Written by J&S

9 Nov 2004

The training 15

Of course I knew that Sue was right, my wishes of her had come true and then some! She had worked hard and got her body into magnificent shape, her sex drive had come on in leaps and bounds, there was no way now that I alone was going to be able to satisfy her needs if only because she preferred having more than one-man at a time and all of them far larger than me in the cock department, this coupled with the fact that I wasn't at home with her (or out with her for that matter) all the time meant that I should have known that Sue would be getting fucked by other people as well. I was surprised to find out that she had been letting the guys down the gym she used, fuck her as well, especially as she was having unprotected sex with them on a regular basis, however, later on I was to find out that my slutty wife was being far more promiscuous than I ever thought she could be.

Anyway Sues next real step in slut training was to come over a long, bank holiday weekend. Sue got a phone call from Sean telling her that he, Dave and their friends were taking her way from Thursday night to Tuesday morning, I listened on the extension as he asked her if she was prepared to see if she was able to cope with being used fully, for the entire weekend as their slut. Sue jumped at the chance of having a large group of guys who wanted to fuck her, continuously, over a five night period. He told her that what she had to bring was something for the journey there and back, a selection of stockings, boots, shoes and a swimsuit, they would supply all the other clothes she needed. He told her where they would be taking her (the West Country) and that, if she wanted, she could tell me that I could come as well but that I would have to follow in my own car, but they would have somewhere for me to stay. Sue spent most of the rest of the evening packing her stuff for the weekend (about 10 minutes work there!) And the rest of the night stuffing her pussy with various toys and letting me screw her once and then lick her clean after I had cum.

When Thursday finally arrived, Sue was on tenterhooks. She had chosen a simple, white cotton, backless, halterneck dress which finished a few inches below her arse cheeks, the halterneck part of the dress was low cut and had to work hard to contain her ample breasts and was secured by a simple bow tied behind her neck, the back was low enough for her "cock meat" tattoo to be easily seen, the white cotton contrasting with her, recently acquired tan. On her feet she wore a pair of simple, white, high heel sandals. In the early afternoon I heard the sound of a horn outside, presumably summoning my hot, slut, wife for her weekend of debauchery. I followed her from the house only to find that there were two minibuses waiting for her, Sean signalled her to join him in the rear one and although I couldn't see how many people were in there exactly, there looked to be at least seven or eight. As soon as Sue was on board, the coaches pulled away, with me following. From the videotape I was given afterwards, I knew that, once inside, Sue made her way to the back of the minibus, stopping to greet each of its occupants with a kiss, allowing each of them in turn to fondle her firm, ripe body, fingering her smoothly shaved pussy, causing her to climax several times before arriving at the long, bench seat at the rear of the bus. I also found out later that the party consisted of not only Sean, Dave and the nine other guys that made up Sues regular group of lovers but, Sean and Dave's nine mates had been told to bring at least one more friend with them for the weekend, they all knew that there was going to be one-woman and that they were going to be able to fuck her whenever and wherever the wanted to. That meant that there would be at least 20 guys who were going to use my hot wife as their slave and cum dump for the next five days. In the end, I discovered that there had been 23 men in the group!

On the journey down my first glimpse of Sue was when I saw her face peering at me through the rear window of the bus, her head bouncing up and down and she was obviously sat on somebody's cock being well and truly fucked, her head thrown back and her mouth open as she was, probably, noisily climaxing, having received, who knows how many loads of cum inside her hungry pussy. After an hour or so of driving, the minibuses pulled off of the motorway into some services. I parked my car a little away from where the buses had stopped and watched as all 23 men disembarked and headed for the service area building. I couldn't tell what had happened to Sue so I got out of my car and wandered across the car park until I was closer to the buses, which had parked next to each other. As I got closer I could hear the familiar, muffled, moans that meant my dirty bitch of a wife was still being fucked and as I looked around, concealed by another coach, I could see my wife kneeling down in front of a rather fat, balding, middle-aged coach driver, his cock firmly in her hungry mouth as her head bobbed up and down while she sucked him to a climax, just then I noticed that the other, much younger, driver was kneeling down behind Sue, screwing her mature pussy for all he was worth until, grunting loudly, he emptied himself deep inside her willing hole. After the drivers had satisfied themselves, coming in my wife's pussy and mouth, they zipped themselves up and headed for the service area, I could hear them saying what a” fucking whore" Sue was and the one driver telling his mate how she had been passed from man to man in the back of his bus, letting them either fuck her or getting her to suck them off. Still hiding, I watched my dirty wife squat down outside the bus and pee, the stream of hot urine helping to flush out most of a large amount of cum contained within her pussy, then wiping herself with a tissue, she walked off towards the service area herself, smiling at the truckers and coach drivers who were tooting her and calling out crude comments to her as she passed them. Just then, there was a brief gust of wind which blew across the car park, raising Sues dress revealing her nakedness and resulting in even coarser remarks being made.

