Written by michelle

21 Sep 2005

Last night I went to a local park which has a yearly light show called the illuminations, whilst walking round with my hubby we had to bunch up on several occassions as people would stop and look at the lights, on one occassion we were stood behind several people and lots were bunching up behind us, I became aware of a group of young lads behind us they were messing around and basically taking the piss out of the lights. The lads were late teens and numbering around 6, whilst bunched up I felt one of them stroke my arse I was wearing jeans and a loose top and initially thought nothing of it however within seconds the groping became more frequent, my hubby hadn't got a clue but in a way it was turning me on, the more I did nothing the worse the gropping got.

We moved on a little further then stopped again and the boys were stroking my arse and pinching my bum, I was getting quite wet and as we moved further on they put there hands under my crotch and rubbed my patch.

when we stopped again I discreetly pushed my bum back and I could feel several hands over my arse and around my pussy.

Half way around the park my hubby moved away to get some candy floss and I stood admiring a display I again felt a hand on my arse I placed my hand behind me and guided it onto my crotch the hand rubbed me like fuck and I came in an instant I turned around and thanked a lad of about 20 for a good come but he turned away with embarassment and walked off into the crowd. what a night xx