Written by darrenkendal1971

21 May 2007

I had great fun last night (see Toilet Fun Part 1) and had to travel down the country to Wales today and decided to drop into a toilet. I had been there before but apart from watching a guy wank through the hole in the door had never had any action.

Today was to be different.

A car was parked up outside, but there are often other cars there and I went inside and into the cubicle.

Afetr about 5 minutes I heard footsteps and saw thorugh the hole a guy walk past and into the next cubicle, but not close the door.

Another guy came in towards the next cubicle and I could hear whispered voices, and then a knock on my door.

I stood up, my cock already hard and opened the door.

A guy stood there in his early fifties with his cock in his hand, smaller then mine but hard, behind him stood a younger guy with a nice sized cock, also hard.

I moved back, sat down and eagerly took the older guys cock into my mouth and began ssucking him. The younger guy moved forward also pushing his cock into my mouth.

The feeling of 2 cocks in my mouth was wonderful and I sucked them and stroked both guys bums.

The older guy pulled out and went down on me as I continued to suck the younger guy while I wanked the older guy off.

The younger guy then pulled out and after a couple of strokes came all over the floor of the cubicle, shortly followed byt the older guy.

They then both left leaving me feeling very horny and aching to have a hard cock deep inside my arse.

Hopefully, my wish will come true tomorrow (Tuesday) as I have arranged to meet 2 other guys, one at his house and one in the back of his van, both are quite dom and have promised to give me a good, hard seeing too.

I will update you after tomorrow x