Written by Wetnhorny

27 Jun 2006

So I was driving with a friend of mine, "John" down the beach, and he asked to stop and walk. So we pulled to the side and got out and began walking. After about 5 min we reached a some caves. The couriosity in me took over and I began to walk into them. It was so dark I could see absolutly nothing. John I called out but got no responce. At that time I was on me knees searching out a low spot. As I crawled out I felt something warm and hard against my face. Please john moaned as I lifted my hand up to measure it. He was nice, about 9 inches and thick. It wasnt long before I was wanking him off as hard as I could while trying to get myself off. All of a suddden a hand joined mine. can I join asked the stranger, and at this time i was so wetnhorny that all i could do was nod. so as his hand went to work i took johns big cock into my mouth. all of a sudden josh, wich i found out MUCh later, placed 3 fingers in me and i bit down on john. so as josh raped his hand around my waist and began letting his cock tease my willing pussy, john was fucking my mouth so hard my throat began to hurt. suddenly, as john was letting his sweet juice fill my mouth, josh thrust his entire 11 inches into me. it almost made me gag on what was spilling from john but i licked up every delicous drop. it was then that josh pulled out and said, lets both get in. all of a sudden i found myself on top of john as he thrust compleatly into me. as he slowly began to kiss me, i felt joshs hand playing with my cunt, gathering juices. so while one had one nipple and the other one the other, josh began lubing my arse. right as I felt john about to cum, he quite moving and josh plunged into me to the hilt. I had never felt anything so amazing. together we three worked out an increadble pace. i started yelling fuck me harder, please, i need it harder, a cock was thrust into my face. it was then that all three came, one in my sweet tight but wet pussy, the other my arse and the other my mouth. slowly the two in me pulled out and backed away. But the one in my mouth continued to pound my face, pumping his juices into me. no sooner then he pulled out of my mouth did he shove me on all fours on the sand and stuff his rod into my dripping pussy. as he slowly pounded me, i felt a mouth there also, lapping up my juices every time he pulled out. bending over he grabed my shoulders and pulled be back so hard to him I screamed. thata right scream for me, for you are going to get it hard. then he grabed my waist and started fucking me harder then ever before. all i could say was harder, yes there, please, fast yes yes yes faster. he began to pull out, i want it in your mouth he said, but i back into him and it was to late, he pumped his juice into me with every spirt resulting in a thrust from him. much later john and i walked back to the car, cum juice still running down my leg. the enire way back to his house he kept his three fingers in me teasing my cunt, and bringing me close to pulling the car over. once we reached his place, he planted a kiss where his fingers had been. it was then our friendship took on another level. but we never fuck each other alone, there is always at least one other man. mainly because he likes watching me be fucked.