kiss goodbye she stays in just her black chiffon knee length dressing gown and heads straight back to the bedroom. Usually she means to quickly relieve the tension that built up during the kisses, and get back to some housework. Sometimes though, like today, she never does get round it.

So, 12 o clock finds our Julie lying on the big double bed on her back with her chiffon dressing gown open, her long legs spread apart and her hand idly caressing her trimmed bush. Her opening is slick with her own juices, she used her fingers rubbing her clit to come twice earlier and has just woken from a satisfied sleep. She can feel desire stirring again, and gently teases two fingers over her clit…then notices the time on her bedside clock.

She leaves one hand between her parted, wet lips and with the other, lifts the receiver of the phone on her bedside table and presses one of the memory buttons;

“Laura? Are you on your break? I thought you would be. I’m lying here on my bed in just my dressing gown…yes, the black chiffon one…and I thought you might like to do what I’m doing…I was thinking about you..”

She began moving her fingers up and down, faster and faster, picturing Laura, in her college room several years ago, kneeling above her face, wearing just black, lace topped, hold up stockings.

Julie had been asleep and woke with a start, to see Laura, naked apart from the stockings, straddling her chest, her pussy, inches from her face. They’d snogged earlier in the evening at the freshers party, but Julie had thought it was just a drunken joke with her new fellow trainee teacher. Then, here she was, kneeling above her. Instinctively though, Julie had brought her head up, stuck out her tongue and started licking, savouring the musky taste she’d never tasted before but that seemed so familiar somehow. Laura had gasped and started rocking slightly. Julie, again instinctively, had put her arms up and held Laura’s hips and increased the pressure with her tongue and buried her face deeper into Laura’s pussy. Laura had started making small gasping cries rising to a crescendo, until she stopped still and let out a low moan. Julie had pulled her head away then and Laura had lain down beside her and they’d pressed their naked bodies together. Julie had loved the softness of another female body. But somehow they’d never got into a full relationship. There were always boyfriends coming and going. But once or twice a term for the rest of that year after parties, Julie would sometimes wake to find Laura kneeling above her in just black stockings and she’d wordlessly lick her until she came and then they’d fall asleep in each other’s arms. In the morning Laura would go back to her own room and nothing more would be said, although sometimes she’d laugh, half sheepishly and say “I was really, really drunk again last night”.

After they left college they’d occasionally ring each other to chat about old times and still never mentioned the few nights they spent together. One summer day though, Julie had answered the phone to Laura while sat on the settee wearing just a bikini after sunbathing. Already feeling horny, she started picturing what they used to do together, slipped her hand inside her bikini bottoms and begun playing with herself almost without thinking.

“You sound really breathless” Laura had said after a while.

Julie had hesitated and then said “actually, I got so turned on thinking about what we used to do, I’m fingering myself”

There’d been a pause and then, to Julie’s relief, rather than hanging up in horror, Laura had replied “Hmm, that makes me feel turned on too…I’m going to have to play with myself.”

Neither of them had said anything more, just stayed on the phone and heard each other getting more and more aroused until they came, nearly simultaneously. Now, it happened regularly.

Which is how Julie came to be looking for a lunchtime chat today;

“I’ve got a day off and I’m just remembering you in your stockings..hmmm…what am I doing? Well, my hand is in my pussy and I’m wishing it was your tongue…ooohhh, that feels nice….well, why don’t you find somewhere you could go? I’m sure you’ll be able to find an empty stock room somewhere during a lunchbreak….hmmm…oohh..yes…ring me back when you get there…”

Julie started squeezing her nipples in turn with her free hand, imagining Laura rushing off across from the staffroom, her long, curly, blonde hair flying as her toned, stockinged, legs broke into a run.

The phone rang, interrupting her memories and her rising excitement as her hand moved faster and faster. She reached out quickly and pressed the speakerphone key;

“Laura?” She asked, between short breaths.

“Hmmmm…I can hear you’re ahead of me…wait for me..I’m just..”

Julie could hear her familiar low groan, “I’ve got my dress up round my waist, my hand down my knickers and I just happened to have my vibrator in my handbag….I’ll just ,there….hmmm…that feels nice…”. Laura’s rhythmic panting amplified loud and clear through the phone speaker..

Julie’s fingers meanwhile were working in the same rhythm and her hips were bucking in time. She could hear her own panting, and Laura’s short gasping breaths speed up. Her pussy was so wet, her fingers were nearly sliding out. Laura’s breathing turned to low, staccato moans and Julie moaned in answer and felt a deep, intense warmth begin spreading between her legs, and then her muscles contracting, just as she heard Laura’s moans turn into a guttural groan, then;

“I’m coming, I’m coming”

at the same time as she let out a suppressed cry of her own.

“Whew” gasped Julie a minute later, still breathless “I’m glad I don’t have to go and teach double maths after that”.

“Hmmm..I wish I didn’t”. said Laura. “Think of me this afternoon”.

“Oh, I will. And thank you.” said Julie as she turned the speaker button off. She turned on her side with both hands between her legs, still bucking occasionally, until she went to sleep.

That’s how Fran found her later on. But not until teatime..and that’s another meal altogether…