Written by J & S

14 Jul 2004

The training6

My wife, Susan had surprised all of us with the ease that she had entered into a lifestyle, where she was allowing herself to be kissed, fondled and even fucked publicly. Her clothes were becoming shorter, thinner, tighter and more revealing week by week. She was meeting the two guys that I had introduced to, once or sometimes twice a week, individually, and they had begun to introduce some of their friends to her as well. Although she hadn't fucked with any of these new strangers, she had confided in me that allowing them to have free access to her body in public, while knowing that one of her two lovers would be fucking her later, was an immense turn on and that, if she had been "told" to she would have happily let any of them fuck her in the mouth or pussy. I passed this knowledge onto both Sean and Dave who said that all of their mates who had met her so far were willing to take their turn when told.

With this in mind, and knowing that my horny wife had already experienced both of her boyfriends cocks inside her as well as mine on the same night, I told her that Sean had said that he wanted to give her a surprise this weekend and that there was another dance on at the pub and that he wanted her to dress as sluttily as possible and not to wear anything under her clothes. I followed Sue upstairs and she went to get changed, noticing how much firmer her body had gotten since she had taken up fucking is a regular form of exercise. For the evening Sue chose a micromini skirt of black leather, with a full-length zip up the front, the skirt ended just below the rounded cheeks of her arse, a clingy, white boob tube that showed off her full breasts with their pierced nipples to their best advantage, a pair of black, fully fashioned holdup stockings, the tops of which were left uncovered due to the shortness of her skirt, and on her feet she pulled on a pair of soft black leather, thigh boots with 3 inch stiletto heels. She fluffed her hair and applied loads of eye makeup and bright red lipstick and nail varnish. The end result was that she looked like a cheap whore, which I suppose is exactly the effect Sean was after. I was to drive her to the pub and to go inside and find somewhere to wait and watch what would happen, Sue was to come in some 15 or so minutes later. Sue was well up for this, as we got into the car she placed my hand against her fanny, it was soaking wet!

We pulled up in the pub car park and I went inside, taking a seat close to the door where I was able to see the whole of the pub and outside to the car park as well. I saw Sean stood waiting by the bar, two of his mates were there with him. The atmosphere inside the bar was noisier than usual as there was a stag party there as well.

I watched through the window as my sexy wife left the car and began walking across the car park towards the pub, her stocking tops coming into view with each step as the short skirt rode up, her large breasts bouncing as she walked, the boob-tube making its way down and causing her to stop to pull it up. As she entered the pub nearly every head turned to look at her. She spotted Sean immediately and walked up to him, kissing him full on the lips, his hand reaching between her legs (making sure she had followed his no underwear rule I suppose) he withdrew his hand and raised his glistening middle finger, looked at it and smiled before placing it against Sues lips for her to suck clean. He then had her kiss each of his mates in turn, each one reaching between her leg's to probe her hungry hole, while everyone in the bar watched! I couldn't believe that my wife was happily was letting herself be passed around between the three men, being groped so publicly, dressed and behaving like a cheap tart. This carried on for some time while nearly everyone else in the bar watched in amazement, Sean, his friends and Sue became more and more brazen as they became oblivious to the other people in the room. Whenever they took my wife to the dancefloor to dance, if it was a fast one they would spin her around and keep her moving until her top slipped off of her boob's, if it was a slow one they would reach behind her fondling her arse and raising the already short hem of her skirt until the expense of white flesh above her stocking tops was exposed, and even on occasions the dimpled curves of her arse.

The men in the stag party were watching avidly, egging on Sean and his mates, and later on one of them approached Sean and they had a chat, Sean nodding in agreement to whatever it was their talking about.

The man went back to the party and there was a loud cheer as they grabbed one of their number, tied his hands behind him and tied him to a chair, before picking it up and carrying it to the small raised dias in front of the DJ. I found out later that the man had told Sean that the stripper they had booked for the groom to be, had not shown and he had asked if the woman they had with them (my wife) was a” professional" meaning whore, Sean had laughed and told him that she wasn't really a whore as she didn't charge, she was just a slut and he would tell her what to do and she would do it, so he should go back and set the groom up and she would come over and strip.

The man tied to the chair had a spotlight on him and the crowd had left the space, Sue put on her best sexy walk as the DJ played a raunchy tune, she stood in front of the groom swaying and gyrating her hip's, running her hands over her body, pushing her pendulous breasts together and up, her long tongue snaking down to lick each one in turn before pulling her top down and allowing them to spring free. Once more she cupped each one in turn, tilting them until her tongue could flick over her own, engorged, nipple. Then she moved closer to the poor man and began rubbing his face with her fleshy tits, his face turned red with embarrassment but you could see a lump forming in the crotch of his pants and she allowed, first one then the other nipple to rest between his lips, giving him a chance to suck on each hardened bud before she pulled away. She carried on dancing sensuously around in front of the man before, with her back to him, she bent over until she was holding her own ankles, her short skirt riding up to reveal her naked pussy and arse to this complete stranger before standing up once more on dancing over to him. The stag party were going wild cat calling and whistling at my sex crazed wife, Sean called out something to her that I couldn't hear but she looked at him and nodded before dropping to her knees in front of the groom to be, stroking his erection through his trousers and then unzipping them, reaching in and allowing his stiffening cock to spring free, where she carried on stroking it. At the suggestion shouted by one of the stag party, Sue trapped the man's cock between her naked breasts and began to use them to masturbate him, squeezing her tits together and allowing his cock to slide between them, lubricated by its own pre-come. It wasn't long before everyone could see the poor man was close to his climax, Sue felt his come starting to build and pulled her breasts away making the poor man gasp out his hip's still jerking in expectancy. The crowd laughed and booed thinking that the show was over but Sue had other ideas, taking the man's cock firmly in her hand she started to toss him off and just as she saw he was about to come she placed her mouth over the end of his jumping cock, her cheeks puffing out as she captured his full load of come inside her mouth. When she felt he was finished she slowly pulled her mouth away, spinning around on her knees until she faced the audience, she opened her mouth to show them that it was full of the groom's come before tilting her head backwards, allowing the thick, sticky fluid to slide down her gullet. Crowd went wild cheering clapping and my horny bitch of a wife stood up and bowed at them, her large tits flopping forwards and she did so, then she turned around and with her back towards them, parted her leg's and bent over grabbing her ankles and looking back at them smiling, her puffy cunt lips on display to everyone before she straightened up and walked back to Sean and his two mates, her breasts still exposed……..