Written by J & S

18 Oct 2004

The training 13

The change that came over Sue after her last outing with Dave and his six mates was amazing, it seemed like I was living with another woman, she couldn't get enough of my cock inside her and had taken to masturbating several times a day with dildos of various sizes as well as anything else she could insert into her hungry snatch! She had been working out in the gym even harder as well as following a strict diet and the resulting changes in her body was startling.

Her meetings with Dave, Sean and their friends were becoming more frequent, and although she hadn't bettered her personal best of being used by 12 different cocks in the same evening, she was regularly being fucked by between four and seven different men each time. Although she was being treated like a cheap whore, she seemed to enjoy it and always dressed exactly as they told her to. She was happy to be paraded around either scantily clad or naked and never objected to being touched or, indeed, fucked by anyone, either from her group of regular lovers or others that they introduced into these sessions. She was regularly attending by herself now, returning home reeking of sweat and cum, semen leaking from between her legs and matting her hair, and covering her clothes.

I couldn't believe that my wife had become so sexy and slutty and was amazed at her seeming insatiable sexual appetite.

When she got her next phone call from Sean I was looking forward to getting my well fucked wife home early the next morning, for me to add my seed to the, however many loads she had already had taken into her willing whole.

She came downstairs wearing a pair of shiny, black, patent leather, thigh boots with high, spiky heels. Visible over the top of these was the dark band of her holdup stockings, the skirt she was wearing, if it could be called a skirt, was bright red pvc and barely covered the firm, rounded, cheeks of her arse, from where I was seated I could even catch a peak of her plump, pussy lips. On the top she wore a sheer black blouse, her firm breasts with their large, pierced nipples were clearly visible. She had applied lots of tarty makeup and painted her lips and fingernails bright red, all she needed was a neon sign saying whore for hire. I got up to drive her to meet her lovers for the night only to be told that Sean had said that he would be arriving in a taxi to pick her up in a while and that she would be gone for the whole weekend. I didn't get chance to object as just an taxi (a small minibus) pulled up outside and began sounding its horn. Sue gave me a quick peck on the cheek before rushing out through the door, as I watched her walking down the garden path towards the waiting taxi, I suddenly realised that all of our neighbours could see her too, her naked breasts bouncing as she walked, the miniscule skirt riding up a little and revealing her nakedness underneath. It was difficult to see how many were in the minibus as it had tinted windows but when the door on the side was opened I counted at least three men inside waiting for my slutty wife to get in, as she climbed into the taxi her skirt rode up at the back completely, so if there were any doubts in our neighbours minds as to what Sue was wearing underneath, they were completely dispelled. I watched the taxi pull away, my cock was rockhard and sticking out painfully as I wondered what was planned for Sue.

When my wife was returned to me on the Monday morning (she left home Friday night so they had her for the entire weekend) she could barely walk, her blouse had traces of cum over it, her skirt was creased and did little to conceal either her shaven cunt or arse, she walked with her legs apart as if she had just gotten off a horse. As she kissed me hello I tasted fresh cum on her lips which she explained was because she had been told to suck the taxi driver of as a tip for driving her home. The insides of her thighs were bruised and she was bruised around her arse where she had obviously been well fucked as well. Her breasts and nipples were swollen and tender from the mauling they had been receiving. Once more she had videotape in her hand which she said contained edited highlights from the weekend. Present this weekend were Sean and his three mates, Dave and his six mates!

Sue told me that the weekend had begun from the moment she entered the taxi, Sean and Dave were inside with a couple of their friends and as soon as the taxi pulled away, Sues blouse was removed and the men began to fondle her, fingering her already wet pussy until she was made to kneel on the floor and suck Dave's large cock while Sean knelt down behind and gave her cunt its first fuck of the weekend, much to the taxi drivers surprise. It didn't take long for both men to empty their balls into my very willing wife, there recently vacated places taken by the other two men in the taxi. Sue was taken to a flat in the city where Sean lived, the journey took about half an hour and Sue got out of the cab with two loads of cum dripping out of her hole and another two that she had taken down her throat only after she had sucked the taxi-driver off also, the men had let her put her blouse back on the short walk to the flat.

