Written by genj

26 Oct 2005

This story is for a husband i met in a chatroom of a different site. He loves his wife and love her to get a thrill.

He told me his wife had a hidden desire : she would love to be dominated and trained. Because he knew i am a master he contacted me and asked if i could help him training his wife.

Because i'm always interested in meeting and training new subs i agreed to help him.

We decided to meet in a restaurant in a town not far from where they live. And i gave him instructions regarding the way his wife had to be prepared and dressed. I wanted her pussy to be shaved smooth, she wasn't allowed to wear any undies and had to wear a short skirt, stockings, high heels and a thight, more or less see through shirt.

That evening i sat in the restaurant waiting for them, i had a table at the back of the restaurant, somewhat separated from the rest, but not hidden. After a while i saw them coming in. his wife looked very hot and sexy in her short skirt and see through shirt. I could see she was somewhat uncomfortable being dressed like that, but it was obvious it also turned her on. Her hard nipples could be seen by everybody, through her see through shirt.

I had told her hubby that as they enter the restaurant he would have to let his wife walk in front of him, so she did. She had to walk through the whole restaurant and it's obvious she got a lot of horny looks from the men and some angry looks from several women in the restaurant.I could see she blushed by the attention she got.

As they got at my table i told her to sit next to me with her hubby on her other side. I also ordered her to lift her skirt before she sat down and sit on her bare ass. She hessitated a moment but after a few seconds she did what i told her. Then i told her to spread her leggs. Because of the tablecloth, the other guests couldn't see her pussy, but it was vissable that she had her leggs spread.

As the waiter came to our table, he had a clear few on her tits and aroused nipples and he almost couldn't look anywhere else. We ordered our drinks and made a choise what to eat. As the waiter left i put my hand under the table, between her leggs. What are you doing she asked me. I told her not to speak unless i permitted her too and because it was her first time, i decided to explain to her what i was going to do.

I am going to do a first inspection of your pussy, i said and feel if you are shaved properly. I felt her smoothly shaven pussy and complimented her hubby with a job well done. I also felt she was wet, so i put some fingers in and rubbed her clit a bit. She immediatly blushed again and it was obvious for everybody she got turned on.

"Well, it looks like you get turned on by showing yourself to everybody like this " i said to her and pulled my hand back. I reached in the sidepocket of my jacket kept my hand below the tablesurface and showed her what i had. It was a small vibrating egg, with remote controll. Her eyes got big and she looked at me first and then at her hubby, with a bit fear, but also with passion in her eyes.

Again i put my hand between her leggs and quikly pushed the egg in her wet pussy. "Ok, you can close your leggs a bit now, i don't want the egg to drop out " i said to her.

I reached in my pocket again and activated the egg by the remotecontroll. She immediatly started to moan a bit and i could see she had a hard time to sit still. Then i turned the egg off again.

By this i want you to train your feelongs i told her and you're not allowed to have an orgasm !

And during the diner, while a had a very nice conversation with her hubby - talking about his wife as if she wasn't present too - i turned the egg on and off severall times.

By the time we had desert, she was soaking and had the greatest difficulties not to come.

As we were finished eating i ordered her to stand up, walk to the exit and wait for us outside. And to be carefull not to loose the egg.

"Yes master" she said and walked through the entire restaurant. Because of the egg, she walked with little steps so it took her some time to reach the door and go out. It was vissible for everybody she was turned on and getting real horny.

I paid the cheque and we went outside too. As we came out we saw her waiting at the parkinglot. I had parked my car in the middle of the parkinglot, not in the bright lights of the restaurant but if anybody looked out of the window, they still could see the car and us walking to it. And be sure...severall people looked out of the window !

As we got to our car i told her to lift her skirt again and bend over the hood with her leggs spread wide. She did what she was told and i put my hand between her leggs. Her pussy was soaking wet ! I pulled the egg out and kept it in front of her mouth. "Clean it with your tongue" i ordered her. She opened her mouth and licked the egg, tasting her own cream.

Then i stood behind her, zipped my pants open and took my cock out. "Now i want to know if you are any good" i said and suddenly pushed my cock hard and deep in her wet pussy.

Shocked by this unexpected moved she screamed and then started to moan, louder and louder.

I fucked her hard and deep with her hubby watching us and vissible to severall people in the restaurant. Man, we gave severall men a great evening !

Just before I came, i pulled my cock out and shot my load over her ass. "Now turn around and kneel down" i told her, "open your mouth and clean my cock"

She kneeled down and sucked and licked my cock.

"Now we go to my cabin and continue your training" i said and she and her hubby wanted to get in the car.

I told them we would let the car there, because my cabin was not far from the restaurant, at the end of a dirt road in the forrest nearby and we were going to walk.

So we left and to leave the parkinglot we had to walk in the bright lights, close to the restaurant. In the lights we could see my sperm, dripping down her ass and thighs. Severall people at the windows from the restaurant must have seen that too, because we saw them looking and pointing at her.

We walked along the road for a while, with her walking a few feet in front of us. As we got to the dirt road, leading into the forrest i ordered her to stop and take her shirt and skirt off and give it to me. "Please sir, don't make me do that" she begged, but i told her, she was my sub now and she had to do what i told her and to make clear to her what her place was i spanked her ass severall times, leaving red handmarks on her cheeks.

She then quickly took off her skirt and shirt and gave them to me. I took her clothes and layed them under a small bush at the side of the road. "You won't need this for some time now, so why take them with us" i said and ordered her to start walking again.

Oh boy, that was a hot view, seeing her walking in front of us, naked but her stockings and high heels !

After walking for about 10 minutes we got to my cabin, i opened the door and ordered her to go in. Inside she shocked, the room was filled by whips, clamps, ropes and chains hanging from the ceiling and walls and other material one needs to train and punish slaves.

With fear in her eyes she entered the room and we followed her. I ordered her to kneel down in the middle of the room, leggs spread and hands behind her back. With a rope i tied her hands at her wrists and at her elbows so her tits perked out even more. Then i put a bar between her ankless and tied it too. Followed by a leash around her neck, which i connected to a chain hanging from the ceiling.

To finish it off i blindfolded and gagged her.

There she was, totally helpless, not able to move, see or speak.

I asked her hubby how he wanted me to train her. He said he wanted her to becom a real submissive, cumslave.

Ok, i said but that will take some time and we will need severall trainingsessions. To start you have to leave her here with me for a few days, i will contact you if she is ready to be picked up again.

I will walk you to the main road i said, so we left, i closed the door, leaving his wife and soon to be slave, alone, helpless in my cabine.

As we reached the main road, i told him i would call him when she is ready to be picked up, we shook hands and he left to go home and i returned to my cabine to start the training.

To be continued