Written by Karenx

5 Jun 2004

I have been married 12 years in August, and at 38 with two children, have retained my figure. I have been unfaithful to my husband on a few occasions during the yearly part of our marriage, before we had children. Once our children had reached school age, I returned to work as a secretary, but modern technology had moved a long way, and I came to computers at a late stage. The company I now work for asked if I would undertake a course that meant being away in London for a week. Following discussion with my family I agreed and was informed of the dates and details.

The time came and off I went. The first day, the class of 9 got to meet each other, and I found myself siting beside two good looking guys in their early twenties, both of whom it transpired were staying in the same hotel as myself. Throughout the week we got on well together. On the Wednesday evening Pete and Dave suggested to me that rather than stay in the hotel on our final night (Thursday), they would take me out to dinner and maybe a club. I replied that I would think about it and let them know tomorrow.

Thursday afternoon we finished early, and Dave asked if I had decided on tonight. I said yes, and we agreed to meet in the bar at 7 o'clock. We had a couple of drinks in the hotel, then left to eat at an Italian restaurant, and to round the evening off we went to a club for a short time.

In the club I took turns on the dance floor with both guys. I was dancing with Dave when the record changed to a slow smootchy number. Holding me tight, I could feel Dave was 'pleased' and we smiled at each other. Dave then asked if we should call it a night and return to the Hotel. I said that was unfair on Pete, Dave then suggested he could watch as compensation. We laughed and returned to the bar. Straight away Pete grabbed me onto the dance floor for a slow number with him.

After a couple more records we left and walked back to the hotel. In the lift, Dave suggested a goodbye kiss. I wasn’t drunk, but had begun to feel the effects to a stage where I was relaxed and shrugging my shoulders, turned to him and we began a passionate embrace. Pete obviously then asked if he could sample the same, and I began to kiss him. Whilst with Pete, his hands were stroking my back, and then I became aware of my bottom and thighs being stroked at the same time. I felt so relaxed, and with the stroking actions inflicted on my body, on top of the drink, I instinctively leant back onto Dave. None of us spoke, and as the lift opened they each took hold of my hands and led me to Dave's room.

Once inside, I stood kissing Pete as Dave moved behind me and I felt two pairs of hands beginning to roam over my body. I turned my head around and instinctively begun kissing Dave. Pete moved away and began to undress. As I stood watching him, Dave removed my jacket, and then from behind began to unbutton my blouse and stroke my stomach and breasts. As Pete finally removed his clothes I could see he was semi-erect, and has he approached my hands reached forward to take him. He began to kiss my shoulders whilst removing my bra, and then started to suck my breasts.

Dave undressed and then standing behind me he unzipped my skirt and pulled it to the floor. Both of them drew an intake of breath as I stood between them in mini-briefs, self-support stockings, and high heels. The three of us moved over to the bed and I lay between Dave and Pete, both of them were kissing my neck and shoulders, hands roaming over my body.

Slowly, Dave began kissing down my body until he was between my legs. The feeling of Dave below and Pete kissing my breasts was fantastic. As I turned my head sideways, my mouth opened to accept Pete's manhood. After a while they changed places and for the first time I saw Dave's penis - it was half as large again as Pete’s, and I gasped before accepting into my mouth. I could not take it all and only managed to lick and suck his large end.

As I was engrossed with Dave, I felt Pete climb between my legs and enter me. He began to gyrate and thrust into me with slow but hard movements. I could not help myself, and let out a deep moan as I shuddered to a climax. Pete moved away as Dave climbed on to of me and looked straight into my eyes as he entered me. I had never felt so full in my life, and I began gyrating into him and shaking with delight. Pete positioned himself at my side as Dave turned me to the side to gain maximum penetration. Dave’s cock was filling me and I could feel him deep inside as he thrust. I took Pete into my mouth, and I could taste myself as he fucked my face.

Throughout the next 2 hours, they fucked me either together, or one at a time, in positions I had not been in before, probed every entrance to my body with their fingers, and gave me multiple orgasms.

As we lay on the bed recovering, Pete said his goodbyes and returned to his room. I had begun to move off the bed when Dave put his arm over me and suggested I should stay for the night. Without speaking we fell onto each other and throughout the remainder of the night he fucked me twice more before we fell asleep.

The next day we exchanged casual conversation and said our goodbyes. Upon returning home my husband asked if I had enjoyed the week and questioned whether it was satisfying. I replied it was on both accounts, but will never tell him of the best 'extra-curriculum' activities that gave me total satisfaction.