Written by Mandy & Stew

8 Aug 2003

....A gangbang...Really i said......I could feel.....myself getting hot under the collar, Mandy turned and said she was just joking and gave me a wink. We both laughed it off. We then had a really good session and while we lay there she brought up the subject of fantasy once more! This time asking me.. How i felt when she said gangbang...I immediately asked her, was that what she wanted to do! And she said , I can't tell you as you will get upset...I said...Well i think you have just told me. I told her...to be truthful, it blows me away not with anger but with excitment.....but i think from going from very little experience to a full on group of guys was a bit much...And suggested maybe she should just try one guy. She kissed me saying she coulde not beleive that i was saying this and that there must be a catch. No catch i told her, i felt so horny that i turned her over and gave her a really long hard pumping from behind, splattering her arse with my spunk.....she said you are excited!!!!!!

We chatted and i said a good starting point would be a guy on his own, but who?........Straight away she suggested Mike.....Mike who?...Mike the mechanic....but he is married! .. Yes she said but he is a horny bugger and is always making suggestions to me when i see him. ....This set my heart racing... Like what i asked.....Oh just questions about what colour my knickers are and am i cold as my nipples may be a little hard. I said, ..what do you say back to him...Well i tell him i am not wearing any knickers and I am not cold just horny!!!.......YOU DONT .....Do you...she laughed and said Noooo ......I said you do dont you.....she admitted yes but its all harmless fun. I now had the stiffy of all stiffys...what a night...... Why Mike he 20 years older than you, got a pot belly hardly any hair and wears big glasses. Hr's got a big cock.....How do you know that....His wife told me......Really yes Really..... So here is my wife wanting to shag a fat 54 year old.

So how would do you know he will go for you?..i asked! because he is always telling me i owe him everytime he does my car on the cheap.( Always wondered how she got her car done so cheap)...Yes but how are you going to get from A-B, Mandy said , Well' i thought i could, give him a call tell him my car is playing up and can he look at it straight away , he is always busy and if i beg and plead he will say ..Yes, and then say you owe me!...... SHE HAD IT ALL WORKED OUT. I said you have thought of this before havent you..... Yep, but just as a fantasy, i am curious to see what is in those Y-fronts.

What about his wife...she will be at work...You know, dont you!

.....OK.....ok...Yes, OK i said go for it! but two things you have to take....my dictaphone and two put the camcorder in that mesh bag see if you can film what you get up to!!!!

DEAL SHE SAID........ to be continued.....