I remain where I was, not wanting to miss the buses departing, sitting in my car. The next time I saw my wife was when she was coming across the car park with about half a dozen guys from the group she was with. As they passed the watching truck and coach drivers one of the men she was with pulled on the end of the bow fastening the halter top of her dress, releasing it, Sue made no attempt to prevent the top falling, allowing her full breasts to be exposed to the watching men, her dark, large, pierced nipples engorged and jutting out, proudly erect. Without stopping, Sue followed the men back to the first bus, it was obviously the next group's turn to use my sexy wife for the next leg of the journey. As I followed the buses onto the motorway, I could only guess what was happening to my slut of a wife in the lead bus, watching the video of this holiday afterwards, I found out my guess was pretty accurate, Sue was passed around the bus, being expected to take any cock that was offered to her, most of the men happy enough for now, for her to simply suck them, drinking their cum as they climaxed in her, ever hungry, mouth, although a few of them laid her across the bench at the rear of the bus, or got her to kneel down while they raised her dress and fucked her accommodating arse or pussy.

When we arrived I discovered that our destination was a large, sprawling, caravan park, near to the coast. Because of the size of the group, four caravan's had been booked, and although not directly next to each other, none of them was more than four caravan's away from the other. Dave and Sean allocated the accommodation among the remaining 20 men, telling me that I was to " doss down" where ever was left, when I asked them where Sue was, they told me that they had left her to "tip" the coach drivers. I was also told in no uncertain terms that my wife was there as their slut to use as they want to and that I was only there to witness how well they had trained her, although they said it would be okay for me to take part in fucking her sometimes.

Sue attracted plenty of attention and she made her way from the coach stop to the first caravan, because of all the sexual attention she had been receiving, her dress was damp and dirty, the top half clinging to her ample breasts, almost transparent now. The skirt was soaking at the back where most of the cum from inside her had leaked out. When they saw her the men told her that she looked like a filthy whore and told her to get changed for a swim. Sue simply unfastened the halter neck of her dress and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it she reached into the bag she had brought with her and put on the plain, white, one piece costume she had packed. It fitted her perfectly, the brilliant white material showed off her healthy, dark tanned skin, the dark brown of her nipples, just about visible to the clinging material as were the black circles of a recently purchased pair of nipple rings she was wearing. Where she had removed the extra layer of material from the crotch of the swimsuit, the costume clung obscenely to her hairless pussy, the outline of her plump vaginal lips obvious, the back of the costume encased the twin, firm globes of her, nicely rounded arse, once more the back of the costume was so low, her tattoo was clearly on display. I went over to the indoor pool area to watch what would happen next.

Nearly every eye turned to look as my sexy wife walked into the pool area, a group of young guys following her (she had decided to walk from the caravan to the pool wearing just the swimsuit and a pair of high heeled sandals. Once inside she bent over to remove the shoes, attracting a lot of mumbles from the guys behind her, as the material of the swimsuit must of been pulled tightly into the crack of her arse and pussy. After putting the shoes safe, she walked to the side of the pool and dipped her foot in to test the temperature, seemingly satisfied she dived straight in and swam a full length, climbing out at the other end. I could see everyone looking at Sue as she climbed out, but it wasn't until she got closer that I realised what they were looking at. The costume had become virtually transparent in the water, not only were her large, dark nipples, complete with their rings, clearly visible, the dark slash of her shaved vagina was also easily discernible. Behaving as if she hadn't noticed anyone looking, Sue jumped into the pool and swam some more before getting out and laying on a sun lounger to dry. She closed her eyes while she lay there, listening to the sound of the lad's who had followed her, splashing around in the pool at the foot of her sun lounger, knowing they were watching her the horny bitch parted her legs, allowing them an unobstructed view of her cunt. After a short while she got up and left for the caravan once more. I sat and listened to the guys who were watching her as they discussed what they had just seen, and kept referring to my wife as that "horny slut" and other such terms of endearment, they also discussed the possibility of one or more of them being able to fuck her, with or without her consent, saying "slappers like her are asking to be fucked, showing off her tits and fanny like that, to everyone" it was extremely exciting to listen to this group of three young men plotting to fuck my slut wife, or to rape her if she wouldn't let them screw her willingly. I left to see what Sue was up to.

