Written by Angela

27 Feb 2005

As always this is true story and my man has told me I must publish it.

I was on a training course.

It was for week. Due to a holiday I wasn’t with my usual group.

At the end of the first afternoon we all agreed to out for drink.

One of the girls, Jane, asked if it was okay to bring guy from `home`who was in the city on a course. No one objected so she said she would phone him.

I shared a taxi with her but had no problem making conversation as she spent the whole journey on the phone with her boyfriend.

When we got to the pub I had enough of the boyfriend so went to sit with some of the others.

I was aware of a tall quite good looking guy joining Jane but didn’t take much notice, except to note Jane’s interest in him but thought that was her business.

After a couple of drinks we decided to move. As we put our coats on Jane introduced me to Andy. I don’t know what Jane thought was gong to happen but although all we did was say `Hello` Andy and I knew and it didn’t involve Jane.

She carried on chatting to him but we knew even though all we did was exchange the odd glance and half smile.

When everyone had drunk up Andy gave me my coat, took my hand and off went. When we got outside he just said `It’s not far shall we walk`

I just nodded.

When got to the hotel we scampered up the stairs. When we got into his room before I could even take my coat off he had undone my blouse and tipped my tits out of my bra.

As he lowered his head to lick and bite my nipples he lifted my skirt and slide a hand inside my pants and slipped two fingers into my slippy cunt.

I could feel his hardness pressing against me. I slipped my hand inside his jeans to find him naked and my fingers against and around his hard flesh.

He bit and poked me as I stroked him. Then he told me to take my pants off. As I wriggled them down my legs he slipped out of his jeans so I could see the long hard shaft of his prick

As I straightened up I ran my tongue across his swollen tip.

He pushed me back against the door and I lifted my right leg up and around him to let him in.

Then he slowly he slid inside me. Gradually filling my ready cunt until he was as deep as possible. He paused slightly then thrust hard into me so hard I gasped

He said “I’ve wanted to do that to you since I first set eyes on you.

Then he put his hands under my bum and said, “Put your other leg round me.”

He pushed me hard against the door and I hung on to him with my arms and legs as he started to bang into me.

He hitched me up and I braced my self hard against the door so I got full force of each thrust.

The up and down of his fucking made my tits bounce up and down against his face and I could hear myself groaning at the pleasure of it. I was soon cumming, grasping hard onto his fucking cock

Then he said “I’ve had a hard on too long I’m can’t hang on any longer.” With that he held me hard against the door and rammed himself deep into me and I could feel him his prick pulsating as he shot his hot cum deep in my cunt.

Then he stayed up in me as he emptied himself off.

For a while we just lent against each other gasping for breath then stumbled towards the bed.

When we recovered I realised I needed the bathroom.

A glance in the mirror was quite a shock.

Although I was virtually undressed as my skirt was around waist and my tits out of my bra I still had my coat on and shoes on. My hair was all on end and my makeup anywhere but where it should have been. I wasn’t sure where my pants were.

I tidied myself up and went back into the room in the underwear I did have. He was already undressed and lying on top of the bed.

As I entered he watched me walk towards him and I saw his prick move across his belly.

He covered it with his hand and started to stroke himself as he said’ “Let me look at you, so few women wear high heels suspenders and stockings nowadays. It is pleasure to see them.”

I stood in front of him and stroked and nipped my nipples through my bra. Then turned and undid my bra turning back face him again when my tits were free.

As I continued to touch my breasts with one hand I slid the other between my legs, slid a finger into my pussy until it was covered in juice then lifted it to my mouth and licked it clean.

By then he was fully hard again and he said, “Come here I am going to fuck you again


I went towards him and he pulled me down next to him. He lent over me and covered my mouth with his as right hand covered my left breast. He buried his tongue deep into my mouth and kneaded my tit before pulling on my hard nipple.

Then he lowered his head, enclosed my nipple in his mouth and bit it so hard it made me arch my back thrusting my tit up towards him.

Then he did it again and I was cumming.

It was as if some else was speaking. I could hear myself almost screaming “Fuck me, fuck me.”

He turned me over, held me down, pushed my legs open and without any ceremony thrust him into my cunt saying, “Is this what you want?”

I couldn’t speak as my face was in the pillow so just nodded.

He lowered himself onto me so I was trapped beneath him and started fucking me with hard deep thrusts.

Then he said, “I want to feel you cum. Are you going to do it for me” Again I just nodded.

He was doing me so hard it wasn’t long before my cunt was grasping around his demanding prick again as he brought me to a climax.

When I had finished he knelt up and pulled me up onto my knees in front of him.

He took my buttocks in his hand and pushed himself back into me.

For a while he did me doggy fashion with his hands under my tits so my nipples swung against them as I moved in response to his movements.

The he knelt up so he could do me harder and asked me if I would cum again soon.

I said, “Yes.” and he said “that’s good ‘because you are not going to get it until I have felt your cunt cumming again.”

Then he said “Do you always cum a lot?”

I wasn’t sure what a lot was, 3 times didn’t seem that many to me, so I just nodded.

Then he said, “Tell me when you are going to do it.” and started to rub around the inside of my cunt in a circular movement which made his tip rub hard against my G spot.

When he had got me nearly there I gasped, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”As I spoke he gave one hard push and held himself in me as deeply as possible as my muscles went into spasm and gripped and sucked him in.

It felt so good as I came around his hard unmoving flesh and he clearly was enjoyed it too as he was saying “That feels good, that feels so good I am going to give it you now.”

Before I had finished he started to fuck me so hard I had to hang onto the bed head as I was in danger of being pushed through it.

He was so deep I could feel him banging against the top of my cunt.

I thought he couldn’t do me any harder until I heard him start to groan and he held me firmly to make sure I got the full force of his orgasm as he filled my cunt with spunk.

After we pulled the clothes over us and the next thing I knew it was morning.

When I was fully awake I realised it was late. I gently shook him and said, “I think we had better get up or we are going to be late.”

He took my hand and put it on his hard cock and said, “Not until you have done something about this.”

I slipped on top of him and as I straggled him I took him into my ready hole.

As I started to slide up and down him he grabbed my tits and jiggled them in his hands as he told me to touch myself and bring myself off.

We knew we hadn’t got long so there was no more talking.

Just a keen concentration on fucking.

I rubbed my fingers against my clit and as I started to cum around him I heard him groan in appreciation

I could tell he was nearly ready as he pushed me away so he could watch my tits bouncing about.

Then he held me hard down onto him and once more he was filling me.

We now had so little time we both showered and dressed as quickly as possible.

Breakfast was out of the question.

When we got in to the street and were about to go our separate ways he asked me what time I had lunch. I said’ about 1.00.” to which he replied “I will see you here about quarter past.” and before I could say anything he was gone.

I can’t remember much about the rest of the morning. I certainly didn’t learn anything

At the appointed time I was back at the hotel. He didn’t gat there until about twenty past.

He didn’t speak but clearly expected me follow him to his room.

Once we were in all he did say was “I haven’t got much time take your pants off.”

As I did this he undid his trousers and pushed me towards a table in the corner of the room. When we were by it he turned me to face the table, bent me over it, briefly touched the lips of my cunt with the tip of his prick, pushed himself into me and did me hard, quickly and urgently. As he finished he said “That’s better it has been on my mind all morning.”

Then he pulled away, put himself away and as he left he said “I will see you in the pub we met in last night at about 8. How good are you with your mouth?” but before I could answer he was gone.

I did go to met him that night and every other night that week but I will have to tell you about that another time.