Written by Dave@Dianne'

27 Jan 2005

My wife and i are of similar build. we both enjoy toilet sex. on a recent holiday we decided on something different . i found a local toilet with a realy good glory hole,we decided we would both use it ,my wife wore some of my clothes we both went to the toilet i checked and there was no one in , we both went in one cubicle, i stripped to my undies which was a sexy pair of my wifes undies and bra. my wife stripped completely naked and stood behind the door , i sat on the toilet and started to wank whilst having four fingers up my wifes cunt, she had an occasional suck on my cock. the door of the cubicle next to us opened , i could see a chap lower his trousers and then his undies he stood gently playing with his cock which was getting harder with every movement, i knew we were in business. i sat back on the toilet and started to moan as i wanked it soon got his attention, he indicated for me to put my cock through which i willingly did, cock and balls , he was quickly playimg with both hands and then the unmistakeable wettness of his hot mouth, he was pushing my cock as far as possible into his hot mouth carressing me with his tongue, i could have willingly filled his mouth with my spunk but slowly withdrew and sat back on my toilet, i could see his throbbing cock, putting my hand through the hole i began to wank him , i then drew his lovely cock and balls through the glory hole, i took his cock in my mouth and started to suck , my wife was wanking nerself to cum after cum , i took my mouth from his cock and my wife took it in her mouth and started to suck vigorously we were both feeling his balls, he realised there was more than one pair of hands and slowly withdrew his cock back through the hole, my wife was now sitting on the toilet wanking i was sucking her breasts, i could se him wanking furiously , he removed all his clothes and was playing with his tits my wife put her hand in and took over the wanking, i decided to fuck her from behind i was in up to my balls in one thrust she was cumming constantly, her juices were running down my legs, the chap next door suddenly said can i come to your door and watch, i unbolted the door i t quickly opened he was standing there completely naked wanking like there was no tomorrow, still fucking my naked wife from behind i moved her to the door she took his cok in her mouth and grabbed his balls and worked him to complete madness i could see his back arch as he pushed his exploding cock deeper in her mouth i was shooting myself deep into her fuckhole, she sucked him dry and immediately kissed me sharing his spunk while he watched in disbelief, i put my undies on and we both waited for the next horny guy, we would pass the time wanking each other.