It didn't take me long to find out which caravan she was in, I could hear her cries to be fucked harder well before I got to the caravan. I opened the door and was told that my "dirty whore of a wife" was being "banged" in one of the bedrooms by two of the group. Although there was a fair amount of sex with Sue going on over the holiday, I was surprised that she wasn't being fucked by the men nonstop! The arrangements seemed to be that whenever any of them wanted to fuck her, they would phone whatever caravan she was in and have her sent over to them to fuck once they had finished with her in the caravan she was already in. A lot of what was happening seemed to be more about domination, letting Sue known what her place in life was and to this end she was dressed either in very little or like a tart when she was sent from caravan to caravan. On the second day of the holiday Dave said Sue could have some time to sunbathe by the outdoor pool and produced a "bikini" for her to wear. To be honest there was not much in the way of material, the material was bright yellow, the bikini bottom was a thong, extremely skimpy, a small triangle of material that barely covered anything, becoming a string which disappeared between Sues pussy lips and the crack of her bottom, leaving her prominent labia clearly on display and the top consisted of two equally small triangles which barely covered her nipples, held in place by some thin string which looked like it may snap at any moment. Being an exhibitionist at heart Sue put the bikini on and went out to top up her tan. I rushed off to try and get to the pool before she did to see what people's reaction would be and was concerned when 20 minutes had passed and she still hadn't arrived. What actually occurred to delay her arrival I can only tell you what Sue told me afterwards.

On the way to the outdoor pool and sunbathing area, Sue met one of the three lads who had been following her yesterday, he began to chat to her and explained that one of his mates had said that he knew my wife from somewhere and that this had resulted in him being called a liar and bets were made and my wife was the only one who would be able to prove who was right. Now there was a time when she would never of considered following a stranger anywhere, let alone to meet a further two strangers, especially dressed so provocatively, however this wasn't the Sue of old and the thought of having three, new cocks to play with was probably encouragement enough for her. She walked with the young guy to a part of the caravan park used by touring caravan's and tents, he walked across to one of the smaller, dome tents and pulled open the flap waving Sue inside. The inside of the tent was dark and smelly, there seemed to be two smaller compartments off of the slightly larger central area where Sue was invited to sit, the entire floor was occupied by an oversized air bed on which the two other young guys were already sitting. As she sat down the third guy sat beside her, it was impossible to sit down without some part of your body touching somebody else's. Sue was sat with her knees bent and slightly apart, this meant that apart from the thin strip of material, which was cutting deeply into the crack between her leg's which was her vagina, her crotch was on view to at least two of the guys in the tent, and the bikini's top looked ready to slip off at any moment, seemingly being held in place only by my wife's erect nipples. Sue started the ball rolling by asking where the lad thought he knew her from, he started naming places where he had lived, worked or visited, looking to his mates for help as Sue kept saying that she had never been to any of the places he had named. All the time this was going on the lads were drinking strong cider and giving each other conspiratorial looks. By now the drink was making the lad's braver, one of them, casually, resting his hand on Sues thigh, seeing that she wasn't protesting another placed his hand on her shoulder, just then the other lad said "I have remembered where I knew you from" as Sue asked where, the lad with his arm around her spun her around and pulled her backwards, down onto the mattress, this sudden action caused her bikini top to slip up, fully exposing her long, thick, pierced nipples. "You were a 10 pounds whore working the docks" then he told his mates to cover her mouth and hold her down as he grabbed hold of Sue’s ankles, raising and parting her leg's, telling the other lad to take hold of one ankle as he forced her leg's even further apart, reaching down between her thighs he slipped his index finger under the triangle of material pretending to cover her crotch, hooking onto the thin crotch piece and pulled it out and to one side, exposing Sues naked hole, then he began to probe the defenceless orifice, first using one finger, then two and finally three, as he finger fucked my helpless wife with one hand, he released his prick from his shorts, one of the other lads told him to put on a condom saying "your likely to catch something sticking your cock inside a slapper like her" the boy quickly put on the rubber, laughing as he forced his iron hard prick into Sues waiting pussy, he slammed into her so hard she gasped as his pubes bumped against her sensitive clit. Hearing this one of the boys said "listen, the dirty bitch is enjoying being raped, she must be gagging for it!" Then, the lad who was fucking Sue asked her if they were right? "You really don't care who fucks you do you, slut" the hand being held over her mouth was removed as the youth continued pounding her sensitive pussy, Sue cried out for him not to stop, he teased her, pinching and twisting her large nipples until she was screaming for him to fuck her, as the rape continued, she was cajoled until she was shouting at the top of her voice, saying that she was a dirty whore and how badly she wanted to be fucked by all three of them .