What happened next I can only piece together from what Sue told me and what had been filmed. Sue entered the flat after Dave and with the three other men in tow, her skirt and blouse were taken off her pussy and she was told that this was how she would remain dressed for the rest of the weekend. She was led around the flat wearing just her thigh boots and stockings and shown where the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom was and told that she would be expected to feed and look after everyone while she there including satisfying all their sexual needs without complaint. Just then there was a knock at the door, Sean opened it and let a further three of Sues lovers into the flat, one of them took her by the hand, leading her to the bedroom where he pushed her down onto the bed and, grabbing her ankles, he raised her legs holding them apart while he crudely fucked her soaking wet pussy. After he had emptied his balls into her unprotected hole, the other two men came in and, turning my wife over so that she was kneeling on the bed, one fed his cock into her willing mouth while the other entered her doggie style, both men fucking my wife while she was held captive between them, their cocks being rammed fully home with each, powerful thrust until they emptied their seed inside my horny wife. When they had finished Dave came in and dragging Sue off the bed by her hair, told her to put some food on for the men. He then filmed my slut wife in the kitchen, naked except for the boots, preparing food for her lovers while their cum was running from her slit, down the inside of her thighs, soaking her stocking tops, the seven men sat around telling her what a dirty slut she was and how she was going to be fucked senseless this weekend.

Sue was made to kneel under the table after she had served up dinner to the men, her job being to move from man-to-man, sucking each one’s cock until she had managed drain yet another load of cum from each man. She was told that she could eat when they had finished with her or were asleep. After they had finished their meal Sue was made to do the washing-up, another two of her lovers arriving while she was doing it. They told her to get some cold beers from the fridge and to bring them over to them, as there were nine men present now Sue put nine chilled cans on a tray and took them over to her lovers who are already discussing how much cum their “fuck toy” had taken so far and look on taxi drivers face as they fucked Sue in the back of his cab and then got her to suck him off for a tip.

One of the new arrivals went into the kitchen and bent Sue over the breakfast bar, then rammed his cock into her fanny, pounding away mercilessly at her until he had satisfied himself by adding yet another load of semen inside Sues well stretched hole. He pulled out of her and left her where she was, large gobbets of the sticky white fluid, dripping from between her parted legs and pooling on the kitchen floor. When Dave saw this he told her that she was a dirty bitch and wasn’t going to waste their precious cum or mess up his kitchen, telling her to get on her hands and knees and lick the semen up off the floor, I watched on the video as my slut wife meekly did as she was told, licking the cold, viscous liquid until Dave was satisfied with the result. There was yet another knock at the door and the final two men were admitted to the flat, meaning that now, all 11 of Sues lovers were now present, the three who had not yet fucked her now took her into the bedroom where two of them were filmed forcing their cocks, jointly up my wife’s well lubricated cunt, even though she had already been fucked several times before this, the extra amount her pussy had to stretch to accommodate these two, decent sized dicks caused her to cry out with the pain they were causing. Dave who was filming said “someone stick a cock inside the stupid bitches mouth and keep her quiet” and as one of the men did just that, David told the two who were pounding Sues cunt to ”fuck the dirty bitch until she passes out” to men, in perfect synchronisation, began to fuck my wife in long hard strokes while the other man kept his cock stuffed down her throat as a gag to stifle her cries as her pussy was stretched almost until it split. After what seemed an age the men in Sues aching cunt came, one first and then the other the combined amount of their semen filling her to capacity until, her eyes rolling back into her head, she experienced an extremely powerful climax, her pussy muscles clamping down on the two cocks still inside her, milking them until the last drop, the man fucking her mouth put his hand at the back of her head and forcing his cock as deeply into her throat as he could, held her there as he began to pump spurt after spurt of his cum into her gullet.

