Written by Pauline

13 Jun 2005

Over coffee with Sharon my next door neighbour I confessed that I was climbing the walls not having had sex for 6 weeks whilst my husband was abroad working.She asked if I had every tried using a sex toy to relieve my pent up frustrations.When I replied that I had been too shy to buy one she said I should come upstairs with her as see her collection.

Upstairs she pulled the curtains,from the wardrobe produced a small suicase which she unlocked.Opening it up she revealed at least seven dildos of varing shapes,sizes,colours and thickness.As I stood there open mouthed she said she had one for every mood and frustration she experienced when her husband was away..Pushing the box towards me she encouraged me to examine them more intimately.Picking up a black 8 incher I asked how it worked.Without a word Sharon stood up and began to undress in front of me.Once naked she took the rubber cock from me and lay on the bed.Opening her legs she inserted into her fanny.Slowly she began to frig herself burying the dildo deep into now sopping slit.Sharon began to let out soft moans of pleasure as she speeded up her movements.Motioning to the open suitcase she told me to pick one for myself and join her.Picking up a lifelike pink one I quickly disgarded my own clothes and moved to join Sharon on the bed.

Sharon stopped frigging herself,took the dildo from me and showed me the tiny switch hidden in the end,flicking it on the "cock" began to vibrate and rotate.She then told me to lay back and open my thighs and prepare to be entertained.Slowly she began to rub the vibrating knobend across my slit sending sensations throughout my body.She then teasingly inserted the first inch or so into my rapidly dampening slit before moving it on to massage my clit which made me let out a load moan.Pleading with her not to tease me I begged her to get on with it and fuck me properly with it.Needing no second hint she fed the cock deep into me,the combination of her frigging it in and out with the vibrations drove me wild,as I squirmed and thrashed under her adminstrations my hand brushed against the black cock which was still deeply inserted in Sharon`s own slit.As one wave of pleasure swamped over me,my hand instantly closed around it.Suddenly I was frigging her as she frigged me.

As the frustrations of six weeks without sex begged for release and the closeness of another human being I found myself more and more wanting to kiss and snog Sharon.Leaning across I sought out her mouth and when our lips met she offered no resistance returning my kisses with a greater passion and tongue searching than I ever expected.We broke for air,expecting Sharon to end our embrace but she reached into the case once more and pulled out a vivid red double ended dildo.She quickly removed the other cocks from our slits and placed one end deep into me,moving over me she began feeding the other end into herself.She asked if I was comfortable before resuming kissing me and moving her hips in a grinding motion.I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations as the dildo slid in and out.The frustrations that had built up in me were suddenly released as I felt my orgasm build.Sensing I was on the threshold of cumming Sharon increased her pace and we both came instantly.I hugged her and drew her close in a post climax cuddle.As we lay in each other arms Sharon suggested we went shopping that afternoon to get me fixed up with "friend"as she called her sex toys.

Later in a Private sex shop where she got most of hers from we giggled like schoolgirls as she picked out the one for me.Too embarassed I had to wait outside while Sharon paid for the purchase.

Back at my place we went upstairs where she opened the bag and pulled out one similar to the one she had used on me that morning.I was eager to give it a try when Sharon said that it could wait till I was on my own as she had also purchased something else that might be more fun for us.From the bag she pulled out a pink lifelike cock followed by a black harness contraption.Putting the two together she proudly held up a strapon,with a wicked smiled asked if I wanted to be first to christen her new toy.We were naked in minutes,as Sharon pulled on the strapon I lay back my fanny filling with my juices in anticipation.Sharon didn`t immediately fuck me with it but told me to lay back and imagine she was my secret male lover.We kissed and she set about me petting and fondling my breasts till it felt like my nipples would exploded as she teased them with her mouth and tongue.Moving down she lowered her mouth over my slit and worked her tongue over and around my clit before dipping it into my fanny to lap my flowing juices.This drove wild,tugging at her hair I pulled her back up my body.With one hand I felt between us searching for the rubber cock which I swiftly inserted in me.Wrapping my legs around her slim waist pulled her deep into me.Sharon responded,her hips began to piston back and forth drilling the cock deeper still.I lost all track of time as she pumelled me whilst kissing my breasts.All to soon I felt my orgasm building,when it arrived I came and came again in my first multi come.After a short rest Sharon and I changed places.Still taking control she pushed me back down onto the bed and climbed over me before lowering herself and impailing her fanny on the dildo.Placing her hands on my breasts she slowly moved her hips in a circular grinding motion against me.As she approached her climax she began to buck up and down.Sharon almost collapsed as the waves of pleasure swept over her.A satisfied moan was forthcoming as she climbed off and releaded the cock from her dripping slit.Snuggling up and bathed in the sweats of our lovemaking we kissed once more.

While Sharon grabbed a quick shower I tidied up the wreck of my bed it had been some session.Putting the strapon back into her bag Sharon said we both knew where it was if I every got frustrated again.

Later that evening I took my new friend out for its first outing.The next thing I knew was it was the following morning,the phone was ringing.I lay dishevelled on the bed my friend still clutched firmly in my hand.I must have orgasmed and passed out.Answering the phone it was Sharon,asking if I was alright as it was gone 10:00 and my curtains were still closed,it seems I had slept for twelve hours.Having checked everything was ok Sharon laughed and asked if I wanted to come over for a coffee morning and make aquaintence with some of her old friends if I got her drift.I said give me a few minutes to freshen up and throw on some clothes and I would be straight over.I almost orgasmed in the shower in anticipation of what was to follow.