Written by J and S

8 Jun 2004

The Training

Let me tell you a little about Susan and myself, I am in my late forties and she is in her early forties. When we first met we were young and carefree, she was only 19, and had the sort of body, that men would kill for. She always wore the shortest skirts and dresses available, high heel shoes, thigh boots and stockings.

It seemed only natural that we would get involved in the swinging scene and Sue seemed happy dressing and behaving outrageously, and being lusted after by all of the men we met, while we were out at parties and clubs.

As I had a strong interest in photography at the time it seemed only natural for Sue to take up modelling and in her time. She was shot for most of the top shelf, men's magazines, and even for some of the harder ones.

I had always enjoyed seeing her expose her body in public and private, and found watching or participating while she was being fucked by the men we met, it is difficult to describe the pleasure. I got from seeing my young wife with a cock embedded firmly in her tight young pussy or warm, willing mouth. There always seemed to be plenty of willing hard cock's ready to empty themselves into her compliant body.

However, after the birth of our first child, Sue, found it difficult to get rid of some of the weight she had gained while pregnant and this led to a severe drop of sexual activity and a complete stop to her fucking strangers.

Recently she has begun to take an interest once more in sex and sexuality, she has had her nipples pierced and has started wearing skirts and dresses once more with stockings underneath.

In bed we have discussed her taking other partners and she has said that she thought she may be able to cope with a maximum of three or four lovers, possibly at the same time. Around this time she also began to take an interest in bondage which led to me purchasing some wrist and ankle restraints. With these I could fasten her wrists together either in front of her or behind her or to the bedstead or any other posts available. I could also fasten her wrists to her ankles leaving her doubled up, her plump cunt exposed and available to fingers, mouths, cocks, dildos or anything else that could be inserted into that moist orifice.

Because of her newfound willingness to explore her sexuality once more, I placed an advert on a swingers website. As you can imagine I received loads of replies, unfortunately most of them hadn't read the advert and were unsuitable, as the advert said that I was looking for people who were willing to help train my wife to become a slut once more. For this they would need to be patient, have friends that they can call upon to take part in Sues training as I envisaged that this would have to be done over a period of time and that first they would have to meet with me a few times alone so that I could be sure of them.

Sue was very excited when I told her about this and that I had already met two people who had replied to the advert. She became nervous when I told her that I had arranged for us to meet one of the guys later on that evening. When I explained that it was just so that she could see if she might fancy Sean as a bed partner in the future, she said okay, she would give it a go.

It was easy to tell that she thought that things may go further tonight as she was getting dressed to go out. She put on a clingy , above the knee, black skirt, a white blouse, black thong, black hold-up stockings and strappy high heel sandals.

She said that she was worried about how she looked but I told her, truthfully that she looked extremely fuckable. Before we left she had a couple of stiff drinks for Dutch courage.

I shall tell you what happened next in the next instalment.