Written by tina and friend

16 Sep 2004

i said previously i was caught by the young lads dad (pete) having sex in a dome tent at the side of there caravan,he was fuming with me calling me alsorts,i rushed of back to my own trailer tent and got my head down, the following day i was alone again when hecame round to say sorry about the way he had spoken to me,ok i said,as he was going he said suck my dick slut and i wont tell your husband what you have been doing with the young lads,actually he wasnt bad looking about same age as my hubby and quite muscular ,ok then get it out i said,it was huge and looked superb,i took hold of it and began to stroke it,he soon pushed it in my mouth,i was nearly choking it was that big,i felt myself getting wet and very horney,when he shot his cum in my mouth & over my face,he started to zip up his pants&said you better meet me tonight at the shower block about 11 oclock, we had barbecue that evening and a few drinks of wine which always gets me horny,11 oclock arrives and i make excuse i need a shower as i stink of barbie,as i approach the shower block pete shouts me over to him and said follow him in to the disabled block,i went in and he said strip off slut,i couldnt beleive he was treating me like this and i was enjoying the fact i was being dominated,suck bitch and lick my balls which i did, lick my arse hole now you slut ,all the time i was doing this i just wanted this big cock inside me,now shower your self you slut,as i was showering he came behind me and started to wash my back ,he spread my legs apart and put a finger in my arse hole quickly followed by 2 more,3 fingers being forced in and out , bend over slut as i did i felt is big bell pushing into my arse hole a mixture of pain and pleasure he fucked so hard and fast like i had never felt before,i begged him to fuck my cunt ,shut up slut he said ,he stopped and said suck it again slut,has i sucked him i began fingering my self to orgasm ,i could feel him cuming in my mouth it felt like a bucket load ,, i was about to go he said no way slut i havent finished with you yet ; within 2 mins he was rock hard again ,bend over slut as i did he rammed it in my cunt it felt awesome has he fucked me from behind for ages and ages i was in heaven after about 15 mins he came inside me and i thought i was going to pass out. he said now go home to your wimp off an hubby

when i got back he was asleep in chair so woke him for bed .he said you had a good time with pete u slut ?? i didnt know what to say,yes i know whats been going on pete told me so i told him to give you what you wanted hope you enjoyed yourself slut .my hubby was sat there looking at me and i noticed he had an hard on,i got down to suck him and say sorry he said its ok; but next time i want to fuck other men he insist that he watches , now my holiday his over i am searching for a guy who will perform whilst my hubby watches,our own sex life has improved 100%