After that, Sue was sent out to clean up the kitchen and told to have a shower or bath as she stank of sex and the men told her that they would have plenty more time and more cum for her. Sue did as she was told, after her bath she was led into a spare bedroom and tied, face up and spread-eagled to the bed, a pillow was placed under her arse to raise it and, before they left her, a medium-sized butt-plug was placed against her tight little anus, both being generously lubricated first, leaving Sue do try and keep her weight from impaling her arse onto the wicked, thick looking plug. After a few minutes of trying to prevent this arse dildo penetrating her, two of the men entered the room, one knelt astride Sues chest, positioning his cock against her mouth, forcing it slowly between her warm lips and into the moist cavity of her mouth, letting slip into her gullet, trapped, she was helpless as he began to slowly fuck her mouth, as she moved to try and get comfortable she felt the end of the butt plug push its way past the constricting muscle of her anus. Just then the other man grabbed her by the hips and rammed his cock fully home into her, freshly washed hole, his weight bearing down on top of her and causing the plug to be pushed fully home into her protesting arse, once it was inside her nothing could be done, the displacement it caused must have made her well stretched pussy feel tighter to the man who was fucking her as he seemed to climax rapidly, pulling out of her soon after emptying his balls inside her, the guy fucking her face was nearly choking her as he kept ramming his cock fully home, penetrating deeply down her throat before he too climaxed, Sue nearly drowning on the man's thick cum as it filled her throat and mouth. Both men left her alone in the room without saying a word, her legs still tied painfully apart, cum leaking from between them, her arse was throbbing from the forced penetration of the butt plug which was still firmly embedded inside her tight little arse, splashes of semen covered her face where she had involuntarily coughed, choking as the other man had flooded her mouth with his cum. That was how she was to remain until a few hours later when, first one, then another of her lovers entered the bedroom to use my horny wife as a receptacle for their cum. She was released to cook breakfast for the men and told to leave the butt plug inside her arse, some of her lovers had left and said they would be returning later, those that were left, all got Sue to suck them while they ate, holding food from their plates to her, like she was a pet dog.

As the day progressed, some of her lovers left whilst others came back, her breasts and pussy being continually stimulated by the men. Just then the doorbell rang and Sue was told to answer the door, when she opened the door there was a courier waiting with a parcel for Dave, Sue was told to sign for it, the look on the courier's face was comical as this woman who was signing for the package, stood there wearing only thigh boots, her shaved pussy and pierced nipples clearly on display, after he had handed over the package, Dave shouted out to ask if he wanted their slut to suck him as a tip. The man quickly said yes, Sue obediently kneeling in front of the stranger, unzipping his leather pants and fishing out his, already hardening, cock before deftly taking it between her lips and pumping with her hand and mouth, causing the hapless stranger to cum quickly inside my sluts wife's expert mouth, she held him there by suction alone until she had, greedily, emptied every last drop from the man's swollen balls, reluctantly letting the softening piece of flesh slip from between her lips, before looking at him and saying thank you before she closed the door. By my reckoning this meant that Sue had now been used by 13 different cock's, at least one time by each (a new personal best for her).

The rest of the day continued in a similar vein, Sue taking her lovers cocks into her mouth or cunt as they wished, by lunch the men had run out of beer, one of them was going to go out to get some more when Sean said to him "send the slut out to get it" Sue was allowed to put her skirt and see-through top on, and was given some money and sent out to get the drink for them.

It was broad daylight when she left the flat to find an off-licence, Dave lived only a short way from the high street, Sue couldn't help but notice that everyone was looking at her as she made her way towards the shops, she had a swagger to her walk due to the amount of time her legs had been kept apart, the creased red PVC skirt did little to cover the fact that she was naked under it, her breasts were plainly visible through the sheer material of her blouse, her nipples erect, the large rings piercing them, bouncing as she moved. Two of her lovers of following at a discreet distance, unknown to her. As she reached the high street she had to stop a stranger and ask for directions which wasn't as easy as you may think, most of them thinking she was a common street prostitute who was trying to proposition them, walked quickly by. Eventually she found her way to an off-licence where she bought two dozen tins of lager, picking up the carrier bags that they were put in, Sue left the shop to head back for Dave's flat, several men taking advantage on the crowded high street to fondle Sues pussy and arse, she was unable to prevent this happening even if she wanted to as she was fully laden with carrier bags.

