Written by dikandjolie

29 Oct 2004

hi there this is a true account of this weeks trip to the north west of england blackpool.i am not a great writer so please forgive the spelling etc but if you can be bothered please read on...i have always had this thing about seeing my wife with another woman or maybe a couple for that matter!!in our fantasies i would say!!!you can't fuck him if we have a three some... you can only wank him off maybe suck him a bit let him cum on your tits...that's ok but no fucking...ohh god dik she would say (jolie my wife that is)this is just us talking it will never happen ..,i wont let it ! and whats more if you want to keep up these fantasies lets just keep them in our bedroom to ourselfs ...because i wouldnt go with another man or woman ok...yes i said ...ok she said again...all right darling ive got the point but hey would you lick a pussy...fuck off said jolie and turned over and went to sleep.

the next day we arrived in blackpool im knackered shes ready for a bevvy(she likes a tipple or to) come on lets get pissed as twats(what's come over her i thought)ok im game so off to the hotel bar ...half hour later she as had four jack daniels an coke and three halfs of lager ive had three pints so im not to pissed but pardon the pun i need a piss so im off to the toilet when i come back she is sinking my pint and saying the taxi as arrived to take us to rumours night club...ok dear what ever (i dont argue when shes pissed)so in the cab we go she falls in and her legs go up in the air she is wearing a rather short skirt i went to help her but she pushed me off laughing her drunken head off the taxi driver did not mind a bit well he wouldn't would he she wasn't wearing any knickers!!!fucking hell i said wheres ya knickers same place as your brains she said..you aint got none.

well to cut a long story short we got to the club we sat at the bar and to be honest i forgot she was knickerless execpt for people kept stareing at her then i looked at her legs and they where wide open ...the lot was on show...my cock was like a crow bar...you dirty bitch i said...thats nothing you want dirty i will give you dirty if only to stop you ranting in bed said jolie!!!you fuck off over there for half an hour i bet i can pull she said...a woman i thought hmmm go girl...ok babe go for it so i went to the other end of the club...half hour later i came back there was about five blokes round jolie laughing and joking one bloke went to the toilet i followed him eager to find out what was happening hey i shouted shes fucking game aint she i said ... ohh god ya not wrong there mate and stuck his fingers under my nose... i could smell pussy juice...you mean you have had your fingers in her twat yea he said me an every one else she comes here a lot he said but normally she just shags birds but tonight i think even you could get a fuck thanks mate i said...ive cut it short but you can guess the rest so thats our story AND if your a couple with pics like to meet etc please contact us at evanslee1@hotmail.com send pics asl etc thanks dik and jolie p.s please post comments on our story