After the lad's had all finished fucking her, they released her, letting her out of their tent, once outside, Sue noticed that everyone around the tent was looking at her, some were giggling, some women were giving her openly hostile looks. She pulled the two tiny pieces of her bikini top back into place over her nipples, the thong bottom had all but disappeared between her swollen pussy lips, inside her gaping cunt. As she made her way back to the pool, she was followed by a group of giggling, teenage, girls who were discussing, loudly, between themselves, the "slapper" who had just let herself be gang banged by three blokes in the tent next to theirs. People they passed looked at Sue, fairly certain that it was her the girls were talking about.

For the rest of the day Sue was sent from caravan to caravan, to be fucked as and when the group she was with wanted her. She was given a close fitting T-shirt to wear, which barely covered her arse, on several occasions as I watched her going to another caravan, cum could be seen running from between her leg's. That evening in the park's clubhouse, most of the conversations I overheard were about some slut who had opened her leg's for a group of blokes on the site and had been crying out for more people to fuck her. Just then Sue walked in with four men from the group she was with, nearly every eye turned to look at her as people identified her as the one they had been talking about, it was hardly surprising as Sue was wearing the shortest of skirts, a transparent top and a ridiculously high pair of shoes. My hot wife apparently didn't care less what people were saying about her as she went up to the bar and purchased a tray full of drinks and brought them back to the table where her four lovers, sat waiting for her. Surprisingly for a bank holiday, there were a large amount of single guys staying on the site, this didn't stop the married one's from ogling Sue as she bent over to put the tray of drinks onto the table, the hem of her skirt raising, revealing the rounded cheeks of her arse. Nothing much happened for the rest of that evening, a few more of Sues lovers came in for a drink, a few of them danced with her, most of them kissed and fondled her openly, and on several occasions she disappeared only to reappear a short while later, probably having been taken outside to fuck or suck the guy she had left with. Most of the single guys didn't want to try their luck with Sue while there were so many other men with her. I don't know when she found the time to sleep as she seemed to spend most of the night in one or other of the caravan's being fucked by groups of two or more at a time. By the morning the horny slut must of had at least 15 loads of cum deposited in one orifice or the other.

After a morning shower, Sean told Sue that he and Dave were taking her out as there was a motorcycle rally nearby and they were both into bikes. For Sue to wear, they gave her a short, black skirt, split up both sides to the waistband, a black string vest, which did nothing to conceal her large boobs, her pierced nipples poking through the holes. She also wore a pair of black holdup stockings and a pair of spiky high heeled ankle boot's which made her long legs look even longer. A local taxi arrived and took the four of us to the rally, me sitting in front while my slut wife sat in the back between her two lovers letting their hands and mouths explore her willing body, while the taxi driver watched them in his mirror, they had her leg's pulled apart, Dave had three fingers inside her hungry hole, quickly bringing her to a climax, while Sean had pulled the arm-hole of her vest across, exposing a well tanned breast and was pulling a sensitive nipple between his teeth. Sue was crying out for them to stop teasing her and to fuck her right then, but they told her she would have to wait until they arrived and then she would have as much cock as she could handle. In the 10 minutes it took to drive to the rally, they had made Sue cum half a dozen times and she was pleading with them to fuck her, much to the taxi drivers amusement. "That is a real dirty bitch those lucky bastards have got in the back, which one of them is she meant to be with?" The look on his face was hilarious when I told him that she was my wife and went on to explain that Sean and Dave were two of her lovers, "two, and many she got and don't you mind?" So I told him that she was down here with me and another 22 blokes who she allowed to fuck her on a regular basis, and in general she had been fucked recently by the same amount of guys again, at least!

As we stopped Sean told me to pay the taxi driver and to let "the slut" give him his tip. So I handed the money to the driver and let Sue kneel on the passenger seat, and undo the strangers trousers, reaching inside and fishing out a short, stubby cock which she proceeded to lick clean before sucking into her willing, hot mouth. It didn't take her longer than three minutes to relieve the man of a mouthful of his cum, at the same time a crowd of bikers and gathered round the taxi, the passenger door being left open, to watch my wanton wife giving the man a blow-job, and getting a free view of her glistening, hairless slit where her skirt had risen up revealing her stockings and lack of underwear. When she had finished and got out of the taxi the onlookers noisily cheered her performance. Sue followed her two lovers into the field where the rally was being held, I followed on, a little distance behind her watching as some of the men who witnessed her display walked behind her, taking any opportunity to try and get a feel of her naked pussy under her skirt…………………….