Eventually she got back to the flat, when she had got in and put the drink into the fridge to cool, Sean asked her what had taken her so long and told her to apologise for keeping them all waiting. After she had said sorry she was told to take off the skirt on top once more, then Sean told her to bend over a lean against the wall, Sue did as she had been told stood there with her arse in the air, legs apart ready for Sean to fuck her, Sean had other ideas as, reaching around and grabbing her by the waste he swiftly removed the butt plug from her protesting arse, replacing it quickly with the head of his decent sized cock, then before she could protest he forced the entire length of it inside her screaming bowels. Sue screamed out at the painful intrusion, and was told to shut up as Sean began to make powerful thrusts in and out of Sues tight little hole. He seemed to be revelling in the pain he was subjecting her to, making sure that his cock was nearly fully withdrawn, pulling the tight muscle back with it before ramming it, fully back inside her, occasionally slowing down to prolong her discomfort and his enjoyment before he finally began to fuck her arse in rapid movements, causing her to gasp out loud as she felt his large cock began to swell even more in preparation for emptying its load inside her, painfully stretched arse. With a gasp Sean pulled Sue back towards him, telling her what a dirty slut she was and how much she must love the feel of his cum filling up her tight little arse. When he finally finished emptying himself inside my sexy wife's bottom, he withdrew, his cock was coated with slime from his cum and the contents of her bowels, the film showed Sues anus, puckered and still not fully closed, Sean moved around in front of her offering his cock to her mouth to be cleaned, because she hesitated to grab two fistful's of hair, forcing the slime coated piece of meat into her mouth to be cleaned, at the same time Dave got behind her and began to feed his, even larger, cock into her recently violated arsehole. She was now filmed, bent over, skewered between the two men's cocks as her arse was brutally fucked a second time. When Dave had finished sodomising my wife, the men led her over to the table leaving her to be supported by it, while the rest of her lovers took turns to fuck her in either her arse, pussy or mouth until they had had enough. When she had been finished with the video showed her, previously tight, arse now gaping open, her semen filled bowels clearly visible, some of the viscous fluid leaking out and running down to join the flood of cum pouring from her well fucked pussy.

Sue was told to go and have another bath and when she had finished Dave and Sean let her get dressed and told her to follow them to the high street. It was still bright and warm as my slut wife followed her two lovers into the high street, they took her to a sleazy looking tattoo parlour, inside she was led into a room and told to lie face down on the couch. Her lovers were speaking to the tattooist who came in and prepared Sues back ready for a tattoo. She felt the sharp pricks of the needles as the tattooist began his work, after what felt like hours she was told it was finished and a plaster was put over it. All that she knew about it was that it was on her lower back, below her waist. She followed the men back to the flat, where she stripped and was once more subjected to being used as a cum dump by her group of lovers. Despite the amount of use her holes were getting, Sue still managed to have several climaxes herself.

Before the weekend was over and my wife was returned to me, she had learned to accept cocks in each and every orifice, she had even been filmed being fucked by three men at the same time, one in each hole. The men had bought her a silver choker with the word slut in capital letters on it and had fixed it around her neck with a silver padlock, so that she could only remove it when they wanted her to.

They also videoed her being sent out in the evening to pick up a takeaway from the local takeaway, all of the drunks there being allowed to grope her freely, being told that she was the local slut and that they would be welcome to fuck her any time they wanted as long as they wore condoms (Dave and Sean had decided that, for the time being, the group would be the only ones allowed to fill Sue with their cum).

And that's how my wife was returned to me after the weekend, goodness knows how many load of cum she had had inside her, but, including the two taxidrivers she had sucked off and the courier, Sue had taken 14 different pricks inside one orifice or another. She was in a right state, oh and a tattoo? When we removed the covering, there was a nice Celtic pattern with the words "cock meat" over it, positioned so that if Sue wore anything that left her midriff bare or a swimsuit, it would be there for everyone to see! Sue told me that it was fantastic having so many cocks cumming in her and that the way she felt walking through the busy high street and almost made her climax, some men asking her how much she charged for a suck or a fuck. She also told me that she thought she could "accommodate" more cocks than she had taken over the weekend and that she had told her lovers this and that they had promised to try and find out what her limits really were.