Written by me again

20 Jan 2007

they led me up to the bedroom where i was gently laid on the bed my stocking legs were fully parted and 2 pillows were placed under my thighs so my exposed bum stuck up in the air my ankles were tied to the bed stead then my hands were realeased from there bonds and i was spreadeagle tied to the bed by my wrists and ankles they then began to run their hands all over my body up and down my stockings and back our new freind came to the top of the bed and told me to open my eyes in his hand he had a huge black rubber dildo he began to smear it with baby oil i felt so exposed and helpless and horny as he moved down the bed .sit on his back and open him up he instructed my boy freind i felt his weight on the small of my back and his hands on both my bum cheeks as he parted me slowly for our new freind i felt the tip of the huge rubber truncheon push at my tight hole and with hands running all over me it gently slid up inside me